A slave's Manual


In the eyes of goreans, the slave is an animal. She is not a person, but an animal. She has no name, saving what her master might choose to call her. She is without caste. She is without citizenship. She is simply an object, to be bartered, or bought or sold. She is simply an article of property, completely, nothing more
 Hunters of Gor pg 168



Any person insisting that RT information is to be given to them will be removed

You will learn the delicate lascivious draping of slave garments and the tying of slave girdles in such a way as to accentuate your beauty for the pleasure of a master. You will be taught to kneel, and caress, to do things you have not dreamed of. You will learn to wear chains attractively and to move in them in such a way as to drive men wild with passion. You will be taught to cook and sew, and to polish boots and scrub floors. You will learn to bring a whip to a man in your teeth, on your hands and knees and with your head down. You will learn to love and to serve. You will learn to be a slave
Mercenaries of Gor pg 177/8



Greetings and welcome to Gorean Shores (GS), a Gorean Tavern situated in Port Kar. Trainers first girl topaz, shirin and kalia are pleased to be able to work with you in becoming familiar with the Tavern and the ways of GS.

GS slave trainers have the letter "t" next to their collar

As a slave of the Tavern you are owned by the Council of Captains; Master Rollo, Master Shadowglade, Master Emerald Forest, and Master Paedur (Slave Master)

Whilst these Masters are the Ones you ultimately need to please, ensure that any Master that enters the Tavern, you serve with the desire to please.

The Tavern seeks to role play the Gorean lifestyle as detailed in the books by John Norman. Gorean role play is different to other role play as talk of rt (real time) is severely limited as you are living in vt (virtual time) by the Gorean way of life. Being a kajira on Gor is hard work with many ahns (hours) of study. You are expected to turn up regularly and add to the Tavern atmosphere as a kajira ie the desire to be of service and found pleasing, and most importantly being respectful!

This slave manual is a way of helping you develop as a kajira of the tavern, and provide a reference point if you have any doubt as to what to do. It might help to make a cheat sheet of the pertinent points from this manual, so that you are never stuck mid serve on how to serve a drink or food, or know which dance you need to perform as commanded.

If you have any questions about training or anything contained in these notes, please direct your questions to the Slave Master Captain Paedur. He will be more than willing to answer your questions and help you become the best kajira you can be.

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Slave Rules

Permission to Enter, Leave or AFK - All slaves on the Gorean shores chain and personally owned slaves or slaves without a collar must beg for permission to enter Gorean Shores upon their knees, with their foreheads to the floor. (See the positions prostrate/tile/and obeisance) and the very first words a slave should utter are a request to enter the tavern. However, if a slave asks three times to enter, at least one ehn apart, and fails to receive a response, she may enter the tavern. This rule is similar to the three post exit rule.  Personally owned girls that are heeling their Master (or Mistress) into the Gorean Shores rooms do not need to beg entrance, but their Owner should mention that Their slave is heeling Them in, on a leash, on Their shoulder, etc. and the girl should post her entrance.

All slaves must beg exit from all rooms (except the Forum room and slave kennels) unless heeling their Master out.  Slaves who drop off line and return within 10 minutes do not have to ask for permission to re-enter....but should type in "urted" or a gorean equivalent so people know why. Slaves requesting to leave or go afk, who are not answered after 3 posts (posted at least a minute apart) may leave as if they were given permission to do so.

Since forum protocols apply to the Forum room, it is not necessary for slaves to beg entrance or exit from this room.

Because the Piazza is open to the street, slaves entering the Piazza do not need to beg entry, but should post an entrance and must ask permission to leave.

2) Greetings

Entering A Room

Slaves are expected to greet all Free Persons after entering Gorean Shores,unless in the service of Someone, and as new Patrons enter.  Do NOT greet a Free until they have posted an entrance or a greeting first.  And remember, slaves should always thank the person who allowed you to enter when you greet them..

Greeting Order

You are expected to greet the Council of Captains first, if any are present. Next, you will greet any of the Advisors of Gorean Shores, finally you will greet any Pledged Male Patrons of Shores then other Masters. If any Pledged Free Women of Shores are present, they are to be greeted before you may greet any kajirae. Do not greet fellow slaves until they have been given permission to enter and are in the room.

For personally owned kajira if your Master/Mistress is in the room and They are the One that granted entry, greet Them first and ask permission to greet the others. After getting permission to greet, use the above order of greeting also.  If Your Owner is in Gorean Shores but another Master/Mistress has given you permission to enter, go to your Masters/Mistresses feet, greet Them then beg your Owner to greet the others. Once permission is granted, you may then greet in the order above.  If your Master/Mistress is not in the room, please follow the above order

Use of Master/Mistress

All Free Persons are addressed either as "Master" or "Mistress" If you are uncertain, use "Master"; you will be corrected if you are wrong and offer an apology to the Mistress.  If a Master/Mistress has a first and last name use the last name to greet Him/Her.

4) Use of Slave Language

Slaves never speak of themselves in "first-person" except for the slave kennels and the forum room, white silk slaves ALWAYS speak in third person though.  An exception to this is when the ‘i’ is used in the slave litany or when personal slaves use ‘my Master’.   A slave, when describing her actions, will always say something such as: "this girl kneels" or "vella kneels". Slaves will always speak in third-person while in the Tavern, Bath House, Training Yard and the Piazza. The first offence should carry a warning.  After that, punishment will depend upon whichever Free Person wishes to enforce this Rule.

Gorean Shores does not use the supposed "old gorean language" like "jashi or niden" as that is not from the John Norman books.... but gorean words from the books are encouraged (see dictionary) Remember that GS is situated in Port Kar so wagon people or savage lanuage would not be heard here.

5) One Channel

Slaves are expected to give their complete attention to the Masters they serve. The use of multiple channels or browsers is inconsistent with a slave's requirement to fully please a Master. Thus, slaves are not permitted to be in Gorean Shores and any other chat site.  If you want to be somewhere else, ask to leave and then go. ICQ, MSN or similar is not permitted during serving. Whispers should be avoided as well, unless asking for a serving type help from another kajira.

The use of cutting and pasting for serves and entrances is NOT permitted. Slaves are expected to type their serves and entrances, and to make each serve and entrance unique.  The use of cutting and pasting is permitted, where necessary, for dances

If a non-Gorean Master, or one of non-Gorean nature is to come in to GS, ie: a flying dragon, or vampire, C&P is encouraged so the incident can first be looked at by the trainer or SlaveMaster or first girl, and passed along to the Council if necessary. If any behavior is present of which you are in question, whether from Free or slave, c&p the incident to be reviewed by the trainer or SlaveMaster or first girl.


All slaves are to conduct themselves in a pleasing manner at all times. If a slave enters the tavern, bath house, training yard or piazza, she will be expected to serve and be pleasing. If she has only a few minutes, and will not have time to serve, or if her heart is not in her service, she should leave or not enter in the first place. If a girl states upon entering she has not much time, then she should still participate as much as possible, a harta serve for example, a quick chore, etc., but to be in the room for more than a few minutes, is NO excuse to NOT serve or converse, If a slave is not in the frame of mind appropriate to her place, she should not be in Gorean Shores. This is Gor. There is little tolerance for whiny or whimpering slaves. There will be no talk of real time (RT) issues in public if it is at all possible.

We will not tolerate slaves who do not understand their position in Gorean society. A slave, if unpleasing, is subject to whatever punishment her Master (or if she is uncollared, any Master) wishes to subject her to. And the slave will be expected to take whatever punishment is dealt upon her. While some Masters may be tolerant, others are not.  A *guide line* from the Council.-Masters are reminded, however, of the power that they hold over slaves, and are cautioned not to abuse such power, slaves, if found displeasing, could be cuffed, or lightly kicked aside, or even have their hair grabbed and pulled to make it shown that they have been found LESS than acceptable, but NOT whipped or damaged permanently in any way. Any displeasing slave may be tied to the post to await further punishment

If a Free Person insist on whipping a GS slave, then that slave may leave the tavern without permission, but that slave needs to c&p the incident and send to their Owners at goreanshores@hotmail.com  Please note that you may well still be whipped by one of your owners if they feel its deserved.

Special Instructions

Slaves who have "special" instructions from their Master are advised to inform a Captain or Advisor of of those rules so that he may assist you in keeping obedient to your Master, and to ensure that other visitors do not try to make you do something which you are forbidden.  It should also be brought to the attention of the Master/Mistress that you are serving exactly what your restrictions are so that they may not ask you to do something you are restricted from doing.

The Final Rule

While a Free Person may not always be right, they are, by definition, never WRONG. Slaves always have the last word in any disagreement ..the words "Yes, Master"

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Read and know what is on the GS homepage. The url is http://www.gorean-shores.com 

These are some additions to the above rules for GS slaves.

GS has a message board where messages can be left. GS Message Board. Slaves.. remember your station and post with respect at all times.
Please note the heading at the top of the Board ie,
This board is not sponsored, approved by or in any other way affiliated with Poolside Chat. It is the sole responsibility of the Gorean Shores Council of Captains. Any questions or complaints about this board should be directed to GoreanShores@hotmail.com.

Questions:  Remember that before going to the Council of Captains that your question should in the first instance go to the Slave Master or first girl! Or your query can be taken to the slave portion of the message board.

Courtesy:  By way of courtesy, if there is a slave dancing, or Masters sparring that chatting should go to pm as attention should be turned to those dancing or sparring, kajira that are serving whilst a fellow kajira is dancing or Masters are sparring should continue to serve with the desire to be found pleasing by the Master.

And remember, kajira are always busy! Whether it be serving the Masters or doing chores and in the case of those in white silk, observing, learning and practicing!

Take note of these additional rules!

1. NEVER PM a Free Person without permission!  Many make the mistake of whispering to other Masters without prior permission; that is a punishable offense. All Masters and Mistresses must be asked before Pming, but any can PM any slave at any time, any place without prior permission; they would be only to glad to help you any way they can.

2. Tavern does not use bota's at this time.  All kalana is in bottles and served at the feet of the Master/Mistress and serve chilled unless told otherwise; paga is served warm/hot in three footed bowls unless told otherwise. Cold paga, ale and mead are all in the cold room in big vats or casks, so take the vessel (three footed bowl/tankard/horn) and fill it in the cold room; no bottles for these items.

3. The locked money box to drop coins is at the dais where the Captains sit; many a time a slave is looking about, not sure where to take the coin placed upon their tongue. Remember, slaves do not touch money with their hands.

4. ALL GS slaves, ALL personally owned slaves and ALL trained visiting slaves are expected to offer service after greeting.   Only those that are not trained are allowed to observe quietly.  A slave may offer service to One they observe needing service or if not sure, a simple "may this one serve Any?" will suffice.

5. The use of the old A/all or U/us, etc... is no longer necessary. The respect is shown with the Master/Mistress capped and the Name capped of all Free Persons as well as your actions. Free Persons departing should always be "wished" well, not told to "be well". An example: "This girl wishes all well".

6. Although most of Gorean Shores is a capture zone, all collared slaves are protected by the collar they wear. Collars of Protection are not recognized in Gorean Shores.  With the addition of the "no kill/no capture" rooms such collars are unnecessary.  New, uncollared slaves can enter the Piazza, Forum, and Slave Kennel rooms safely to learn and observe.  Slave classes are held on Thursday night at 20:00 ahn (CST) in the Slave Kennel room and all kajirae are welcome to attend.

7. In Gorean Shores, one kisses the side or the base of the vessel when serving a Free (supported in the books) one doesn't taste or offer to taste the drink unless a Master orders one to do so. The Gorean Shores Council has officially banned the practice of "rim sweetening" — this will not be done in Gorean Shores by any slave.  The practice is not supported by the books and if a Man wishes to taste a slave He can always go directly to the source.

8. The Gorean Shores Council has decided that male slaves Member will be allowed within the walls of GS though are expected to behave properly, be respectful and with no show of heat.

9. Under prerogative of the Slave Master of the tavern, the first girl of the tavern is to be addressed as "mistress" by all other Tavern slaves. This is in recognition of both the position and authority which the first girl exercises over all slaves in Gorean Shores, whether owned by the tavern or not.

10. Above all else, RESPECT always!!!

girls are required to repeat the purposes of a ko~lar on demand. 

1. The ko~lar is to visibly designate you as a slave. 

2. To impress her bondage upon her. 

3. It identifies her Master. 

4. It provides ease when being leashed. 

*The Gorean word for collar is, ko~lar* 
(Tarnsman of Gor, p. 26 and p. 46) (Exploreres of Gor, p.80) 

"The collar is put on from without, but what it encircles comes from within. 
Slavery, true slavery comes from within.*   (Savages of Gor, p.210) 

a slave enters into the Tavern of Port Kar (GS)......excited, yet afraid....eager to learn, yet intimidated............ 

Kneeling before the brutally handsome Captain (or Advisor), her slender arms above the arc of her bowed head, and crossed at the wrist, in complete submission (see submission position). 

"Master, she herewith submits herself completely and in all things to Gorean Shores and the Council of Captains. this girl wishes to be Their property, she is slave....to do with as the Council of Captains, sees fit. please, she begs to wear the GS Tavern ko~lar."  this is an example only, use your own words 

The Master then snaps the ko~lar about your neck......He then might asks some questions. 

1. What are you? 
a. a girl is slave 

2. What is your purpose 
b. to please and serve the GS Tavern and the Council of Captains. 

3. What is your name? 
c. she has no name.....it is what Master wishes it to call her. 

Master says...you are now *whatever name He gives you* 

you reply...yes Master, the girl is now (the new name given). 

The Captain will tell you to exit and re~enter under the name given you. you will quickly comply.  upon your name you will add {GS} to show you are a slave of Gorean Shores, you need not re-beg to enter, just swiftly get back to where you were 

He may then drag you to the whipping post....stout, of peeled wood. With binding fiber or manacles He will string you up to the post......pulling the hair from your bare, soft back and stripping you of any clothing you wear......your breasts to the post....He will do this so that you may understand and feel the taste of His whip.....you will learn the fear of it as discipline.....you are slave!! you are whipped to teach you....you are now captive to the whip. your body will burn from the whip...and now from the brand. 

Master will cut you from the post and take you to be branded upon the branding rack within the tavern...
you must stay absolutely still during the branding as to not destroy the beautiful brand seared in your flesh.  for it is said that the brand makes a slave even more beautiful.   you will feel Him drop the hot iron onto your soft flesh.....and hissssssssssssssss it sears the tender flesh deeply. 

Once completed...your sisters will tend to the brand and you will usually be allowed to rest for two days.   now white silk (see below) and ready to be trained, during this healing time you will be expected to study this slave manual 

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* In GS there are 3 different levels of silks: white (training),yellow (tavern slave) and red (pleasure slave). Each is indicative of the level of training. White silks are still learning how to be a kajira and as such do not lap, fur or otherwise serve Patrons or Guests in a sexual manner. All their attention should be on learning to serve during this time. The only exception to this is that Advisors and Consultants to the Council of Captains may discipline the Tavern's slaves and physically handle the girls to assist in their training. The Captains may, of course, use Their property as They see fit.. 

Yellow silks have learnt how to please a Master in the serving of food and drink, dancing, and sexually, and their use is included in the price of the paga. Red silks or pleasure slaves shows that the slave is fully trained in the pleasures of Masters more so than a yellow silk slave (see below training section for more detail).  

Styles of slave silks(taken from the books) similar to pleasure silks, a sheer rectangle of silken fabric wrapped around ones body and tied to the left shoulder, the right shoulder is bare, the open fabric on the left side of the body is slightly overlapped then a binding fiber about the waist holds it closed, the hemline reaches between the knee and the bottom of her rear, depending how much extra fabric she has tucked above the double wrapped binding fiber at her waist
Silks worn at Gorean Shores:  The silks worn in Gorean Shores are a pleasure silks. .sheer, clingy form of silk worn only by slave girls; wraps like a sarong, with a disrobing loop at the left shoulder.
Garment worn in the Piazza:  Camisk a simple garment for a female slave. The common camisk is a single piece of cloth, about eighteen inches wide, thrown over the girls head and worn like a poncho. It usually falls a a bit above the knees in front and back and is belted with a cord the color of our silk status.

  * Silks are ultimately determined by the Council of Captains, which color etc!   your serves should show your level of training and your silk color as in GS we do not use the Y or R determination on our collars.

* Other silks colors are, grey (state owned slaves of which you won't find many online), and the purple plastic that was worn by slaves of the Priest Kings (another thing you don't usually see online).   Silks on personal slaves are any color as determined by their Master's pleasure or liking.) In the past uncollared slaves have worn black silks; however, black silks in the book, didn't signify one that was unowned, since there was no unowned slaves on Gor, just those that weren't collared yet. Black silks in the books, was used in one reference found, in Slave Girl of Gor, it was the silk color that the girls at the Chatka and Curla wore with yellow lettering stating the Tavern on the silks. (just food for thought.)  

there is no such thing as a free slave, only one that is alone

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by destiny{GS}

  Camisk: slit fully on both side with a slit for the head, worn poncho style the cloth is held in place with a cord tied tightly about the waist. The hem coming barely beneath the groin and bottom so that the slave flesh is fully available at all times. A variation is the turian camisk. This camisk is worn by slaves in the city-state of Turia; it consists of a piece of cloth shaped like an inverted 'T' with a beveled crossbar; it fastens behind the neck and falls before the wearer's body; the crossbar then passes between her legs and is then brought forward snugly at the hips; it is held in place by a single cord that binds it at the back of the neck, behind the back, and in front at the waist

  Chalwar: baggy pants of diaphanous silk, worn by slave girls of the Tahari; similar to the harem pants of Earth

  Pleasure silks: sheer, clingy form of silk worn only by slave girls; wraps like a sarong, with a disrobing loop at the left shoulder.

  Slave Veil: a small triangle of diaphanous yellow silk, worn across the bridge of the nose and covering the lower half of the face; it parodies the heavy veils worn by free women, as it conceals nothing and often arouses the lust of masters. It is often worn with the chalwar.

  Ta-teera: a simple cloth, a one piece, sleeveless, short slave garment; also called the slave rag.

  Talmit: a headband

  Footwear: shoes or sandals are never giving to a slave. They are kept barefoot, occasionally cords are wrapped decoratively about the ankles and calves.

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Slave Training

White Silks  

   *As a white silk slave, the kolar you wear is {GS} and the silks you wear are white. This is to indicate that you are in fact learning how to be la kajira!  

  *As a white silk slave and newly collared slave to GS, you will write to the following address goreanshores@hotmail.com and cc the email to topaz_RD@hotmail.com. 

  * As a white silk slave, you are expected to be in the Tavern or the Piazza watching, observing, learning, and getting to know your fellow kajira and members of the Tavern, during the 2 day *resting* period after being branded and collared..   After the 2 day period, you will start to serve with your sisters and/or brothers. There may also be opportunities for you to practice in pm, serves with trainers. (a note, not all Masters will give you that two day *resting* period).

  * As a white silk, you will need to practice sensuality without being touched for all gorean slaves are always sensual.  its in their nature and they can't do otherwise

  * As a white silk, kneeling upon the serving furs or serving before a Master, will be done in the tower position. ie: slave kneels, their bottom resting on their heels with their back and shoulders straight, their chest out, belly in, and their head up, thighs are to remain touching with hands upon them, palms down, eyes averted.

  * As white silks, it was the Council’s decision to take you on as a slave in training, remember it is an honor and privilege to wear this kolar so always show utmost respect for your new home

  * As a white silk your focus is in Gorean Shores - no where else as you are getting to know the Patrons of GS and  fellow sisters and brothers. You are NOT able to travel to other sites, as you are not considered to be trained well enough to serve elsewhere.

  * Attendance – All new slaves will be told who the trainers are to work with, these kajira are fully trained and will answer and clarify any questions you have. In order for you to progress from a training white silk to a yellow silk tavern slave, you will need to learn all serves (see details below).   the more time you spend with the trainers and in practicing your serves, the sooner this change of silks will happen, the trainers will notify the Slave Master or a Captain for testing

  * Do not bother the Captains, Masters or Mistresses with questions!  seek out the first girl, trainers or other GS  kajira to help with questions/training,  if necessary, most any of the privately owned slaves would be happy to answer questions too, only resort to asking a question of a Free IF no one else is around. . Remember that all slaves in GS are helpful and will give advice, but your guidance ultimately comes from your assigned trainer. If the trainer is not available, the SlaveMaster will also answer your questions.

  * Any conflicting advice is brought to your assigned trainer, but do not argue with whoever gave you the conflicting advice. This will be settled with your trainer or be taken further up the line to be explained further.

* Remember do not touch any weapon or anything that can be misconstrued as a weapon, although we are now allowed to use a sharp cutting knife in the servery for slicing bosk from the spit etc...

* All slaves are to exhibit good manners and utmost respect at all times!  If at any time you are unsure of the proper response – SAY SO in a most apologetic way

  * Always ask permission to pm any Free Person.  

  *During slave classes, the use of third person will still be used for a white silk slave. during this time, it's used to impress your slavery upon you, the only time that third person speech won't have to be used, is in the recital of the slave litany.

  * Accept punishment with grace!

yellow silks

In order to progress to yellow silks you will need to know EVERYTHING listed below!

* The different colors of silks and the details of behaviour/restrictions for each color

* The basic positions – nadu, tower, obeisance, submission, bara, sula (to attain red silk you will be expected to know all positions!)

* All foods and drinks – how to serve, as well as the temperature served at, proper vessels to use

*Must memorize the slave litany (front page of manual)

* The four purposes of the collar (which vika has stated above.) And be able to answer the question upon demand at any given time.

* The following animals: bosk, sleen, tarn, tarsk, urt & vulo. (To attain reds you will also need to know what the cosian wingfish, gant, lart, larl and tharlarion are.)

* The difference between ihn, ehn, and ahn.

* Know the following flowers/plants: dina, kanda and talender. (For reds you will need to as well know what the brak bush, liana vine and sim plant are.)

Yellow denotes the Tavern owned slave, her use is rented and negotiated with the Tavern owner and may include sexual favors at the owners discretion. These girls are the Paga girls of the Gorean novels.

"Vagabond of Gor" p. 400   another yellow silk reference is: Captive of Gor page 356

* As a yellow silk slave, the kolar you wear is {GS} and the silks you wear are yellow. This is to indicate that you have graduated from white silks and are able to please the Master to yellow silks level. you will need to know how to serve all the food and drink of the Tavern, as well as serve the Patrons, lap, and fur (now allowed to alcove).  This is a time to experience and learn all aspects of serving, now serving fully and sexually in the tavern and/or alcoves.

* As a yellow silk slave you can now also travel to other gorean sites but remember that you are always to make GS and your Masters proud wherever you go, to serve and please always as it is still an honour and privilege to wear the {GS} kolar. 


* As a yellow silk slave this is the time to study dance for to become red silk, you will be required to do at least 3 gorean dances.  any of the trainers can help you with this.

red silks

As a red silk slave this doesn't mean that you're learning days are over. On occasion each that have attained red silk status will be tested, either in email, or in Gorean Shores, by either the FG GSFG, or by any of the trainers.

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feeding of slaves

by teala{GS}

slaves are fed a concoction consisting of water, and and unsweetened mixture of Sa Tarna meal, often mixed with pieces of raw, chopped parsit fish

feeding is but once a day, and depending upon a girls chores and schedule, she may well end up with a lumpy clump of goo on which to feed

slave gruel is ladled into a bowl, the dishes permitted a slave to use are located on a separate shelf in the servery, and contain vessels that are chipped, broken, or cracked.. ones not suitable for the Free

slaves do NOT use utensils, but their fingers/hands, some simply tip to their mouths

water is the only beverage supplied for a slave

to 'taste' or 'sample' without being told to is considered theft, therefore, not even the wilted fruits/veggies are permitted!!

Special Note:

a slave may use their 'wiles' to persuade a Master/Mistress to 'share' tidbits of their meal at NO time, is a slave permitted to feed unless directly ordered to, and then only from the hand of the Master/Mistress, or if pieces of food, (scraps,) are tossed to them

"We had been called from our cells well before dawn. Each of us had then been forced to eat a large bowl of heavy slave gruel. We would not be fed again until that night." 
Captive of Gor, page 208

"Like the bond-maids, she had been fed only on cold Sa-Tarna porridge and scraps of dried parsit fish." 
Marauders of Gor, page 56 

"Another of the bond-maids was then freed to mix the bond-maid gruel, mixing fresh water with Sa-Tarna meal, and then stirring in the raw fish." 
Marauders of Gor, page 64 

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Fighting the Princess Principal...

when did things go from Gorean Kajira to Princess?


1.  you feel that you only have to serve those that you wish

2.  When you refuse to serve new Master's or HNG.

3.  When you use rti or afk and never return so that you do not have to serve.

4.  When you wish to serve or fur only Captains.

5.  When you are red silk and refuse to serve in an alcove.

6.  you pm a Free saying you don't have time to serve, then pull a moat if They ask you to.

7.  When you pm without asking permission
8.  if None pay attention to you, you beg to leave

9.  When you refuse to do chores.
10.  you forget that you're there to please the Free and not yourself

11 you feel that you deserve to have sympathy from the Free

12 When you smart off to your sisters.
13 you spend your time speaking to your sisters and don't offer to serve Any

 i'm sure there are other things that could go on this list.. Remember.. if you don't have time to serve the Free.. or be pleasing.. beg to leave or just simply don't enter.

~helpful smiles~


written by jasma{LB}, slave ofLemuel, and vika{M} past slave of Master Marius.

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Gorean Language

by vika

Common terms 

-ah~il (noun) The distance from the elbow to the tip of the middle 
finger. A measurement. 
-ahn (noun) Gorean hour. 

-bina (noun; meaning slave beads) slave jewelry, plain metals, wooden or 
glass beads, colored string and can be used as a slave name.
-bond-maid  the term used for female slaves in Torvaldsland 
-bosk (noun) Large, long-horned and shaggy bovine..like an Earth cow. 

-canjellne (verb) Challenge. 
-czehar (noun) A musical instrument. 

-da (conj.) Here. 
-dina (noun) A short~stemmed and small flower..called a 'slave flower', 
used often as a design for a slave brand. Can also use for a slave 

-ehn (noun) Gorean minute. 
-en (adj.) First. 

-fora (noun) Chain; fori is the plural. 

-gor (noun) Home Stone. 

-hand (noun) Gorean week. 
-harta (command) Faster. 
-HomeStone (noun) It is a stone, circular and flat. Sacred to each home. 
-hort (noun) A measure of distance. 1-1/4 inches. 
-huda (noun) Unit of measure that equals 5 tefa. 

-ihn (noun) Gorean second. 

-Jarl (noun) Title for a leader of Warriors in Torvaldsland...The title 
all Free Men of Torvaldsland are addressed by slaves. 

-kajira (noun) slavegirl. The plural is kajirae. 
-kajirus (noun) male slave. The plural is kajiri. 
-kalika (noun) Musical instrument. 
-kan~lara (noun) slave brand. 
-kaska (noun) Small hand drum. 
-kanda (noun) A shrub of the Gorean desert, poison can be taken from the roots. Chewing upon it gives a narcotic effect. 
-kara (noun) Turning. 
-kef (noun) Letter of the Gorean alphabet, "K", first letter of the Gorean words for male and female slaves, and often used as a brand. 
-kennel (noun) A small, concrete room...an iron grill for a front door, or a wooden door. A slavegirl may be confined there at night. 
-ki (adv.) No, not....a negative ('la ki kajira') she is not a slavegirl. 
-ko~lar (noun) slave collar. 
-kosis (noun) A disease. 
-kurt (noun) The five~bladed slave whip. 

-la (phrase, fem.) i am, you are. 
-lar (adj.) Central. 
-larl (noun)a large(7 ft. at shoulder) feline....It is black or tawny red in color, with a black mane..carnivorous...like a lion. 
-lo (phrase, masc.) I am; You are. 

-marking stick (noun) A writing implement...like a pen. 

-nykus (noun) Meaning victory. 

-ost (noun) Snake..orange, causes painful death. 

-pagar (noun) Meaning pleasure. 
-pagar kajira (noun) pleasure slave. 
-pasang (noun) Measure of distance - 7 miles. 


-rarius (noun) Meaning Warrior. The plural is rarii. 
-rence (noun) tufted reed like plant that grows in the marshes, each part of the rence can be used, from making beer, paper, cakes, used for reed boats, wooden tools and utensils and can the pith can be ate, cooked or raw..also a name of a set of islands in the Vosk Delta
-rep (noun) A fiber plant like cotton. 
-repcloth (noun) Rough fabric woven from rep plant...like cotton muslin. 
-Robes of Concealment (noun) Mode of dress favored by Free Women. One or more hooded robes of brocade, or opaque fabric, plus, up to five face veils. 

-sa (noun) For life or daughter. 
-san (adj.) Meaning one, the female is, sana. 
-sa'ng (adj.) Meaning without. 
-sa~fora (noun meaning, chain~daughter) slavegirl. 
-se (adj.) Second. 
-she~urts (noun) Homeless Free Women. Runaways, vagabonds. 
-sirik (noun) Arrangement of chains to display a slavegirl rather than confine her. 
-slave bells (noun) Tiny bells that give a sensual sound...threaded by the dozens on thongs or chains, tied about or locked on the girl's ankles or wrists..Can be attached to the ko~lar. Removed or worn at the whim of a Master. 
-slave heat (noun) Intense need and passions of a slavegirl. 
-slave perfume (noun) Wild and heavy... 
-splayed (fingers separated and displayed) 
-stones (noun) May be used for Men's testicles or a unit of measurement equal to 4 Earth pounds. 

-tabor (noun) A small drum. 
-Tal (noun) Greeting addressed by and to Free Persons only, sometimes with a salute performed by raising the right hand to shoulder level, palm inward 
-talender (noun) A yellow meadow flower...so delicate...symbolic of feminine love and beauty.....A crown of them may be worn by a Free Woman at at Companionship ceremony, or worn in a slave's hair. 
It is a silent plea for the slave to be used sexually...is also used as slave name. 
-talu (noun) Measure of 2 gallons. 
-tarn (noun) Crested, bird like a hawk. Large enough to ride. Used in battle or racing.  also a form of gold coin
-tarsk (noun) Silver coin worth 100 copper tarsks. 
-tarsk bit (noun) Copper coin worth from 1/10 to 1/4 of a copper tarsk.. Depends on the City. 
-Tassa powder (noun) Red in color, mixed with red wine, renders consumer unconscious. 
-tassna (noun) For mother. 
-tatrix (noun) Female ruler of the city of Tharna. 
-tef (noun) Measure of a handful of produce as dates....6 tefs equal one tefa. 
-tefa (noun) Measure of 6 tefs. 
-tenth ahn (noun) Tenth hour, Gorean noon. 
-tharlarion (noun) One of several large, carnivorous reptiles....some domesticated.....fat is used for lamp oil. 
-Thassa (noun) The sea.
 -thrall  term for a male slave in Torvaldsland
-tor (noun) Light. 
-Tor-Tu-Gor (noun meaning light on the Home Stone) The sun. 
-torvis (noun) Fire. 
-tu (noun) On or upon..can use as a phrase, you are. 
-twentieth ahn (noun) Twentieth hour. Gorean midnight. 

-Ubar (noun) War Chief 
-Ubara (noun) Free Companion to Ubar. 
-urt (noun) Small, silky rodent. Like an Earth RAT! 

-var (noun) Resting. Or, (conj.) where. 
-veck (verb) Meaning stand. 
-viktel (noun) Triumph. 



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