Of the slaves

The dancing of a slave is a thousand times more sensuous than that of a free woman because of the incredible meanings involved, the additional richness which this furnishes, the explosive significance of this comprehension, that she who dances is owned, and, theoretically, could be owned by you. Too, she is naked, or scantily clad, and is bedecked in a barbaric manner.
 Dancer of Gor, page 193


dance of beauty

need dance

chain dance

dance of the sa-eela

pole dance

brand dance

dance of seduction

tether dance

tile dance

virgin dance

slave's whip dance

newly collared slave

galah's freeform

dance of the six thongs

belt dance



Each dance has basic elements to it. 
the beginning phrase of the dance, preparing, going to the sandpit or in the middle of the room, or wherever it is to begin. 
the build up.. listening to the music.. letting it burn within.. feeling the beats.. (this is an area that would be good to get up from the computer.. move around the room.. feel the movements in rt.. do not do movements you can't accomplish in rt.. i.e.: jumps, cartwheels, etc) 
a climax of the dance is next.. the realization of where the dance is going.. the burning passion that builds inside.. the need that becomes intense.. the way you look at the Masters if you're looking to be used, etc.. 
the final part of the dance is when the music winds down, moving to One in submittance.. or to express you're slave.. you feel the ending.. the way your silks cling to your body if you're still in them.. or begging piteously for usage.. even silently.. 
above all.. the dance is an extension of yourself.. use the meanings of each phase to show that inner beauty within.. use it as a tool.. play up to the Masters.. show them that burning desire inside to be pleasing.. have fun with it and dance from the heart. ~s~ 


topaz{Rast’s girl}GSFG

the following dances are an example only of each dance…remember, each girl has her own interpretation, and therefore there are many variances that can and should be used to fit YOUR style.
Now…..topaz cannot state enough how important dancing is for a kajira…
It is a part of her training and what is demanded of her to know, just as she is to know how to serve, what drinks are and where, food, animals, etc.
dance is something many Masters GREATLY prize and appreciate. topaz hates to repeat herself once more, but she must stress, this is a tavern in Port Kar, which is known for it’s awesome dancers…
What if a Master is in the Tavern, and asks of one of the girls to dance, and she cannot???? Unless she is white silk and a beginner, which she would humbly inform the Master of, then all girls should be able to dance. If she is unable to dance, she shames the Tavern, as it does not live up to it’s name of having the best dancers around, plus she shames herself as she is unable to comply with a Master’s command, and all slaves live to comply with a Master’s wish do they not?!!...*grins*…not something topaz is sure any of the girls have looked at quite that way huh!! But, here she stresses…….be ready to learn at least a few MAIN dances, because at any given time a Master may ask for a specific dance, such as a pole dance, etc.
Once you have those in your repertoire, then at will and when the urge strikes, you can do others, whether they be book dances or dances of your own thoughts….*smiles*…. Dancing is addictive, it is so scary at first, but once done, a girl realizes how very, very much she can bring out of herself, and wishes to do more of them, honest!!....*chuckles*

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ja dain's dance of beauty
Tribesman of Gor page 8

~**she enters from the kennels...the crimson...diaphanous dancing silk of Port Kar hanging low on bared hips...falling in subtle ripples to delicate ankles...the front corner pulled gently behind her...loose...draping elegantly over supple curves...thrust into the rolled silk about ample hips...the back corner of the silk...drawn before her...equally beautifully draping and thrust into the rolled silk at her right hip...slender fingers brushing over the belt of overlapping golden coins hanging loosely and low upon sweet hips...causing it to glitter and glisten in the flickering light from the torches mounted upon the walls of the large tavern...dark eyes hidden beneath a veil of onyx lashes...fluttering gently above the veil of crimson concealing delicate features...looping down to end thrust in the coined halter covering rounded breasts...looping down over her left shoulder...slithering over the taut surface of her belly to vanish into the coined be! lt at her right hip...her chin rising to reveal the gleaming, silver collar locked about swanlike throat...the rich mass of deep chestnut tangle tumbling down the soft curve of her naked back...sliver armlets gleaming round slender arms...enhancing the soft forms of a simple slave...rings of silver hugging delicate wrists...glittering gently...locked upon thumb and forefinger...golden finger cymbals...ready...a slave before her Master...commanded to dance**~

~**as she hears the clap of her Master's hands she jumps into position...standing beautifully...alert...golden arms raising slowly to come to a still high over the crown of chestnut curls flaming wildly about her heart shaped face...delicate wrists turned outwards...sensing the musicians stir in the corner of her eye...readying themselves...the czehar player looking straight at her...with a sharp clap of his hands she stirs into motion...a clear note ringing sharply...delicately...brightly...out into the tavern as the golden finger cymbals clash once...slowly she begins to move to the tones drifting from the musicians...dancing before her Master and his guests...the coins threaded onto the belt and halter glinting softly in the dim light...cheap in worth...but suitable for a simple slave girl...taking in the light from the flickering torches beautifully...a small hand moving to the veil at her right hip...her chest rising and falling rapidly with ner! vosity as she turns her head away from her Master...as though unwilling and reluctant to dance...yet knowing se must obey his command...untamed curls tumbling about golden shoulders in wild disarray with the movement...onyx lashes sweeping the rosy skin of her cheeks as they flutter down over darkened eyes...satin lips parting ever so slightly...betraying her emotions...small feet gliding gracefully over the worn tiles to bring her before her Master...standing before the rounding of low table...ample hips flaring sweetly with each slow...seductive movement...swaying gently**~

~**as she dances before him...beginning to writhe around an imaginary pole...the power of it fixing her in place...helpless before it...as helpless as at the feet of her Master...ruby lips murmuring hushed words of longing...slender hands seemingly caressing the slender pole...swaying...her hips undulating as if by their own accord...captive...rosy cheeks flushing even further as her arousal begins to show...tender nipples beginning to strain against their confinements...silken skin shimmering subtly...slender muscles rippling under heated flesh...as graceful as the prowling larl...she twirls slowly...tangled curls cascading almost languidly about her small form...suddenly whipping away from the imaginary pole...fighting its hold over her...twirling away like a frightened tabuk fleeing the mighty tarn...as hopeless as the wild creature...a futile attempt...her heart racing in her chest...her belly smouldering with the fire of a kajira...he collar gle! aming about her throat...marking her as simple property...forcing her to yield with her entire being...deep within her soul...the small kef on her left thigh flashing between the silks as her leg moves forward...the pole always drawing her back...the perfect captive...the coins glittering wildly with each frenzied movement...stiffening slightly as she hears the men cry out with pleasure...her hands resting at golden thighs...dark eyes sweep angrily over the tavern...never ceasing her motions...subtle yet never still...a golden shoulder lifting...to fall back again...slender fingers brushing over ample breasts...her head falling back...tangled curls rippling down like a waterfall over the bare skin of her back...whipping back up...the mass coming to frame delicate features as she again returns her furious gaze to her Master and the men...her arms lifting high over her head...her hips continuing their beckoning...gyrating slowly...seemingly writhing in one place...then suddenly.! .the music stops and she comes to an absolute still...an immobile statue of teeming flesh...her left hand frozen at golden thigh...her right high above her head...dark eyes lowered to the sweet curve of her hip...caught in a hip sway...then...again the bright note from the finger cymbals clashes throughout the tavern...the music begins and the slut begins to move once more...helpless on the pole...moaning now...crying out in anguish...begging to be released...crystal tears rolling down rounded...soft cheeks...still remaining impaled on the pole...prisoner in ever sense...her hips moving on their own...expressing her deep yearning...her desires...her needs...her body still save the gyrating of her hips and the almost inconceivable movements of delicate wrists and dainty hands...egging them with the beauty**~

~**hearing as he snaps his fingers...releasing her from her helpless torment...turning toward her Master and his guests...swaying before them...trembling fingers moving to loosen the veil at her right hip...dancing slowly...with the sleekness of a feline...her small form twisting and turning as she stands transfixed...reaching up to remove it from its place at her left shoulder...seductively pulling it loose from the halter strap...the small coins glittering with each movement...chiming softly as they clink against one another...the veil coming undone...she shifts it deliberately over her supple curves...gripping it lightly in small hands...teasing their senses...turning it about her voluptuous body...letting them glimpse the sweet curve of her slender waist sloping down into hips seemingly made for grabbing...smouldering dark eyes regarding them above the edge of the crimson silk...then wafting the material about her...nearly vanishing in the softne! ss...the silkiness...yet visible...full lips slightly parted...eyes wide with horror as the realisation of the depth of her bondage courses through her...the scarlet veil drawn from her face as she begins to twirl away...small feet frantically prancing on the worn tiles...turning on the ball of her foot to find herself at the centre of the tavern once more...alone...beautiful...lost in her submission...frenzied she dances his pleasure...whirling round and round...tangled curls whipping out to form a rippling curtain in her trail...muscles rippling under silken skin...as if draw by some invisible force she is drawn back to dance before his seat...the scarlet veil cast out to envelop her and her Master...shielding them as she dances slowly...writhing like a she-larl in heat...in secrecy...satin lips trembling as a hushed moan escapes...her entire form beginning to tremble as he removes the veil...casting it aside...drifting through the air to puddle in a blood cast pile...gaspin! g as his fingers dig into unblemished flesh...forcing her to turn around...unable to stop her pitiful motions...rounded rear pressing against the edge of the table...rubbing with animal desperation...shivering as she feels the icy steel of his quiva slide against the heated flesh of her back...her head falling back...her back arching into a beautiful bow...steel blended with chestnut...the halter suddenly sliced from her body...baring her beauty...small hands coming up to shield herself as she is thrust away...twirling gracefully...the halter glittering on the floor...her chin rising as she seeks his eyes reproachfully...widening as they connect...her lips forming a small o of surprise...turning...frightened...to dance his command...to please his guests...her hands rising over her head to weave intricate imaginary designs in the air...never loosing the music in her flight**~

~**feeling the eyes of all upon her...her heart racing with fear of being displeasing...a thin sheen of perspiration breaking out to cause golden skin to glisten subtly in the glow from the fires...smooth cheeks flushed...the skirt of diaphanous scarlet hanging low on ample hips...the barbaric tunes echoing through her very soul...her hands rising as if...starved with desire...she would be in a blossoming garden...plucking beautiful talenders from the vines on the wall...bringing them to her lips...inhaling the sweet scent for a brief moment...twirling slowly...seemingly pressing herself against the confining wall...her supple body slowly writhing in sheer agony of need...oblivious to all...lost in the seductive tones arising from the musicians' instruments...her form gleaming...her arms raising over her head as she claws at the stones...ample breasts lifting...creating a beautiful curve...her belly sinking in as she exhales sharply...smouldering eye! s...burning with desire moving to her Master...small hands held out...delicate wrists held close together as if confined by the cool links of slave bracelets...slender fingers splayed as if offering the sweetest...ripest...lush larma...soft shudders coursing through her as she sinks to her knees...golden thighs fanning achingly wide to reveal glistening petals opening like a dina in bloom...higher her hands raises...satin lips parting as she looks helplessly at the one who's steel she wears snugly locked about her throat...her hands retracting to seemingly caress her trembling body...as ripe and lush as the imaginary fruit she offers...tender nipples tightening into throbbing buds of tender flesh...dark green eyes raising...her gaze hidden beneath the veil of thick sooty lashes...raising further to let him see the piteous and unspoken plea...obedient as she kneels at his feet...his...slave...property...her chest rising and falling rapidly as she trembles before him...trembling! softly as her chin rises...delicate features slightly shadowed by dark curls tangling...tumbling down the soft curve of her bare back...her senses throbbing...she lowers her head finally in utter supplication...surrendering to his will...suddenly crying out as she feels him seize her...dragging her across the table...the hard sharp edge cutting into unblemished flesh...yielding unconditionally in his arms...as never before to a man...a soft moan of pleasure escaping her as he rapes her lips...her blood racing through her veins...boiling as the smouldering in her belly erupts into a flaming inferno...thrown on the table...her back pressing against the cool surface as he takes his pleasure from a simple slut...darkened eyes shining with happiness only to lower as he pushes her away...her head raising to frantically press her lips against his again...whimpering softly as she is denied...then crying out again as she is twirled...thrust away from him...the scarlet silk torn away f! rom her hips...falling to the tiles...catching her fall with tender palms...rolling quickly to her side...crouching slightly as she lifts blazing eyes to her Master...the elegant curve of a rounded calf vanishing in under rounded rear...as if ready to pounce...a wild beast on its prey...stripped save for the gleaming objects about her body...the slender silver ankles and bracelets...the rows of silver bells...the gleaming collar about her throat...the small kef forever burned into her left thigh...fury replacing desperation in her eyes...her head lowering as she hears his command to continue dancing...slender arms trembling with her exhaustion**~

~**turning furiously...yet with the grace of a larl...dancer's leg extended...the tips of her fingers trailing lightly over delicate angle...tracing over golden skin...her back arching softly as she slowly turns her head to look at her Master over the rounding of a silken shoulder...small teeth sinking into full lower lip as she swiftly rolls over on her belly...back and forth...as if under the lash of her Master...writhing gently...silken flesh shimmering with the subtle sheen of her perspiration...on her back she lays...dark eyes focused upon the form of the one who owns her fully...the music visible in every inch of her beauty...delicate hands moving helplessly along voluptuous form...stiffening at the snap of his fingers...long legs furling beneath her to lift well rounded rear from the tiles...head falling back to rest against the floor...the shimmering banner of chestnut silk draping about her small form...always moving in rhythm with the barba! ric tones echoing throughout the tavern....slowly...gently...golden arms extend....back arching as she carefully begins to raise her body...a stern "No" sounding...whimpering quietly she falls back with the grace of a feline to writhe sensuously upon the tiles...a simple slave before her master...again she begins to rise....slender muscles rippling beneath silken flesh...again the "No" is heard....her whimper louder...her obedience absolute...she lowers in time with the music...again...and again she rises...only to be denied...the command forcing her head back...bronze rippling like a waterfall...errant strands stirring in unruly manner....her body bent in a cruel and beautiful bow...a fifth time she struggles to rise...finally being permitted...the gleaming coller about her throat....velvet greens staring at her master as her head finally lifts....smouldering...vulnerable...reproachful...never ceasing to move to the music...relentlessly it hold her in its grip...satin lips sl! ightly parted as she kneels before him**~

~**a gesture from him permitting her to leap to bare feet...his command to dance her body to his guests filtering into her mind...anger flashing within the hold of dark eyes...she moves to the first table...slowly...delicately...dancing her beauty...the flickering light from the torches upon the tavern wall flashing silver in the collar locked about swanlike neck...ample hips flaring as small feet move nimbly...a clash of the golden finger cymbals in unison with the music...gyrating seductively before the men...one by one...easily escaping outstreched hands as they try and grab her...silver gleaming upon arms and wrists...head cast back as she boldly displays herself...dancing their pleasure...her beauty...ripe lips slightly parted as quick...shallow breaths emerge...before one male...to twirl before another...seeimgly his and his alone for an ehn...then vanishing...a vision of silver and gold...bronze and greens flashing in the dim light...suddenly ! turning to come before her master once more...dancing slowly...swaying gently to the music...displaying all the beauty and pleasures that are his...feeling his gaze upon her...silken skin flushing subtly...her heart thundering in her chest as she strives to please him**~

~**suddenly she turns swiftly with a moan....the music swirling to its maddened and frenzied climax...spinning round and round...whirling...caught helplessly in the trap and lure of the music...silver bells jangling...the ornaments upon her golden form clashing...nimble feet struggling to keep her in motion...head back...dark curls flying wildly about her....a barbaric scream escapes ruby lips as the music comes to an end...she falls to the tiles in a trembling heap...helpless...vulnerable...just a slave...female in every inch...her body shining with a thin sheen of sweat...in the light shining down from the torches...sweetly curved breasts rising and falling rapidly as she gasps...the taut surface of her belly quivering...deeply drinking of the dank air...exhausted to the core...satin lips parted...her hand raising pitiously...trembling...extended to him...at who's feet she lays...his...her master's...she has danced her beauty and his pleasure**~

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sa fora's belt dance
Assassin of Gor page 185
~she slips quietly across the room the soft yellow silks with her movements brush against her tender flesh as she moves toward Him, she chews upon soft rose colored lips, eyes lowered, a soft blush tinting her pale cheeks, glancing at Him thru lowered lashes she drops gracefully to kneel at His feet, her knees spread wide, the warmth within her sending rippling shivers along her as her need is touched by the cool air of the Tavern, she straighten her back and raises the delicate features to Him, displaying the Tavern ko'lar that encircles her slender neck for A/all to see~
~the Tavern light touches her soft azure eyes, as her breasts thrust forth against the confining silk nipples outlined in their arousal, yearning for His touch, her breathing becomes shallow and quick as her small hands slip to her thighs, palms facing upwards, offering her all to Him beneath The Three Moons of Gor. the light of the Tavern dances against her soft copper tresses as she rests there, awaiting His pleasure. time passes slowly for her as the activity about them holds His attention~

~a long leash hangs from His hip, pulling it as she crawls back, her tiny form moving sensually as her emotions spiral dictating her movement, her small hands keep drawing the leash forth, as she realizes that upon her rests His frowning gaze, trembling in fear of His displeasure, she swallows, attempting to breath deeply as she moans out her fear and need.~

~thrusting herself backward into a Gorean bow, her hands over her head against the floor lush hips rising as her body arches sensually, silks drifting up revealing more of her pale smooth skin, she pauses before
twisting to the side, cold floor now touching her taut stomach, her young tender breasts, as she turns herself onto her belly, writhing before Him, her body craving His glance, aching for His touch, rising to her hands and knees as she throws her head back, her long curling tresses flying over her back as her body sways before Him~

~her startling sapphire eyes fearful of meeting His remain lowered, she moans, her body shifting before Him again as she kneels, her hands slide up her curvaceous frame, pulling the silks slowly with them, the cool air touching her hot skin, not dampening the churning fire but making her more aware of her burning desire, the intense hunger in her for Him, slowly she pulls the soft covering from herself, shoulders moving as she sways before Him to a beat consuming her heart and soul, that only she can hear~

~her small body arches, the young tender breast rise before Him, nubs once soft now hardened to pink turgid points, cupping them she moans, her eyes flying wide as her slaveblood courses thru her finding its home in the soft petals that glisten with shimmering drops of her sweetness~

~delicate fingers move over her creamy flesh, teasing it with the lightness of her touch, one pointed tip circles the cup of her navel, making her gasp and writhe before Him, her sleek thighs parting still further, her scent rising to assail her senses, soft cries come from her throat as she dances the fingers lower, grazing the soft folds that part revealing the soft pink interior~

~she sways before Him, fighting to control the rising need for Him, ashamed of her wonton display but unable to rein in her passion, falling back her body arched once more upwards, she raises her slender arms, crossed as for binding, her blue/green eyes filled with her devotion to Him~

~her voice husky with the passion throbbing within her, she whispers~"Master, saf begs Your mercy and forgiveness for her behavior." ~her eyes flutter closed as she awaits His words quietly, tremors shaking her delicate frame~

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jasma's dance of the Sa-eela
Guardsman of Gor page 260

~rising upwards in a seductive fluid motion.. slave stands tall and begins to untie the knot on the left shoulder of silks.. feeling the sheer material encasement fall below succullent mounds of supple flesh.. the air teasingly caresses against the full orbs as it awakens her senses.. she undoes the binding fibre that's wrapped around slender waist and reaches for the hem of silks.. pulling them off over her head.. smooth golden flesh catching the rays of lighting from the torches.. feeling the warmth flowing around her.. wrapping her in it's sensual embrace.. girl moves back three steps and pivots lightly on the balls of her feet.. tossing the shimmering strands of ebony mane behind her.. feeling it cascade down and  falling against the curve in her back.. she glides along the tiles.. each step filled with fleshly desires.. the musicians begin to play a light, seductive harmony.. slavebells echoing with a matching beat.. lasciviously rolling sweet hips in unison.. feeling the melody enter her soul.. reverberating inside.. stopping in the middle of the floor.. small hands teasingly dance upwards along voluptuous frame.. the fiery passion within slavebelly only momentarily quieted down.. pausing fingertips against the collar encircling her.. snug in it's hold against swan like neck.. she gingerly moves hands back over sun kissed flesh.. jutting full breasts outwards desiring His touch upon them.. tapping foot against the tiles.. picking up the beat of the desirous rhythm.. slave dances along the tiles.. her movements free.. unrestrained as each twist and turn fills her being with the flame of uncontrollable passion as it blazes inside.. nearing His table.. love starved eyes searching His..  long hair whipping against the delicate curve in her back as she sways body in time to the beat while lowering to knees before the table.. focusing all emotion in the dance.. warm hands touch His table.. pulling herself nearer.. arching back as she thrusts her belly against the table.. ~

  ~delicate fingers grasp tightly against the table as she lifts self back up.. copious orbs touch seductively over the hard wood.. roseate tips puckered.. hungry for attention..  leaning forward.. satin lips brush over the table lightly in a sensual kiss.. pushing back from the table.. laying flat against the tiles.. writhing with frustration.. utter desolation .. thighs parted widely.. revealing velvety folds of bare petals.. body screaming for His touch.. flawless kajira flesh gleaming under the torch lighting.. rolling to her side.. reaching one hand piteously before her.. laying prone.. balling up fists.. hitting the tiles out of dissappointment.. liquid pools of heated desires intensify.. pressing upwards to hands and knees.. the small of her back curved.. head held high.. rolling shoulders back.. she gazes at Him hungrily.. then lowers eyes and pushes up to knees.. the barbaric tones from the musicians enter every part of slave.. a tremulous feeling burning inside slavebelly.. quivering to the core.. supple flesh desiring Master's touch.. rippling muscles showing in well-toned thighs as slave pushes against the tiles and rises upwards before Him.. carriage tall.. hip jutted outwards.. firm globes with protruding nubs to His view.. one foot slightly placed in front of the other.. fingers dance lightly over warm flesh.. up to neck.. pushing the dark mane back as fingers lace together on the nape of neck.. elbows back..  body being exhibited perfectly before Him.. lifting the sable tresses up.. hands lifted with their back together above head.. eyes catch a look at Him.. whimpering softly as He dismisses her with a flick of His wrist.. falling to the tiles once again.. belly down against their coolness.. long nails scratching at the surface of the tiles.. rolling over to a supine position.. lifting a knee up.. bare foot placed on the flooring.. golden flesh flushed with unabated passion.. ample bosom rise and fall with deep gasping breaths.. turning head to the side.. feeling the dark strands brush wispy tendrils over delicate face.. stinging the palms of small hands as she hits them against the surface of the tiles.. low repressed cries pass through sinfully red lips..~

  ~dark pools moistened with tears as she squirms in a desperate plea.. each part of her body a bundle of raw nerves exposed.. helpless in her desires.. the glistening folds of secret desires bared to Him.. girl rolls over on her stomach.. prone.. taut tum quivering as she lays flat to the tiles.. beads of sweat quietly drip to the flooring.. moving to hands and knees.. the haunting rhythm playing frenzied.. passionate.. she moves to the tunes.. crawling like a larl.. undulating hips back and forth.. pulling herself on the tiles.. breaths hot.. heavy.. shimmering mane tumbles wildly about shoulders as she moves her head in total abandonment.. swaying the long tresses like a whip against bare flesh.. each time she stops they once again drape over soft shoulders.. the musicians beat enters a new stage.. her body motions become less erratic.. the sway of hips marked by each echoing beat.. crawling towards the left side.. lifting head.. brows knit together in thought.. lifting a hand from the tiles.. she reaches out in front of her.. biting down gently on ruby red lips.. feeling the walls of confinement placed.. scurrying to feet.. frightened.. swiftly running about.. graceful in her movements.. both hands out.. touching.. tracing fingertips over the intractable barriers.. the wild beating of her heart reverberating in her chest.. arching back.. facing her Master and the Others.. back bends forward and places head in small hands.. sable tresses tickling against the smooth flesh of arms.. tossing head back sending the glossy mass of ebony to shimmer behind her once again.. straightening frame to an upright pose.. body rigid.. looking out of the holding that confines her.. dark eyes blankly stare off.. lips move.. questioning.. "*i*?".. no sound heard from the girl as she speaks only to herself.. waiting for her Captor to come and unlock the door of the pen.. the change in the music barely noticeable as it's resonant beat becomes a bit more lyrical.. almost fantasy sounding.. she dances in circles around the confines of her cell.. ~

  ~shimmering tresses artfully drape over soft shoulders as hips sway with a light provocativeness in them.. moving around the prison that holds her.. reaching for invisible silks and jewellery aligned in a case.. she prepares herself for her Master.. each selection thoughtful.. soft brown pools with undertones of green in them sparkle brightly.. fluttering around with a purpose.. each motion seductive in nature.. slipping the unseeable silks over head.. pulling them down over lush curves.. tantalizing flesh with the soft touch felt.. passions burning bright.. her task to bedeck herself in the fine diaphanous slave wear.. girl pretends to tie a loose knot on left shoulder.. lowering to knees near the wall of her cell.. lifting a brush.. slave brushes the long mane.. sending the dark mass behind her with each stroke.. laying the brush down.. she takes the bina bead necklace and places it on.. feeling it caress against the smoothness of neck.. falling slightly below the collar she wears.. next taking a few bracelettes.. adorning wrists.. slave slowly rotates each one.. listening to the soft sounds of them lightly brush against each other.. she peers at herself in the looking glass and begins to apply rouge, eyeshadow and the other cosmetics to flawless skin.. puckering lips.. she teasingly blows a kiss to herself.. and starts applying the wild sensuous perfume.. breathing in.. it's scent quite captivating.. dark eyes .. then crossing wrists.. she moves them as if they're bound.. the straps being drawn taut.. pulling arms forward.. lifting head and scurrying to rise upwards as she's led around by the leather bindings.. lush hips sway enticingly as she's led to the locked door of the pen.. delicate wrists come apart as she reaches the gate.. still in the confines of the small prison.. a soft moan escapes sensual lips.. breathing deeply.. she pivots around and moves back to the middle of the pen.. a feeling of desperation inside as she sinks down to knees.. head lowering to soft hands.. kajira frame convulsing in small tremors as silent sobs escape from deep within.. ~

  ~the music changing rhythm.. haunting.. barbaric in it's call.. the crystal tear drops being dried from soft brown eyes.. lifting head up quickly as she hears noises on the outside of her pen.. further down the corridor beyond where she can see.. heart racing.. hoping it's not a dream.. she jumps up to feet.. and quickly backs up to the wall of the cell that holds her.. hearing the voices of Men nearing the pen.. she tilts head slightly.. then turns away.. feigning contempt.. wringing hands.. waiting.. her breaths quicken.. not being able to stand the suspension.. she looks about the pen.. wondering.. kneeling back down to the floor of the pen.. her voice lifts up.. calling to them.. slave holds her hand out piteously before them... tossing head as she feels the shimmering trickle of ebony tresses cascade behind her.. the pleading heard in her voice.. "Please, Masters".. as she speaks again.. a terrified feeling inside as she hears Them coming nearer.. cowering in the corner of the pen.. frightened.. unsure.. that passion burning inside.. wanting to be considered by Them.. hearing the gate to her prison being opened.. she lifts herself back up to kneeling.. thighs parting painstakingly wide.. back straight.. head bowed slightly in submission.. soft hands dancing against the warmth of golden thighs.. laying palms side up.. firm ass settling back against heels.. terror filling dark eyes as she watches the Jailors enter.. sooty lashes flutter against high cheekbones.. lowering her gaze quickly.. body lurches forward as she feels the crack of the whip hitting along the smoothness of her back.. cries of anguish ring out.. again the whip comes down on golden flesh sending slave to lunge forward.. tears stinging dark eyes.. willing them not to fall on cheeks.. moaning softly.. the pain of the whip's caress on her back raw.. sliding silken thighs back apart.. body trembling.. she places hands atop their smoothness and slowly pulls the sun kissed flesh further open.. back with the slightest curve in it.. exquisite orbs jutted forwards..  belly taut.. liquid pools downcast..~

  ~listening to the Jailer's speak of having slave dance on the tiles in the feasting hall.. nodding head and knowing precisely what is expected of her.. tip of pink tongue drags slowly over sensual lips moistening them.. answering huskily.. "Yes, Masters!".. running fingertips through the shimmering mane.. pushing loose tendrils away from delicate features..mind deep in thought.. hiding a blissful smile that teases the corners of berry stained lips.. 'knowing that this is what she was hoping for all along.. the budding passion inside slavebelly flaming hot.. trying so hard before.. wanting.. frustrated and lonely.. slave waiting full of trepidation.. certain this opportunity would never come for a mere slave to be able to present herself for her Master's examination.. wondering if They can understand the significance this moment holds for slave.. eyes flash open quickly.. breaking girl's thoughts as she's pulled up to her feet.. the Master's fastidious in Their movements.. pulling arms behind her in a barbarous manner.. binding hands.. the beating of the drums echoing in ears.. heart pounding with imminent dread.. body being bent far over.. wild locks of the dark mass falling forward.. head twists.. a gripping terror inside.. the One's hand grabbing hold of silken darkness.. eyes glance downwards seeing the imaginary silks and jewels are gone.. not to dance at some highfalutin banquet.. bound savagely and naked.. being led out of the cage.. small hurried steps to keep up with her Captors.. being thrown to her knees before the Men she's too dance for.. she scramble up to feet.. hands still held behind her back as if bound.. legs flexing.. the definition of muscles shown.. twisting hands as if they're being untied.. she lifts them back overhead and places them back to back.. kajira frame swaying to the beat.. golden flesh gleaming with sweat.. grabbing hold of the mass of ebony.. holding it out to the Master's for Their view.. moving with utter abandonment along the tiles.. voluptuous frame outlined by the torch lighting.. fingertips dancing along supple flesh.. pointing out different aspects.. from the way the collar encircles delicate neck to the arches in her small feet.. ~

  ~pirouetting on the tiles.. unencumbered by any restraints to hold her back.. brazenly displaying wanton needs.. dancing with that passionate desire.. the music pounding rhythmetically.. filling soul with a flood of emotions.. dancing before her Master.. twirling.. body uninhibited.. free in motion.. hiding nothing.. delectable flesh with desire for His touch.. helplessly losing herself in the beat of the throbbing melody.. tossing sable tresses behind her with a force.. feeling them whip against the curve in her back.. foot tapping against the tiles.. slavebells ringing out clearly.. her motions frenzied with lust filled passions.. sweet hips roll teasingly back and forth as she dances closer to Him.. arms out to her sides as she spins in a circle.. the torch lighting dancing across sun-kissed flesh.. back to Him.. bending forward at the waist.. heart shaped ass undulating provacatively.. thighs parted.. sliding a finger between the moist petals of shaven sex.. the scent of sexual desires filtering in the air.. animalistic moans emit from deep within as she lifts back up and dances back towards Him with every ounce of primal passion ever felt inside.. wild movements.. tempting.. exotic..cupping full breasts.. nipples puckered.. holding them out to Him.. then releasing hands from them.. her breaths ragged.. deep.. lips parched as she licks at them to keep them moist.. trembling as a raging storm at sea erupts in a tidal wave inside slavebelly.. coursing through her veins..each motion raw and sensual.. dancing hands upwards.. drawing patterns in the air.. bringing small hands together.. crossing them at the wrist gently.. she spins once more as the music reaches it's crashing climax.. dropping to knees.. falling back on the tiles.. the last rousing note sounds out.. arching her back as she flexes satiny smooth legs.. thighs parted slightly.. the rippling muscles clearly visible.. small hands reach under the mass of darkness.. fanning out the tresses beautifully along the tiles.. casting a glance back at her Master... eyes smoldering with heated passion.. she moves her right arm back.. extending it piteously towards Him.. ~

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teala's need dance

Rogue of Gor page 185

~~smiling seductively, leaning forwards, lifting ass up from crossed ankles and heels, balancing a slaves body on all fours.. crawling towards the center of the Tavern.. tiles cool beneath the heated body of teala... thoughts of dancing filling her head.. a purr falls from between lush lips, barely parted... alternating a hand, a knee, a hand, a knee.. back perfectly arches, breasts swaying enticingly against silks pulled tightly.. as each knee slides up, one at a time, glimpses of a shapely ass moving in and out of view... muscles flexing as a girls hands paw out in front of her.. like a she larl in heat.. starved.. hungry~~

~~reaching the center, hearing the faint strains of music whispering to her.. tosses back her head, midnight tresses flying wildly, obscuring delicate features from view for an ihn.. pushing upwards from the tiles to kneel.. ass planted on crossed ankles, thighs spread open.. inviting.. inticing..tossing wildly, forcing the flow of hair from her face.. several tendrils clinging to full pouty lips.. reaching out a velvetey tongue to moisten them, soft breath puffing the hair from her mouth.. looking around the room thru barely parted lashes.. barely allowing the glimmering sparks in the girls eyes to be seen.. brushing delicate hands down to smooth out the silks on a girls curvaceous body.. breathing in shallowly...~~

~~gently beginning to move to the music.. rolling shoulders.. first one, then the other.. lifting breasts as she counts out the beats with the movement with her body.. tilting back her head.. chin thrust upwards to the three moons.. an almost invisible grinding of ample hips starts.. gaining in ferocity and momentum as the slut reaches a hand to trace the goldeness of her thighs.. crimson marks appearing instantly.. starkly against the flesh, as she trails nails bitingly into flesh..  heat radiating from her body... from the fires raging unquenched inside of her..the rise and fall of the coverings over her breasts betraying the lust the girl is feeling..~~

~~a startled cry from between parched lips is emitted as slave hears a CRASH of cymbols.. small hands gripping the edges of silk at her thighs.. slowly dragging the bunched up material across her heat.. body slinking backwards onto the floor.. head thrashing violently, hair forming a midnight cloak around her.. the slave moves as savagely as the drums.. building in intensity.. chest heaving as the need continues to build inside of her.. breeding... multiplying..~~

~~pulling the silks from a now glistening body.. tossing them to her right.. unmindful of where they land.. not caring at this time.. senses burning.. heightened.. raw with desire.. eyes appearing pure black as they darken with lust.. slave turns to her belly.. whimpering pitifully.. unable to have the cold tiles soothe her aching heat..palms placed flat to the floor as ample hips writhe and wriggle against the cool tiles.. arching a well defined back.. head lifted high.. searching, seeking an ease to the inferno inside of a girl..~~

~~slumping dejectedly to the floor.. rolling once more to her back.. hands traveling over the sluts peak, perks and valleys.. tummy quivering.. clenching.. thighs parting, delicate feet planted firmly... animalistic sounds from deep in her throat rise up to the sky..  hips rising and falling in time to the cresendo of tribal, savage drums.. head tossing one way, and then the other.. firm white teeth biting down on the bottom lip of a girl.. panting lil gasps escaping as teala moves her hands upwards across her breasts.. cupping them in offer...tracing a finger around the outer dusky peaks.. moving a hand up.. fingers caressing a girls ko'lar.. tiny finger tracing the marks on a swollen lip from teeth marks.. snaking out a tiny tongue to soothe the marks.. teasing the finger... sucking the finger anxiously, greedily into a hot wet mouth.. then releasing it with a POP.. rolling once more to slave belly..~~

~~slithering on the tiles as a serpent.. lust filled eyes glazed.. lungs sucking in air deeply, causing nostrils to flair... pushing the sluts upper buxom body from the floor.. aching, needing to curb the fires raging out of control.. drawing knees up beneath her with a wild savage cry.. throat raw and tender.. heart beating at a dangerous pace.. small hands traveling over the length of a wanton body.. aching for strength.. needing to feel hands upon her.. ones that can either take her life, or bring her the greatest of pleasures... at a mere whim.. fingers caressing warmed slickened flesh, causing chills to suddenly awash over teala.. each one eliciting a moan.. a cry.. more fiercer than the first..  hands sliding up over ko'lar.. covering face.. tears coursing down thru fingers.. gripping mane tightly.. closing small fists in frustration..~~

~~hips gyrating.. moving back and forth.. arching breasts forwards.. nipples perked and peaked.. thighs parted, glistening with the slaves need.. shuddering beneath the air moving around the Tavern.. pleadingly throwing upper body forwards between thighs.. total suplication.. eyes burning.. warm lips dry.. a fragile whimper is heard from the still, prone slave.. no doubt by a girls actions that she is simply slave.. la kajira.. her Need Dance complete..~~

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daaria's chain dance

Nomads of Gor page 153

~crawling to the center of the sand pit, rising to kneel, rolling her head side to side, relaxing her muscles and taking in deep breaths, the warm Tavern air sweeps over her body and she closes her eyes, the noises around the Tavern fade, silence surrounds her all except the beating of her heart, which pounds strongly, each beat reminding her of who and what she is, a kajira, a slave.... thoughts drifting as her heart beats on...~

~deep within her soul the music begins, fast and upbeat as she opens her eyes, though, different than before, Any looking upon her can see the fearful look in her eyes, scrambling to her feet, her face distorted in anguish, running to her left, then to her right, tossing her hands up, crying out, turning in circles as she continually runs into an imaginary wall, this frightened girl trapped within an imaginary crowd, in a fit of despair, she twirls, falling to her knees, crawling in the sands, fingers digging deep, clutching the grains as tears stream down her cheeks...~

~a voice calls out to her from the darkness surrounding, lifting her head, tears streaking her cheeks, she peers forward, only seeing the silhouette of Him towering in the near distance, He calls out again and she shakes her head, crying out in rebellion, cowering down, her sweat glistening body laying flush with the sand, backing away on her belly, feet scrambling to find her footing, then just as jumps to her feet, His hand clutches her shoulder spinning her to face Him,snatching her trembling body up to Him, He glares coldly at her, coiled in His hand is a long chain, much longer than that of a sirik, not taking His eyes from her, He attaches the chain to her kolar, panic fills her eyes and she tries desperately to flee from Him, pulling and tugging fiercely, trying to back from Him, her whole body shaking from fear, but no matter how hard she tries He is unrelenting...~

~as the music within her races so does her heart, pulling again on the chain, the fiery spirit within her takes over, her eyes flash brightly, nostrils flaring, even with the panicked looks she has, her beauty still shines through, the Tavern lights glimmering along her sweat covered body, the lil gold nose ring sparkling as she shakes her head defiantly, clutching the chain tightly, He smiles wickedly, and to His amusement He lets her pull back away from Him, with each inch of slack given, she tugs harder, constantly backing, twisting and turning as she tries to continually flee, face filled with anguish, fear and confusion, her belly burning intensely, growling low, teeth showing as she sneers toward Him, amused by her actions, He snaps the chain toward Him, tugging her forward, her footing falters and she falls into the sand, this enraging her further, she jumps to her feet, grabbing onto the chain and tugs hard upon it, breathing heavily,crying, tears streaming down her cheeks, her body covered in sweat, sand sticking to her smooth flesh, and as the music continues deep within her soul He draws her slowly closer to Him...~

~taking a different approach, she circles around Him, tugging again on the chain, twisting her body, the kolar around her neck rubbing against the tender flesh, leaving her neck red, ignoring the increasing pain, she circles Him again, and with each passing round, He coils the chain within His hand, shortening the distance between Him and her, defeated with her every attempt to flee, she shakes her head angrily, still not ready to give in, snatching against the chain, only steps from Him now, His eyes cold as steel upon her glistening body, watching every movement, looking to every sensual curve of her body, the way her breast jiggle each time she tugs against the chain, how her hair tumbles down her backside, even the way her diaphanous silks swirl around smooth creamy thighs, such a pleasing sight in His eyes..~

~exhausted from her attempts to flee, so close to Him that she feels His hot breaths upon her body, burning with fire from within, unable to deny who and what she is anymore, she drops to her knees in submittance before Him, extending slender arms forward, body glistening in the tavern lights, crossing wrists and tucking her head between arms, unresisting, panting heavily, tears streaking her cheeks...~

~with her eyes closed, the music slows and comes to halt, sobbing softly, her body covered in sticky sand, saturated hair clinging to her face, she opens her eyes, looking across the sandpit and to T/those watching, seeing fists slamming against Their chests, and the hands of her sisters clapping, the noise around the Tavern filling her ears once again, lifting hands to her cheeks, wiping the tears from them, she rises, leaves the sand pit on shaky legs and crosses the room to the center of the Tavern where she kneels once more, whispering softly~ la kajira...

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topaz’s love dance of the newly collared slave girl
Raiders of Gor page 115

Love dance of the Newly Collared Slave: There are many variations of this dance and most cities have their own version. The basic theme of this dance is that a girl dances with joy that she will soon lie in the arms of her strong master.

topaz hears the music start, and moves swiftly to the edge of the sands…she undoes the chains which hold her slks in place….allowing them to puddle at her feet, a shimmering pile of red and green as the lights shine off them….stepping into the soft sands, the music starts, it is soft…a kalika throbs lightly as the cords are expertly worked….the music taking her back, back, to a time long ago…

her lithe form sways…her hips start to move…..then amber eyes wide open in both fear and love….newly kolared, her heart taken by her Master…yet not her body…she prays to the Priest Kings He finds her pleasing, and takes her soon, as the ache between her thighs grows ever more needy, her slave belly rolls and she feels her nipples harden….her cheeks flaming red as her body betrays her, she starts to move, trying to entice Him to rape her here and now if need be…

Slender wrists are crossed before her as if bound……her feet never spread more than a foot or so, appearing to be shackled….yet it deters her not...her need great….shy, unsure, only knowing she is now His, kolared to Him, and her slave heart needs Him as much as she needs to breath the very air to survive…

A kaska joins in now…savage in it’s beat…wild…feral, and her amber orbs look like a she-larl in heat, her bottom she juts out a bit, and swings it back and forth, enticing, begging….then she drops to her knees….and her petite form moves sweetly, still begging, her arms stretch forward in the hopes….her head lowers in supplication…yet still He does not move…

She leans backwards now, crossed wrists before her as she leans her head back against the sands and arches her body so her breasts are thrust upwards…the music taking over, her shyness leaving slowly, she undulates her belly and pushes her midriff up and down, up and down…..still wishing to feel her strong Master’s arms pulling her to her feet, but it is not to be….she lifts herself back up, and in one graceful move, she is standing…one dainty foot moves forward, toes pointing, showing off her exquisite legs, then she lowers it slowly, and the next foot lifts, doing the same, over again she repeats this bringing her slowly closer to Him…

Stopping abruptly, she spins about, and her back is to Him, she moves her hips in a circle, around and around, her head turns slightly as she peers at Him through her lashes, knowing how enticing her bottom looks, yet still he moves not…her need naked as she moves to the left and spins about facing Him…she shimmies her shoulders, making her breasts dance to the music….her taut belly ripples slightly….the “V” of her treasure is seen …yet still He moves not to claim her…

Near desperate now, the music grows wilder….she sits upon her behind, and her legs tuck up against her..she raises her right leg so it points upwards….the other leg balancing her….she lifts and lowers it a couple of times, her calves taut, feet delicate, toes tiny and perfect….she then lowers her leg to stretch fully forward and moves her left leg forward, caressing her right leg slowly….moving from her thigh down to her knee, her calf, and finally toes touch toes….she lays back…fully supine, and she rolls so she is on one side…her leg lifts to show and entice Him further…

Still He moves not and tears run down silken cheeks, why has He bought her, why did he say He desired her...and yet takes her not??.....the music slows and softens and it is as if finally her thoughts are in order and she knows what she must do!!....her face full of love and joy, she crawls forward to Him on her hands and knees, reaching His boots, she kisses each one reverently, and nuzzles each of His calves….then her voice, soft and sweet whispers…

Master, Your girl comes to You, naked and chained, begging You to take her as she is Yours in every way but that…please Master, please…topaz begs You….*the tears once more flow softly down her cheeks, leaving silver trails, full lips are pursed as she lifts her head a bit…..her look so lost and pathetic, stirs even the hearts of even the most jaded Warriors, and she feels the room, the Others feeling her plight, hoping for her……

*then she blinks, and realizes t’was her mind and the music of dance playing with her as she is returned to the here and now……looks up…ambers meet greys, and Your smile, the one she loves so much is upon Your face as You take her into Your arms, her joy complete….as You rape her lips with Yours*

Raiders of Gor page 115


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calia's pole dance

Blood Brothers of Gor page 39

calia rises ~* her hands smothing down the sheerness of red silk as it clings snug against her delicious figure...~ sweet chimes sing at her ankles as she moves nearer the sands, her eyes low sweeping...feeling the gaze of Each and Every Master upon her feminine curves and swells.......~ ...tracing a fingertip along her collarbone as slave steps into the warm grainy sand ~ calia smiles playfully to ease the butterflies in slaves belly ....her head lulling as spirals of night lap at a girls forearm....~ ...whispering softly and nodding as she listens for the soft music to begin.........

calia's hands slide up the side of full breasts ~ fluttering overhead in a splayed reaching fashion as the silken hem of her garment rides up shaply bronzed thighs ..~* torso snakelike as the subtle music consumes her...~ ...smoldering blue eyes gaze out upon the tavern behind loose curls of night .....the dances begins to pour from kajirae movement.a hynoptic flow to deliciously flared hips creates a silky ripple to her garmet, hands grasping at the pole suggestivly,she arches her spine,crushing tits against it, as slaves head lulls back helplessly captured by the Masters gazes......~* ...

~ calia weaves to the right ...brushing her thigh against the pole , slaves fingertips flutter higher above ,small hand winding in the hanging chains end creating a sensual lift to a girl elongated body...~ ...waterfall of jet black ringlets rushing down her spine in arching surrender.... smokey gaze obsquered by wayward tresses ....~ ...a taudry roll to calias grinding hips her silks curl open ...~ ....already breathless as her mind consumes in passionate movement...savoring the feel of eyes upon her flesh .....

splashes of long midnight spirals mingling with swirling scarlet silk as the pole is crushed between tangles of lush hot slave...~ calia lulls her head to the side sending spirals rushing to the floor ,drawing her chain around the pole ,calia slides the inner warmth of her delicate thigh flesh up the pole seductivly as sweet moans of passion stream from parted lips... ...girl swirls around with sensual fluidity, raven curls cutting thru the air......~ ...the links loose and then pulled taut as calia's shapely legs melt into a swaying squat ~ her hips rolling to grind against the sleek pole, arching her curves upwards as slaves head drops back further...~* heaving tits falling to her face as the girl folds backwards with her thighs grasping at the pole.......~ ...catching glimps of Those Who follow her movements......panting softly as one hand reaches for the HandSome Master helplessly...

pools of blue gaze longingly~ ...spirals of night shrouding calia's lowered body...the chains wound in her hand ~ supplication captivating as her bound body stretches ....the slave driven by the her desires .....her flesh boiling with unknown desires, she flips her small head upward, stares deeply across the full tavern toward He Who commands her to dance... .. ..twirls upward on the pole...~pressing close to its warmth...her pink tongue runs across her lips she spins away the chains length, her free arms rise upward, small fingertips point to the skies, her full mounds lightly bounce under nearly sheer red silks, slaves dark hard rosebuds press tightly into the taut scarlet material as they strain for release ....faint mewl escapes calia's lips...

...~* the tease of slaves silks whispering touches against her hot...ready flesh as calia's body moves to a passionate rhythm ...~ ...her free hand zigzagging touches over her burning belly ,trickling along the cavernious warth of ones breasts as calia curls around the pole ....knowing featherlight careses are nothing in comparision to a Masters tight grip on a slaves flesh ....belly....heart....~* .....pleading purrrrs roll from calia's steel claimed throat...~ her eyes dazed and brillant blue behind the splashes of raven tresses....~ ...inner thigh caressing the pole suggestivly ..until on falls to the sands in surrender...~ ...head thrown back , torso arching fully ....thighs curled open wantonly...~ ......writhing some in the warm grains...~ .....

struggling to hold the last few links of the chain as slaves fingers uncurl ~ ...hoisting her slender figure to rise again with a swirl ....midnight tresses whipping thru the air as slaves spine presses into the pole ....~* flared hips swinging side to side in heated passion as the metal circles of chain press against slaves breast....~* .....face far away and kissed with glistening sweat....~ ...her breaths heave softly streaming between crimson lips.....however azure eyes completely lost....ones mind riveted to her Owners....~* ......velvet light caresses along her breasts flesh ....~ ....a pounding to ones heart in her caged ribs as calia rolls away from the pole and allows the chain to fall from her grasp ~* melting upon the warm sand,again....~ ...rolling from hip to hip as hands touch mischeviously ..~arching into the imagined hands of He Who commands of her...~* tongue rolling over lush lips....the music slowly begins to fade............. as the prowling wench sinks completely into the sands.....~* .....

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aria skye's tile dance

Explorers of Gor page 13

-Tiny feet move silently over cool tiles carrying the lithe girl to the furs of her Master. The Tavern, empty, only throws the slave girl deeper into her abyss of loneliness, making a forlorn sigh fall heavily from full lips, echoing back to her on still air. Lowering to the tiles, the girl lays on her right side instead of kneeling, her hot flesh kissing cold tiles, making a soft gasp sound and a shiver dance up and down her spine. Smelling the strong masculine scent of her Master on His furs makes her whimper softly and she closes green depths to the visions of Him that suddenly spring unbidden to her thoughts, lashes of ebony sweeping the flawless flesh of her cheeks, lips pursed as if a soft cry of needy torment is about to break free…-
-aria bites gently at her pouty lower lip, straight white teeth setting into the flesh, worrying it as the thoughts of her Master continue to tease at the fringes of her mind, making her whimper, eyes still closed, whipping her head from side to side, teeth snagged on lower lip, her body squirming on the tiles, begging for mercy, crying out for release and slowly the Tavern melts away from her senses, leaving her in her Masters room, at the foot of His bed, writhing on the floor, alone and lonely, wishing that His attentions could be fixed upon her, if just long enough for Him to satisfy Himself with her body…-
-A soft cry of misery tears from her lips, hands roaming her body, over rose tipped peaks, brushing over aching hard nipples, making her gasp and moan, small chin digging into her shoulder, thighs coming up, tucking towards her chest, slight ankles crossed, long digits sliding down her belly, dipping into her belly button, lower, short, clean nails clawing at her thighs, leaving red marks, whimpers of longing crawling up her throat and simmering on her lips, tears of want pooling in the corners of her eyes and leaking free, rivulets coursing down to her hairline, vanishing in the coils of blonde, leaving stains of moisture on silken slave flesh…-
-The fire in her belly was a churning, smothering, engulfing inferno and the slave girl felt like she was going to be consumed by the wildness of it. Hips undulated on the cool tiles, legs bent at the knees, heels to the tiles, toes pointed, long fingers curled into the masses of curls on her head, long column of smooth ivory neck flesh curved, back arched as she pulled on those ringlets, a whiney cry of yearning choking her, breasts lifting and falling with each draw of breath, the glow of the Taverns lamps casting shadows and light to play tag on the contours of her being as she rolls and squirms on the tiles beneath her body...-
-A sudden noise intruded upon the girl's senses and eyes of emerald snapped open, espying her Master. A sharp gasp tore from aria's lips and she instantly ceased all movement, hating that she had been caught in such a compromising position, her body still aching and needy, but not wishing to show Him how far gone she was, the girl rolled to her right side once more, facing His furs, away from Him, small frame trembling with the rolling emotions as she tired to hold her body still, not wishing to give Him a glimpse of the craving that had taken over her senses and still had a strong hold upon her…-
-But the tiny girl could feel his vision seeming to bore into her and with the thoughts of Him already running wildly in her mind, she couldn't lay still for long, her right hand already trailing light kisses over her belly, dancing there, tickling her senses, boiling her blood and making her cry out her misery for any that cared to listen. aria rolled to her back again, fingers roaming, thighs wide, body arched, her hands slipping along the hot flesh of her inner thighs, so very close to her silken petals that it made her back bow up and a moan leave her lips, her hips instinctively jerking at the subtle touching, the gentle grazing of long fingers, her heart thundering in her chest, ringing in her ears, full, supple breasts rising and falling, rising and falling, body twisting, writhing, the girl rolling to her belly, slithering towards Him before coming to an abrupt stop as if a chain holds her in place, a soft mewling offered to Him, emerald depths lusty, desire filled pools, her body calling to His.. needing a touch… just a touch….-
-The girl was on her back again, a twisting writhing bag of slave flesh, skin flushed, a groan or whimper of need leaving her lips with each release of her breath, body dancing upon the tiles, moving and arching for Him, eyes for Him, only Him, aching, the need strangling, suffocating her, making her rake her fingernails over her flesh, tugging at her curls, reaching for Him, silently imploring, on her belly once more, pushing to her forearms, intent on crawling to Him again, upper body partially raised, each breath causing ultra sensitive nipples to scrape along the tiles with each panted breath, making her cry out each time, her pearly teeth setting into the flesh of her lower lip, pulling, nostrils flaring with each snatch of breath, her thighs parting, knees coming up beneath her, ass lifted into the air even as the girls upper body is pushed to the tiles, light hued curls pool about her head, a flushed cheek pressed to tiles, jade gaze on Him as she calls, begs, whimpers to Him…-
Please Master, please!! Your girl begs it of You, aria'skye begs to be taken like the slut she is!…

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topaz's Whip Dance

Rogue of Gor page 191

topaz’s Dance of the Whip
*topaz moves forward to the sands...lithe form stops upon the edge as she looks about, amber eyes bright and shiny, her curves illuminated by the torch light….stepping lightly forward a few more paces as she hears the music start, a strange beat, one she has never heard before….her dancers soul responds as her hips sway and her arms lift high*

*palms together over her head as topaz sways to the tempo, her slave bells tinkling lightly, a contrast to the deep sounds of the music, her eyes half closed as she moves, though a curious frown upon her face, wondering…then she hears a loud CRACK from behind her and the air near her left side is disturbed…she spins about in terror, her lush lips parted…she sees a large Form with a whip and she trembles*

*amber eyes wide as she watches Him play the whip about coiling it and His arm snaps back then the whip is released with another loud CRACK and she drops to her knees in panic as the lash touches the air over her head….laying forward, her soft breasts pressing into the sands as she hears another snap to the back of her……crawling, small form trembling, she whimpers in fear, knowing only that she must escape the sting of the whip*

*each way she turns it is there…CRACK….CRACK…CRACK….she rises, breasts heaving, the music louder….her eyes darken, her body glistening….she knows the only way to avoid it is to placate Him…she dances like never before….belly undulating…spinning upon her toes…then leaping to the left as her eyes catch the movement of the whip again…CRACK…*

*topaz points her toe as she lifts her right leg, then bringing it to her left calf, she pirouettes, dropping it and pushing off again and again…her curves shown clearly through the wet silks as she whirls about, ever avoiding the cruel sting of the whip which seems so close…her golden locks flying out about her, as wild as her face appears*

*her tension strong, her scent all about as she responds to the Master who wields the leather….no longer moving away from Him, but moving closer as the music grows louder, wilder….her body responding, a low growl in her throat, though the fear is still in her eyes….she now dances for Him, the gem in her navel sparkling, her slender waist accentuated as she rolls her hips, ….her fingers go to the clasp at her kolar where her silks join, opening it, feeling the crimson/green shimmering silks fall forward, full breasts revealed, nipples tight…undoing the light chains at her sides, she pulls the material away from her body, allowing her curves and valleys to be seen by Him*

*rolling her shoulders, her legs stepping in beat with the music, tiny steps drawing her nearer, shapely legs accentuated by her pointing of her toes, her calves taut, leading One’s look up to her petals which are moist with her honey…she stops but a pace from Him, her eyes lock with His, her pink tongue licks dry lips as her breasts heave with her exertions…she feels Him raise His arm, the whip coiled, and she cringes…her eyes close as she waits…then she feels not a sting, but a caress, the soft leather being drawn along her leg, up higher, to her treasure, she trembles, then her belly, her breasts….*

*finally topaz feels Him step forward, her heat blazing as the music comes to an end….and the whip is brought around her neck…He pulls her towards Him and places a bruising Masters kiss to her lips, she tastes her blood as He bites…she feels the leather sliding away as she moans, her need so great her knees weaken and she starts to slide downwards…feeling the sands against her knees as her thighs spread wide….her eyes open, and she looks about, trembling and shivering, breasts heaving…she is alone…her head drops forward to her chest and she knows the dance is over…turning her head slightly, she looks deep into her Master's eyes...her very being open to Him as she whispers*

la kajira*

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brand dance

topaz’s brand dance

Brand dance: This is a dance that is mentioned in the books but is never described. From its name, we can speculate that it is a story dance about a girl being branded. The beginning phases of the dance may concern the girl's fears about being branded. The middle phases will depict the actual branding and the latter phases will show the girl accepting and admiring her new brand.

topaz moves quietly to the sands, feeling here is something so very different in the air, she looks for reassurance from her Master, and gazes with love into His greys….all He does is smile at her and nods, seeming to say “fear not lil one”….all she knows is that something is to happen, but she is to dance…..

Shifting her weight upon the glistening sands, feeling them move under her, her toes dig in and then release, as if massaging the sands, hoping to soothe the tension she feels…she cocks her head slightly to the left, and then the right as she hears the sweet plaintive sounds of a flute, the music as always stirring her dancer’s soul, and she relaxes even more….

Amber eyes half close as she hears the music flowing all about her, she moves gracefully, her arms lifting slowly till they are above her head, her hands are placed palm to plam, and she starts to undulate her taut belly, the gem in her navel glittering brightly….each step she takes is in a slight circle till once again she stands where she was….slender arms lower, and she feels the softness of her golden hair, then her fingers touch the kolar about her throat marking her as Yours, down they go ever so slowly, fingertips barely brushing her tender flesh, grazing breasts, then nipples which harden into tight nubs and a soft intake of her breath makes her breasts thrust forward even more…..

Her fingers continue their quest, touching every flawless part of her, down her belly, near her treasure, down her thighs, and she bends at the waist so they may continue even lower, to caress calves, and finally dainty ankles and feet….all she feels is the perfection of slave flesh, not marred by anything…and a soft smile comes to her full lips as she stands tall once lore, hips gently moving with the music….

There is a change in the tone…a kalika starts to play, and a small hand drum starts to pound, as if keeping time with the beat of her heart, slow and rhythmic, her body straight as her shoulders move make and forth, making her breasts jiggle enticingly….untilllllllllll…..she lifts her dainty nose into the air, and smells the fire from the branding pit…….her heart beats faster as does the taber, the two sounds seem to loud in her ears as the fear races through her….she looks like a trapped animal as her fear near overtakes her….

Amber eyes wide with panic as she looks and sees, sure enough a branding iron nestles into the coals, heating, glowing, she feels near to faint…she moves swiftly dancing upon her toes…making her way to the far side, only to be stopped by a Warrior….then she moves with a gliding motion, her bottom moving wildly as does her hips…once more her way is barred…she spins about and leaps into the air, time after time, only to find her way barred again…..feeling trapped, frightened, scared of the unknown, having smelled the awful scent of burning flesh and heard girls screaming, her terror worsens, but never does her dancer’s body miss a beat….

Then and only then does she see her Master standing there….His masculine form near the iron, His shoulders wide, His body perfection and she is His….her smiles widens happily, and she starts to dance her way over to Him teasingly, impishly, for she is His…..tis only when she reaches two paces before Him she sees His hand reach for the iron, lifting it out of the hot coals, seeing it glowing red…he replaces it…but now her eyes tear, her lip quivers and her whole body trembles…she sinks to her knees, swaying to and fro, then side to side, hugging herself, thinking only of the pain…the kaska beats are near deafening, and she knows they but imitate the sound of her own heart beat…..

She lifts amber eyes, so full of tears, wondering why??...then she straightens and her long golden tresses flowing down her back move up and down as she nods, finally understanding…..this is the last step to become totally His, to be branded as His, even though her heart is branded, tis not the same…now she will have an outward mark that shows all of Gor to whom she belongs…..

He beckons silently, and she knows all His signals and even small quirks, she knows she must go to Him now, of her own free will, He will not command her, and if she hesitates, she knows she will have lost all that is her life, Him!!!….she breathes deeply, and rises with grace, unfurling her legs from under her, and pace by pace, she draws closer till she stands before Him…..her eyes closed, the flute now overtaking, soft, sweet sounds, soothing…..she sways in place, her hips rolling slightly….and waits*

*feeling her taken gently but firmly to a bench, He lowers her to it….she bites upon her lower lip, tasting her own blood, her hands at her sides keep moving, in circles and waves, though her body is still…. the music reassuring, as is His touch….she senses Him leave for but an ihn, and then He returns, and she feels heat, looking up she sees the iron glowing white hot….His voice is soft, for her ears alone…eyes closed once more, she nods, then she stiffens and moves not as He applies His brand….the scent horrid, the pain intense, but she concentrates on the music and her love, her body within dancing lightly, and then it is over, her eyes open, the tears blinding her at first, but then she sees His proud smile…she did not move, the brand is perfect….a dina with His initials upon it is now imbedded into her flesh….

Helping her rise…she looks down and sees the pink brand, and her heart swells, with love, knowing he choose this brand for her alone and placed it where he did…..she looks into His eyes, then dances lightly around him, pirouettes soft and her body flows like the gentle creek…spinning lightly, lightly, till she is before Him once more….the pain is felt from the brand, but the beauty of it, she knows that is makes her even more desirable and attractive…she stops before Him and speaks softly…

Master, You have given Yours a most wondrous gift this eve, one she will always treasure, she is humbled, thank You!...*then she falls to her knees more exhausted than she ever thought possible, the music stops, and she rests her soft cheek against His thigh, as the last sweet note of the flute fades into the distance, her heart soul, body and mind Yours as she whispers through her tears* And thus was the tale of her branding, done so long ago, but never a day goes by she does not touch it, the symbol she is Yours, just as the kolar about her neck indicates….. la kajira!!!!

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shirin's tether dance

Explorers of Gor page 360

~*~with not a word to His command to dance and display her body for Him, filling with anger, she rises from the place she knelt, seeing the coiled leather at His feet leading up near her and out of her sight under soft chin, thinking nothing of it she steps away three practiced steps of tiny feet, each leg well toned and flexing in a spin on toes, vaporous red silk lifted to float in her breeze, a perfect shilloette of a pleasure slave, delicate and toned, soft jingles of belled ankles as she walks away....gasping breaths as the steel about her neck stops her short, choking her, arms flung out wildly and then clutched to her neck~*~

~*~pacing towards the fire, casting light over each flowing curve of womanly flesh dressed in a short silk scrap, a rage of flames within her that much greater than the blaze that cracks and cooks the bosk and verr, bubbling the brews, a quick reversal in her path, the glow at her back, the tether only allowing the beauty to an arc of twenty feet, small hands clutched digging nails into her tender palms, so angry and insolent to her plight, in a whipping pivot on toes, long tresses of brown flying out and floating down along her back as she turns back to the firepit...she stops...facing the Master that holds the other end of the leather tight in His grip, her hazel eyes reveilng her rage, how dare He make her His slave~*~

~*~His laughter and non-concern for the woman makes her almost crazy, spitting out her defiance, right foot stomps the tiles below her bare feet in a slapping blow, an iritating sound of slavebells in her ears, foot tingling instantly yet barely noticed in her anger...."i will not.....i am not a slave.....i will not submit to You"....small hands taking hold of the length of leather, so brutily knotted to the harsh steel encircling her neck, pulling and tugging as if to free herself from His control, His eyes of darkness glareat her, almost delivering a crushing blow to her heart, she throws her head to the side to escape His rath~*~

~*~in an instant, so startled, He jerks the tether, sending her stumbling forward with a sharp pain in the back of her neck, managing to remain upright, in defiance she turns her back to Him that He may not see her face, her beauty..."do not look at me!" she yells firmly, head thrown up high, proud, she will not be reduced to an animal, not her, with another shuttering pull of the tether, she is whipped about, spinning off balance as the leather takes hold of her body, cutting into her flesh, over left shoulder to caress downward across her back, feeling the greatest touch at right elbow, she stands, feet firmly planted al~il apart, fire flying from hazel eyes, feeling His raking gaze trying to claim her His, mind realing as fear fills her, full breasts rising and falling in each quickened breath~*~

~*~the cheer and roar of the crowd angering her further, yet in another stumbling jerk of the tether sends her turning, closer to Him, feeling the sting of leather wrapping her body, gasping in fear looking down, finding both arms held tight and secured, palms clutching into fists, head shaking wildly no, she will not serve as slave, her body trembling at the torment and sea of emotion, so confused, in disbelief that her body might long for the touch of a Master, long waves of brown hair flowing down her nearly naked, silk clad body, breaths labored in the tight restraints of leather He holds~*~

~*~each, He and her, exchanging looks, His nod and grins met by her now fear filled glissening eyes, shaking her head no, begging Him to free her..."please.....", not a life of slavery, struggling and fighting the bonds of leather, her body moving in a slow pitiful dance, wrapping tighter about her arms, breasts, belly, branded thigh, knees, a tether wound about ankles, strength draining as beads of sweat cover her brow, frantic yet so beautiful movements twisting her farther into the tether, drawn closer to Him, writhering as she bends forward, her hair falling off soft shoulders to spill onto the floor, knees weakening, moaning softly to not give into His will~*~

~*~falling, crushed in a will of her own, tender knees hit the hard floor, arms bound at her sides, small hands open wide in desperate pleas to grasp something, anything, unable to sheild herself, helpless, weakened in a crouched kneel, tether bound, she looks up to Him, trembling as eyes beg for mercy, finding herself only to be slapped with His total enjoyment and laughter at her, a proud woman reduced to kneel at the feet of a Master, bound in His strength, finding one last breath of her own, wasted in her final plea..."no, please, i will not submit....."~*~

~*~the tether pulled hard within His large strong hand, her small body turned and thrust to the floor as feet are pulled out from under her, half lifted off the tiles, screaming out as her head hits with a crack, wild chestnut tresses fanned about, unable to resist, if out of fear or need she knows not, a thousand emotions racing, she yeilds, the tether teaching her, slowing breaths as her head falls to the side, releasing all she has to Him, the Master of her will~*~

~*~slowly unraveling, she rolls away, the tether loosening about legs and hips, a slow sensual dance she performs on the floor, writhering at His feet, a woman submitted, on the floor, silk clad and leather bound, a low purr escaping lush lips as each fiber of her being becomes free, freer than ever imagined, rolling out of the tether still tied at her neck, pulling her weakened body up to her hands and knees, she stands, opening palms to face Him, head lifting high, a transformed woman, a slave by His control, by her need, gathering the leather in loops she walks nearer to Him, hips swaying of her seduction, now begging to be touched by Him~*~

~*~breaths quiet yet heartbeats still race, she kneels easily at His feet, toned thighs spreading painfully wide as she yeilds, soulful hazel eyes lowering in respect, head bowing deeply till chin touches breast bone, trembling arms lift the looped tether in her small hands slipping it down to cover crossing delicate wrists....a gentle creature, she speaks softly~*~
la kajira
may Master be pleased with a slave's tether dance

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virgin dance

Guardsman of Gor page 247

zehana ~ dance of the virgin
~the girl walks to the centre of the tiles between all the tables. lengthy rich chocolate tresses are twisted and raised atop the girls head, freed ringlets softly frame a girls roundish face. Her teal pools alluring and outlined in kohl show nothing as they peer through a matching sea green slave veil draped across her face. She looks down her eburnean kirtle covered hidden body as she steps into position for the beginning of her dance. The far distant on and off beat of the kaska starts playing in her mind as she descends to the floor, zehana’s rump rests on belled ankles. Shapely albicant thighs hug each other closely. Arms raised straight above her head, wrists crossed as they touch back to back, fingers ornately patterned. A slow lowering of her head, marks the signal that her dance is about to start~

~the flute starts to play, as the girl slowly raises her covered face, and reluctance written across her face showing, even through the veil. pulling her thighs even closer as she felt the eyes of the Master upon her unused flesh. the girl moves to a crawl, slowly she circles around on the spot. Masters with hungry wolf like eyes everywhere, looking, wanting. With a muffled groan to escape she lays face down to the floor, not wanting them to look or to see her. Pulling her knees up so that her appealing ass was raised then pressed it back to rest on her calves, and in a slow rocking motion she comforted herself …she thought didn’t they see it made her feel so exposed, unsure, terrified ~

~stilling herself turning her face to the left, and then to the right, and then back to the left, squeezing her thighs together even tighter, she grimaced as she pressed her breasts to the floor, hard, harder. She buried her face so she could not see and not be seen. Then hearing the sound of the beating music , swallowing hard and knowing what it is she has to do, she turns to sit on her rump, almost jumping as she hears clashes of zills and cymbals, her fingers taking the lead as she hesitantly starts to weave them to dazzle the Masters eyes, hands facing inwards and linking her thumbs she lets her hands form and match the dancing wings of a bird in flight, flapping them sensuously over her face and high in the air and swooping them down over covered breasts. In one erotic movement the girls hands part as her fingers curl around the edge of the kirtle. Exposing her shoulders and taking a breath as ample soft breasts are revealed to the eyes of all before her~

~moving to her feet, her fingers uncurl and let go of the eburnean kirtle. Taking a bigger breath as if to at last let go of the last of her protection …..only the veil left, trying to hide her modesty. It pools about her feet, as she deftly steps out of it. teal eyes starting to glimmer as she thinks of who will be the One, she twirls her voluptuous arousing curves nearer to the Masters. With the drums beating louder and closer with in her, her eyes almost challenge to which One will it be, as she climbs up onto one of the Tables where some Masters sat. swaying her self to the hypnotic beat echoing in her head, she gyrated down twisting herself just in front of the Masters. Her eyes question will it be You, as she shimmies her full breasts back and forth near His face. Then moving to the next Master will it be You, as she shimmies her lush breasts even closer to His face, or the next as begins to rise up and down all the time shaking her breasts enticing~

the music having taken hold, her belly ignites, and ze responds…the girl weaves tiny dance steps to the next table, this time facing away from the Masters as she rocks her lush curves downwards in a slow back and forth twist. Siriks catching the light as does ringed toes. Her ass begging to be groped as she weaves it back and forth in front of the Men. Bending forward pressing her rump cheeks closer to the Masters, as if to say do You want this. She dares to look at them as she turns and peers across her shoulder. Her teal eyes darkening with a fire that reflects the strange urge that seems to have her body wanting them to touch her, yet a sense of power also deeply hidden.~

~stepping down off the table, the girl steps away in a twirl, snaking left than right around the tile floor. Her hands cupping her breasts as if making a silent offering to the Ones she dances for. Turning so her back faces them, she rolls her shoulders back and forth till her head gently falls back, her fingers move into her hair, with a quick flick, she slides her mahogany curls out of their confinement on top of her head, letting them fall free to the ends of their lengths and then her hands drop as tumultuous tendrils fall about passionately. She turns her neck slowly letting her hair dance on its own before dancing herself up straight~

~using just her hips now she rhythmically moves them back and forth in a sideways figure 8. the circles at first small then get larger. Her heat evident as her smell wafts to her own nose, as she dances. Her belly moving in small spasmodic waves as her hips fascinate, her breasts moving up and down as her breathing is heady. The blood pulsing strongly through her, her own primal beating louder than the kaska . Her eyes have reached the look of the larl before it needs to feed~

~hearing the music near the end the girl dances to her knees, placing her hands backwards to the floor she arches, her breasts uplifting in the movement, she catches her own breath as she sees her own nipples engorged. Then moving onto her own back, feet on the floor, she opens her thighs painfully wide as she feels the stretch across her loins. Her first drops of moisture seen as she ends her dance, her left foot coming to rest at the knee of the right, her eyes lower closed behind the veil. Her chest rising and falling as her breathing heavy~

she whispers la kajira
and hopes her dance has been found worthy


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whisper's dance of seduction
Tribesmen of Gor page 104

whispers walks to the corner of the Tavern, her green eyes sparkle as she grows excited. In the corner lies a small wooden box, she carefully opens the lid and peeks inside. She ruffles around and takes out four strips of yellow silks. The kajira ties the about her waist, two on either hips, one tied in the front and the other placed in the back. The silks softly hang around her body shielding the sight of her flesh from the Master. Her small feet take her to the sad pit in the midst of the Tavern, the eyes of the Masters follow her as she moves to her places, she hopes this will be pleasing to there sight. whispers kneels down into the sand, one knee into the sand, the other ready for her movements, while the girl reaches her slender arm to wrap around the pole. The kalika begins to strum an intimation of beautiful melodies, the slave pushers herself up slowly in graceful music, her foot draws small circles as she dances around the pole to the beautiful music.
the girl brings her arms down, her soft face becomes intent and looks upon the Masters with want, she moves around in small circles as her arms move down her bronzed body, outlining each curve of kajira frame, with her finger tips as she dances to the soft melody. her skilful fingers grasp the sheer yellow scarves that are attached at her right hip with a seductive smile to the Master, the girl rips it away from her body. The sheer silk scarf flutter around and around as she dances with provocativeness , As whispers dances around the pole the silks flutter in the air
whispers tares away the yellow fabric that's attached to the left hip, exposing her creamy flesh to the eyes of the Masters, tantalizing them with her motions as she dance around in small tight circles, her long locks of honey brown hair flair out as she moves at such rapid pace, her arms flutter up into the air as she gently waves the silks around, her tight belly as it begins to burn with desire, for the Master's touch

She smiles brightly as she dances with such joy and want, her hips rock back and forth with the rhythm of the kalika, with a single fluid movement the slave takes away the yellow scarf that hides, her sex, for a quick teasing glimpse the Master's Dark intent eyes can see her mound glistening with want, she turns sharply around hiding her body from them, she shakes the silks about as she moves in small circles she laughs softly and turns back around waving the silks about her hot body as she moves the last yellow silk ruffles in the air as she moves, exposing her lushes rump as she dances in a seductive manner.
her orbs of flesh bounce softly as she moves her arms about her head, as she waves the scarves over her head, she brings the set of yellow silks around her slender waist outlining her desirable curves. whispers rips the last scarf away, now totally nude for the Master to enjoy, she dances about the pit, in fluid movements hopping she can show her want to be a desirable slave.
The kajira moves out of the pit, the particles of sand cling to her tell toned thighs, she dances about the Master, her eyes sparkle with lust as she dances for Him. The kajira moans with want as she wafts the scarves around her body, the scarves tickle her bronzed flesh, tantalizing her even more with desire. She moves to front of the Masters view, His eyes roam over her naked flesh, she feels her flesh burn with want as she falls about His feet, her hips raised as she begs Him with her movements to take her, the yellow scarves fall gently upon her body as the kalika stops and the music dyes down, all that is heard is the girls hot breath as it escapes her body

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galah's freeform dance of The Thief

Dancer of Gor page 190

**she steps into the middle of the sand pit, burying her feet into the sand there and motions the musicians to start, the soft melodic tune starts as lithe arms reach high above with arms, wrist and fingers relaxed, from her slender waist she willows side to side in steady rhythm as her dark eyes close ever soooo softly and her soprano whispered voice sings** the wind was a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees, three moons were ghostly tarnships upon the cloudy seas, the road was a ribbon of moonlight over the darkened Delta, and the handsome thief came riding….. riding…… riding……. the handsome thief came riding up to the old inn door

  **her willowing slows to  subtle gyration as delicate hands lower to her face and her dark sparkling eyes open, her whispery singing voice becomes stronger as long fingers on one hand strokes her forehead while the other hand extends three fingers to her cheek then with jerking suddenness her bent elbows straighten to lower dainty hands to her upper thighs**  His cloaks hood pulled over His forehead, a three pronged scar on His cheek,  a cloak of midnight fabric and breeches of brown tabuk skin; they fitted with never a wrinkle; His boots were up to the thigh! And he rode with a jewelled twinkle, His quiva blades a twinkle, His sword hilt a-twinkle, under the jewelled sky.

  **she spins slowly in pirouetting circles until she hides somewhat behind the whipping post as the melodic tune continues, her left arm wraps around the post as one lil right fist knocks hard on the wooden post, her long leg twist about the post for support as her back arches to her leaning back, she tosses her head to the right to send mahogany locks over her right shoulder as expert hands slowly tie a bondage knot there, her excited voice continues to sing most joyfully**  over the cobbles He clattered and clashed in the dark innyard, and He tapped with His whip on the shutters, but all was locked and barred;  He whistled a tune to the window and who should be waiting there, but the landlord’s black-eyed Kajira…bess, the landlords slavegirl, plaiting a bondage knot into her long black hair.

  **she continues with the bondage knot as her whispery voice deepens slightly, her supple body rotates just enough to press her left shoulder to the hardness of the pole then slithers her back against the hard ole post and moving into clearer view as long left fingers flick the knot free from her left hip, she catches the falling crimson sash and reaches upward with urgency and offering**  “one kiss, my one true love slave, I’m after a prize tonight, but I shall be back with the yellow gold before the morning light;  yet if they press Me sharply, and harry Me through the day, then look for Me by the moonlight, watch for me by the moonlight, I’ll come to thee by the moonlight, though PriestKings should bar the way.

  **she rises to tippy toes as she reaches ever higher with her left hand extended, her right hand sweeps to the bondage knot and frees mahogany locks to cascade once again about her supple shoulders as ever softly swaying hips gyrate, her dark eyes pleading as ample breast heave to subtle breathlessness as her singing softens once again**  He rose upright in the stirrups, He scarce could reach her hand, but she loosened her hair in the casement! His face burnt like a brand as the black cascade of perfume came tumbling over His breast; and He kissed its waves in the moonlight, ooooooooohhh, sweet waves in the moonlight!  He tugged at His rein in the moonlight, and galloped away into the night.

  **she lowers her outstretched arm and slithers the crimson cloth over her ever moving form as long legs carry her away from the post, her head nods from side to side in the gesture of no as she dances out of the sand to stand upon the hard tiles where she slaps petite feet slowly in continuing patters upon the tiles that jiggle her ample breast with each motionless step**  He did not come at the dawning; He did not come at noon, and out of the tawny sunset, before the rise o’the moons, when the road was a dusty ribbon, looping the Delta’s bounds, the Council’s troop came marching……. marching…….. marching……. the Captains Men came marching, up to the old inn door.

  **one delicate hand sweeps past her mouth but does not linger long to stifle her song as her feet stop side by side, her arms sweeping behind with lil wrist crossed as her supple body struggles in place to the pounding tune, her shoulders and hips twisting in opposite appeal as her desperate voice sings**  They said no word to the landlord, They drank His ale instead, but they gagged His slavegirl and bound her with ropes from foot to head, two of Them knelt at the casement, with crossbows at their side!  There was death at every window and hell at one dark window; for bess could see through the casement, the road that He would ride.

  **one right hand sweeps around the front to cup one ample breast in her delicate hand as dark eyes well with tears, soft fingertips of her left hand touches her bottom lip as dark brows furrow with worry, her stiff body motionless but only momentarily as her tempered voice emerges to sing**  They had tied her up to attention, with many a sniggering jest; They had bound a crossbow beside her, with the point beneath her breast!  “now keep good watch!” and They kissed her.  she heard the dead man say “look for Me by the moonlight, watch for Me by the moonlight, I’ll come to thee by the moonlight though PriestKings should bar the way!”

  **she spins sharply so that her bare back is to the Patrons with crossed wrist behind her as she stands, crimson silk draping over her round rump as feet stop but supple shoulders and lithe arms struggling in a matched beat to the tune, her hands tight fist of white knuckles then open in repeated gestures of fight as her voice loudens for all behind to hear**   she twisted her hands behind her, but all the knots held good! she writhed her hands till her fingers were wet with sweat or blood!  They stretched and strained in the darkness and the ahns crawled by like years! Till, now on the stroke of midnight, cold on the stroke of midnight, the tip of one finger touched it! The trigger at least was hers!

  **she turns back in open oscillations and dances quickly to the closest table there and bends at her slender waist with lil fist to the tabletop, pounding in rhythm to her words as dark eyes narrow with intensity, she suddenly jerks to stand upright once again**   clickity-clack! Had they heard it? The kaiila claws were ringing clear, clickity-clack in the distance!  Were They deaf that They did not hear?  Down the ribbon of moonlight, over the brow of the hill, the handsome thief came riding….. riding…… riding!  The Captains Men looked to Their priming! She stood up straight and still!

  **she bends once again, this time pounding fist harder and louder as the intensity mounts,  her dark eyes widen suddenly as her louder voice softens and trails in whispery sadness** clickity-clack in the frosty silence! Clickity-clack in the echoing night!  Nearer He came and nearer! Her face was like a light!  Her eyes grew wide for a moment! She drew one last deep breath, then her finger moved in the moonlight, the crossbow twanged in the moonlight, piercing her breast in the moonlight and warned Him with her death.

  **her opening fist still to the table lay still, her head now bowed deep as mahogany curls shroud her humped over form, her sad voice sings ever sooooooo painfully as all strain to hear what’s next**   He turned; He spurred to the west, He did not know she stood bowed, with her head o’er the crossbow drenched with her own red blood!  Not till the dawn He heard it; His face grew grey to hear, how bess, the landlord’s slavegirl, the landlord’s black-eyed kajira, had watched for her love in the moonlight, and died in the darkness there.

  **thinking the quietness summons the end, with sudden surprise she rises to dance in renewed fever back toward the sand pit, swirling and oscillating with sheer intensity as the story continues**  back He spurred like a madman, shrieking a curse to the sky, with the white road smoking behind Him and His drawn sword brandished high!  Blood-red where the spurs in the golden noon;  ink black was His billowing cloak, when They cut Him down on the roadway, down like a sleen on the roadway, and he lay in His blood on the roadway with a knowing smile on His face.

  **her ample globes heaving breathlessly as she dances in the center of the sandpit from where she had started and she falls to her parted knees, each hand swipes the wet drops upon each cheek as her hushed whispered symphony finishes her tale, the music lingers on in trailing softness as her dark crying eyes close**   still of a winter’s night, they say, when the wind is in the trees, when the moons are ghostly tranships tossed upon the cloudy seas, when the road is a ribbon of moonlight over the silent Delta, a handsome thief comes riding……riding…..riding,….a handsome thief comes riding up to the old inn door.

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topaz's dance of the six thongs

Raiders of Gor page 228

Ordered to the sands by her Master Rast Dulan, topaz moves forward gracefully, her petit form naked as per His wish….all that adorns her is the delicate web of silver about her foot and ankle, gleaming, with each light step…..the “topaz” gem in her navel glinting brightly.… and she unconsciously raises one hand to stroke His kolar which rests about her throat, a reminder always she belongs to Him alone….

The sounds of the busy Tavern fade away from her ears as she prepares to dance, a deep breath is taken……entering the pit, she lowers herself to her knees in the sands feeling the warmth and the grains shifting under her …. topaz wiggles slightly resting a pert bottom back onto her heels… golden locks flowing down her back…her head held proud as she looks about, amber eyes clear, then they seek the gaze of her Master, just in time to see Him nod His head, His eyes not looking at her…..….suddenly topaz hears heavy footsteps around her, and then the loud beat of a kaska….before she can move, she is grabbed by Men, lifted to her feet and each wrist is bound with binding fibres, as is each ankle, and two about her waist….6 Men, 6 thongs…..

Hearing tabors now join in…the lighter sound of the small drums so like the pounding of her heart, she looks wildly to each Man, tugging futilely at the thongs, trying to escape, but knowing they are tight about her…… confused, shivering in frustration, slave heart responding to the pounding of the drums she tries to pull away, only to be stopped, the Men now laughing at her attempts as They each hold a thong, playing her, one loosens, another tightens…..topaz catches her balance, her dancer’s agility all that keeps her upright…. still she tries to elude, weaving this way and that way, head dipping low, full breasts swinging to and fro…her lithe form trying to dance…..only to be interrupted again…again…topaz turns her head slowly, she glares at each Man in turn……

The tabors doing a light wild beat, with the kaska booming in a steady rhythm the whole time…..she feels like a trapped animal, a soft whimper escapes over her quivering full lips, she lifts her head to look at You… amber eyes locked with greys for an ihn, her heart and soul in her eyes….but You only smile softly, and then look to the Men with another nod……….once more she twists and turns, tugging to the left only to be stopped, then released and allowed to move once more, again and again……a czehar joins in and she stills suddenly…then a flute, soft melodious, exciting, wild music, and her dancer’s soul cries out in need…..moving her hips to the music, side to side, flowing liquidly, dipping her shoulders forward and back, soft breasts moving about, nipples hardened, both from excitement and need…the music taking over, her feet lightly stepping, shapely legs exposed…..but again and again she is pulled tight by a thong, whether it be a dainty ankle, delicate wrist, or slender waist as they try to unbalance her…

Suddenly growling, topaz tugs furiously, trying to free herself, the thongs hold fast, her tender flesh is pinched, her amber eyes wild with anger….then lowering her blazing orbs, her lashes brush against the tops of her cheeks and she takes a deep breath, quivering, vibrating like the strings of the czehar. almost unsteady….then once again, the music engulfs her soul, and she tosses her head in defiance …her hips gently rock with each small step…. back straight, head held high….her sultry form covered in a light sheen of sweat and desire….then the final beat of the tabor fades and the Men reel her in, shortening each thong till she is in their tight circle…she feels herself lifted high over their heads, and they move to her Master….as They stop before Him, she arches her back and her breasts lift in a silent offer…her thighs part, displaying her beauty even further to Him as she knows her petals are moist with her honey…the scent of a slave in need drifts down to Him

Now she understands!!.....she is slave, never again to be free….yet her soul is free to have given all that she is to Him, she is His slave, His kajira.


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