The Patrons of Gorean Shores


There are four levels of Free Persons in the Tavern.

1) Patron : Any Free Person who visits or uses the tavern. There is no requirement to be a Patron.

2) Pledge to Gorean Shores: A Patron who pledges their steel to Gorean Shores and declares their loyalty to the tavern, their obedience to the Council, and their steel to its protection. Any Patron may pledge their steel at any time, or renounce their pledge. Pledges are required to make Gorean Shores their Home, but may not speak on behalf of the tavern with outsiders. The pledge has no authority over tavern slaves. The Pledge step is the first step to becoming a Captain and will be under scrutiny by the Captains to evaluate whether their pledge is indeed serious or not.

3) Advisor: A Pledge who receives unanimous vote from the Council can become an Advisor to the Council. They may attend open Council sessions and may speak and advise, but may not vote. They may not speak on behalf of the tavern with outsiders. The Advisor has limited authority over tavern slaves. The Advisor stage is the final step before becoming a Captain, and will be under strict scrutiny by the Captains to evaluate if they demonstrate the factors required to be Captain.

4) Has full vote and authority over the tavern and its slaves. May speak on behalf of the tavern with outsiders.

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Commitment to the tavern and knowledge of Gor:

All Lieutenants and Captains must be members of Poolside Chat. Further, prospective Lieutenants or Captains should be familiar with the tavern, its history, the history and books of Gor. While there is no test, per se, which must be taken, prospectives should expect to receive informal examination by the Captains to ensure that their commitment and knowledge is serious. Time and duration spent in the tavern is a critical factor in making such a determination.

The Council of Captains is to be opened to new Captains, with no fixed number of Captains. New Captains will receive equal voice and vote in the administration of the tavern, and will have all privileges and rights accorded to current Captains.

Attainment of the status of Captains

requires a thorough knowledge of Gor and the tavern, a demonstrated commitment to GS in time and energy, and loyalty to the Council and GS above all other obligations or allegiances. Further, the process of attaining the rank of Captain will be slow and deliberate, and requires unanimous approval of all current Captains.

There is a three step process to becoming Captain, and each prospective member should obtain a current Captain as a Sponsor and Mentor.

First, a prospective member must have officially pledged his sword to GS and declared it to be his home. Any individual may do this.

Second, upon unanimous vote by the Council, the prospective member will become an Advisor to the Council, and may attend open Council sessions (usual sessions are open meetings for Advisors and Captains), and offer counsel and advice, but will have no vote.

Third, upon unanimous vote, an Advisor will become a full Captain.

Council of Captains

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