Gorean Shores is a paga tavern, located in the city of Port Kar, on Gor. This is its official website. Here you will find information about the Gorean Shores tavern, Port Kar, and Gor in general. Click on the links below to learn more.

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"It is a long time since those of Earth recollected the many names of nature."
"It is time again, perhaps," I said, "to seek for her forgotten faces."
"It will never be done on Earth," she said.
"I do not know," I said. "I think, perhaps, that some human beings, here and there, even in the midst of the suffering , even in the very countries of confusion and pathology, will create for themselves small islands of reality and truth."
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NO PERSON IS REQUIRED TO GIVE OUT ANY REAL TIME (RT) INFORMATION, NOR CAN THEY BE FORCED TO, BE FREE OR SLAVE. Any person insisting that RT information is to be given to them will be removed

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The Council of Captains of Gorean Shores operates and maintains this Homepage. Any questions, concerns, or comments may be directed to them at GoreanShores@hotmail.com

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