Basic Serves, Tips and Examples

Quick Notes for Serves

Below is a list of quick notes, good for printing out for quick & easy referencing 
by penny (Kyo}and edited by topaz {Rast’s girl}

paga sa-tarna: strong, fermented drink brewed from sa-tarna grain 
(pagar-sa-tarna or Pleasure of the Life Daughter grain), it is a distilled hard liquor akin to whiskey 
· served in clay three-footed bowls or horn  
· hot: stirred and dipped from largest cauldron over the fire 
· cold: dipped from the large vat in the chillery 

ka-la-na : very potent dry red wine made from the fruit of the ka-la-na tree
and is said to have an aphrodisiac effect on females
· served in a goblet
· chilled: bottles in chillery
· can also be served room temperature 
· hot: small kettle over the fire (do not stir!)
· reminder: uncork bottle with teeth
. bring the bottle and goblet to the Free, serve at their feet

kalda : alcoholic beverage made of ka-la-na wine diluted with citrus juices and 
mixed with strong spices
· served hot in three footed bowl
· juices: tospit, larma, ramberry
· add spice after juice, before ka-la-na
· scoop ka-la-na from the top, sediment bitter (no stirring)

blackwine : brewed from the blackwine beans grown primarily in Thentis.
Rather expensive. Similar to Urthen coffee, although much stronger
· served in bowls for Masters, small cups for Mistresses
· brews in kettle over the flames of the firepit
· served first or second slave
· first slave: yellow and white sugars and bosk cream
· second slave: black
· cream is kept in the chillery in a small clay pitcher
· add sugars and milk at Master's feet

mead : fermented honeyed drink, a thick golden and sweet brew 
• found in the chillery (cold) or the servery (room temp) in tapped casks…ask the Master His preference • served in a horn or a small tankard, or a bowl…ask the Master which He desires

ale : akin to Urth beer, a frothy amber liquid 
· stored in large barrels in the chillery 
· some barrels at the back of the servery
· served in a horn or large tankard, or horn; ask the Master His preference
· each cask or barrel has a tap/spigot from which the brew flows into the vessel
· normally served chilled

ta wine : made from large purple ta grapes grown on the terraces of Cos.
This wine is light and dry, light pinkish in tint.
· Served when asked for white ka-la-na in a goblet
· Found in bottles in the chillery

rence beer : steeped, boiled, and fermented from crushed seeds and the 
whitish pith of the rence plant.
· Served in a gourd flagon; and the flagon is uncorked at the Master’s feet and poured into a tankard
· Gourds kept in the chillery
. The gourd is the casing in which the ale is placed...she takes a tankard along to the Master, pulls out the cork, and fills the tankard from the gourd

Turian liqueur/wine : thick sweet liqueur from Turia, served in tiny glasses.
Regarded as the best, flavored and sugared to the point where one 
could almost leave one's fingerprint upon their surface.

Bazi tea : very aromatic tea brewed fresh from Bazi leaves.
· Served hot in three tiny cups, drunk in rapid succession
· pitcher for hot water
· tea leaves
· white and yellow sugar bowls
· rinse out pitcher, then fill with fresh hot water
· tea leaves into cups
· cup 1: white sugar: symbolizes heedless pleasures of youth
· cup 2: yellow sugar: symbolizes attaining adulthood
· cup 3: mixed sugars: symbolizes or as it represents the 3 phases of life, could read attaining maturity and it’s knowledge

Description of the chillery/servery/fire pits by destiny


As a girl steps inside the chillery, the shelf behind the door holds food items that aren’t required as often. Pon the bottom shelf contains the carcasses of the bosk, tarsk and verr. All ready for when the meats roasting on the spits need replenishing. On the shelf above the animal carcasses are whole vulos already plucked and gutted with the necks inside their empty torso. The shelf above, if it’s the right season holds the tabuk, tamit and wing fish livers, as well as the more common parsit, vosk carp, thassa fish and marsh shark.

The shelf pon the back wall contains all manner of dairy items and fruit and veg. Pon the bottom shelf are sacks and baskets of the various vegetables, waiting to be placed underneath the counter. Suls, onions, kes, kort, tur pah, cabbage, carrot, radish, peas and beans. The shelf above contains a variety of fruit ready to be displayed in the fruit bowl pon the counter. Ramberries, apricots, dates, larmas, tospit, melons, plums, red fruit, and ta grapes. Also is a box of mushrooms ready for stuffing and a pail of turian olives.

The dairy products on the shelf above, the bosk butter on a huge platter with indents where other kajira have scraped a lil off with the wooden butter scrapper that usually sits off to the side, huge pitcher of bosk milk, pail of clotted bosk cream, and wheels of verr and bosk cheeses. In a clay stoppered jar contains honey, with painted bees decorating the side. Vulo eggs fill a bowl, with Arctic gant eggs filling another beside it.

Bottles of kalana and ta wine sit on the shelves containing the fruit and dairy products, as well as a number of cool tankards for the Masters that love their ale.

To the back of the servery sit the casks of mead, ale, paga, sul paga and water. All casks sit above the ground on a dais, so that the vessel the Master is to drink from can nestle easily underneath the stopcock.

Pon the block of ice sit 2 pails, one full of tamber oysters and another full of sorp to ensure they do not go rotten.

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The chest high counter has shelves underneath. Right side for food items and the other for various cleaning utensils.

The side counter near the door displays washed fruits in a bowl with dinas and talenders for decoration. Behind the bowls of fruit, all spices and herbs for cooking and teas are in small decorated clay jars just big enough for a kajira to slide feminine fingers into to get a pinch or two of the required spice. Each small spice jar depicting which spice is held inside. White painted and yellow painted clay stoppered jars sit in with the spices, containing the two sugars of Gor. As well as a couple of clay jars decorated with bees containing honey.  Sitting in a tem wood box behind the spices are the ingredients for making bazi tea.

On the main counter that looks out to the musicians sit, are cutting boards and cutting stones. Near the tharlion lamp sits a lacquered box with black wine beans as though ready to make some more.

Under the counter in the nooks and crannies beneath, hold a myriad of things. Beneath the left side counter are all the cleaning equipment for slaves. Rep clothes pails, soap, beeswax for polishing the Master Captains dais and furniture, mops and brooms.

Underneath the main counter are the cooking pots, trays, tins, and utensils – all on the bottom shelf. The shelf on top of the cooking things contains already open sacks and baskets of vegetables that are found in the chillery. Off to the most right hand side are also sacks of ta sarna grain – for bread making and slave gruel – and a sack of black bread grin, also for bread making. The shelf beneath the counter contains a number of bottles of alcohol – sul paga, kalana, ta wine, turian wine, turian liquor. 

In shelves to the rear of the servery are all manner of vessels a kajira uses to serve a Master. On the top most shelf (which often require a kajira to use a stool) sit all the drinking horns. With all the other drinking vessels stored below within arms reach. There is a vast array of goblets, tankards, horns, cups and saucers and footed bowls. The platters and trays are stacked pon the bottom shelf so a kajira needs to bend to retrieve them. To the right hand side is a small pail containing spoons for mixing as well as extra wooden butter scrapers. In the middle shelves are plates, bowls and small jugs used to place all assortment of nourishment for the Masters. Just off to the side of the main shelves is a HUGE water barrel.

 Near the alcoves, close to the big water barrel, a big metal basin sits awaiting the dirty dishes of the Tavern. A clay stoppered jar containing soap sits nearby, along with a pile of rep cloths for drying and cleaning up afterwards.

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Fire Pits :

In the centre of the fire pits are the roasting spits of bosk, verr and tarsk. Beneath the cooking animal carcasses, are metal trays of already sliced meat awaiting a Masters hunger.  Whole vulos already brown and crispy are beside the spits near the branding irons. In between the vulos and branding irons is space for a 3 kajira to prepare drinks and other foods for the Masters, as they require it. Some saucepans, cooking containers, ladles and other such things are neatly stacked. To the other side of the spits sit a pot of sullage gently simmering away, teakettle of heating water, a black wine kettle, pot of kalana and a pot of paga. A rep cloth and 4 ladles sit in front of the heating liquids.

Next to the pot of sullage, kettles of tea and black wine, pot of kalana and pot of paga are the bread ovens, big enough to bake six medium sized breads at a time. Attached to the bread oven sits a warmer. Keeping the baked bread warm, as well as having room for plates of food whilst a kajira prepares the Master a drink to wash down His food. 

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Serving – the Basics

Be descriptive, describe in what you are doing, and make the motions seem natural and flowing, try not to use the same word twice.

Whilst serving the most important thing to remember is that you are serving one Master, so do not greet Anyone that enters during your serve.

Ensure you know how to properly serve the food/drink, ask if you don’t or consult notes, if the Master hasn’t indicated a preference ask Him before going to the servery ie.would Master like that blackwine first slave or second slave?

Kiss the side of the vessel! This is sign of devotion to serving and the Master.

5 – 6 posts is about normal for a serve and about 6 lines per posting, this is only a guide or an average so don't panic if its either a little shorter or longer

HARTA SERVE:  at times One may request a harta serve from a slave, what this means is to do it quick.. Usually this is only done on beverages. not near as much description in your postings.. usually only 2 posts and no longer than 5-7 minutes total.                   
1. acknowledging the One you're serving, rising, walking to the servery, gathering the vessel, checking for flaws, cleaning it and getting the desired beverage.. 
2. carrying the drink back to Whom you're serving, trail it upwards along your frame, kiss the side of the vessel, and offer it as you would normally. if this is a wine serve, still bring the bottle with you when walking back, open, pour and offer as before.

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1)       acknowledge the serve "yes Master XXX"  and ask any questions you have about the temp or vessel if it’s not specified, then move to the servery with detail, this is a good chance for you to describe yourself to Him/Her                             

2)       choose the container/vessel and test it ensuring that the vessel does not have any defects, this can be done by rubbing the rim over your cheek, over a nipple, the tender inner thigh or your belly etc...follow this by cleaning the vessel using either a rep cloth or your silks then move to the next destination, this would be the chillery or the fire pit in most cases....always describe the kajira more than the container

3)       fetch the drink/food, if there is any prep of food or drink such as stirring then scooping out the paga etc, now is the time to do so, if kalana or ta wine it is be poured at the feet of the One you serve (see serve below for details)  leave the servery and walk back to the Master

4)        kneel before the Master in appropriate position, nadu for yellow and red silk and tower for white silk and restricted slaves, finish any preparations if needed with kalana or first slave blackwine etc...if no further preparation needed then lower the vessel to your lap to prepare for the offering

5)        this posting if needed is for the detail of opening the kalana bottle with teeth (don't touch cork with hands) and pouring into the goblet, recorking and setting the remainder of the bottle close to the One you serve then making ready to offer drink....or in the case of first slave blackwine, this posting is for adding sugars and milk to the blackwine

6)        the vessel should be lowered to your slavebelly to represent the fire there to serve and please, lifted to rest at ones slaveheart for three-five beats, these beats of ones slaveheart should represent something though, as in passion, love, desire, respect, joy etc....a kiss is placed to the rim to show ones devotion then the vessel is lifted upwards/outwards in offering while your head dips between your extended arms, you now speak a few words of wishful ness that you have pleased the One you serve then await for Him to accept the offering

        NEVER COPY & PASTE A SERVE - EVER (except bazi tea)!    Express individuality, sensuality, sexuality

Example Serves



 bazi tea  


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paga, sa-tarna

a strong fermented drink brewed from sa-tarna (pagar-sa-tarna or Pleasure of the Life- Daughter) grain, the favored drink of Gorean men. A cup in a paga tavern would cost a tarsk bit.  Paga is served warmed to fiery hot. a distilled hard liquor akin to whiskey.  in GS paga is served hot in clay footed bowls unless the One you serve request a cold paga, in this case it is dipped out of the large vat/barrel in the chillery.  hot paga is stirred and dipped from the largest kettle/cauldron over the fire
Book 2: Outlaw of Gor, page 74
Book 8: Raiders of Gor, pages 100, 102, 111 and 113
Book 9: Marauders of Gor, pages 22 and 23
Book 15: Rogue of Gor, page 78
Book 24: Vagabonds of Gor, page 16

jacia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"may jaci have the honor of serving One of her Betters this nite?" she smiles.

His voice lifts commandingly, "Bring Me hot paga slave."

her heart leaps with joy, "Yes Master right away!" *S*
The crispness of the cool winds rolling off of the Thassa tickle the slave's nostrils with its special fragrance ... she inhales deeply her full breasts rising with a subtle hint of a shimmering red rose she rises to her complete height....her curvious form wrapped up within the arms of the moonlight as she pivots and turns towards the servery...her steps carried with grace like the warmth of angel's breath....

Cinnamon kissed emerald eyes begin a perilous but not impossible search to find a bowl worthy of befitting the strong hand of the Master she serves....a twinkle gleams from atop:
~*~soft blue crystal kissed with a golden rim~*~

upon lithe tiptoes she stretches....her peach nipples pressing deeply into the hardwood shelves above her...a soft yet deep moan comes forth from lush pink lips a gasp of passion as she feels them ripening.....she gently wraps a little hand around the bowl and slowly but surely brings it down with the greatest of care....for a moment the slave pauses, as she rests it close to her strongly beating slave heart...smiling as she feels the flicker of the fires within her belly begin to take hold....turning slightly she slides over and runs the cool rim of the bowl along her inviting inner thigh...a purr escapes her....feeling her fires flaming higher she inches the rim closer to her well rounded hip feeling out for any flaws that would dare to harm the Master's lips this nite.....she smiles with brightness as she notices it perfect....reaching for a clean white cloth, she polishes it inside and out thoroughly....thus, she holds it up to the that the warm caress of the 3 Moons can bathe it with it's blessings....

Gently cradling the bowl again closely to her heart she feels the rich hardy aroma of the paga steaming from its home within the fire if by pure instinct, she turns and pads softly upon dancer's toes over....the heat from the flames flickering around the kettle seem to lap and lick longingly at the girls soft peach flesh...her mind pauses quietly thinking to herself of that being a Master's hands...a Master's tongue...a Master's tongue....enticing her to what she is...His forever.....a gasp of pleasure comes forth thru her kissable lips as she lifts the lid of the kettle slowly and to the side, thus her glittering green eyes spy a beautiful silver ladle.....reaching with her free hand, she takes it to herself.....she runs the rim of it along the sculpted curvature of her well insuring that of only the greatest safety as it will not pass on any malady to the Handsome Master in which she serves........a slow drawn out purr lulls from her...her catlike eyes look towards the Master in which commanded her to serve Him....knowing He can hear her every breath, every beat of her obedient slaveheart....smiling as the ladle is free she dips it into the rich fluid...the strong musk seeping from it surrounding her...she looks within the recesses of the beverage...envisioning a Master's strong and demanding yet loving eyes staring straight into her soul....she takes a deep breath feeling the hot caress of the steam coaxing her nipples to ripen further as she draws forth a generous amount of the paga and watches with loving emerald orbs as it pools and fills the bowl 3/4 to the rim...joyous it is full she replaces the ladle as well as the lid....and prepares to make her way back to the Master...

That same refreshing air of the Thassa again wraps itself like a Master's powerful arms round her as she steps quickly yet carefully out of the servery....she looks up briefly catching His appraising gaze upon her she feels the intangible but very present force of His aura calling her to Him...she takes a deep breath as she moves closer to Him feeling every drawn into His power, her body moves with serpentine allure and grace to His feet....where she slips down slowly, her luscious thighs parted with natural instinctiveness..revealing her treasures to Him...she moves the bowl down her fiery slave belly...presses it to thus feeling her deepest innermost Fires raging deeply knowing that they will extinguish any impurities that would dare to harm Him she lifts it up to her obedient slave heart and counts 1...for love...2..for passion...3...for dedication...4...for pleasure...5...for submission....her heartbeat thundering within her ears as she lifts the bowl high enough so He need not strain Himself her head dips deeply in between sunkissed hair brushes softly over her smooth shoulder her voice gentle and loving softly lifts....

~*~Master, jaci thanks You for the Honor of serving You and brings You this hot paga....may it refresh and invigorate You as well as bring Peace to Your Heart, Mind, Body, and well jaci also prays that her service unto You this nite was in a small way pleasing to Your Eyes~*~

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a very potent dry red wine made from the fruit of the Ka-la-na tree and is said to have an aphrodisiac effect on females.  in GS kalana would normally be served chilled in a goblet but can also be offered room temperature, these bottles would be on a shelf in the servery, the chilled red kalana is in bottles in the chillery.  the prepared empty goblet and the bottle of kalana is to be taken to the Masters feet where it will be uncorked using your teeth, the cork not to be touched by your hands

sasha {SB} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

sasha enters the tavern through the trap door.  Her lithe body moves sexily across the room......... she kneels on the serving furs,  her body barely covered by white silks,  she whispers in a sweet sexy voice
may she serve this evening??

He responds.......yes ......please serve Me chilled ka-la-na

she nods and answers yes Master,  her emerald green eyes twinkling with delight to be able to serve she rises to tiny feet she moves slowly back three steps slowly turning her long golden blonde hair swishing about.. ....padding softly across the room to the servery sasha looks among the shelves for the perfect goblet in which to serve His ka-la-na

finding the most beautiful sparkling golden brass goblet on a high shelf she reaches for it,  her cute little rask showing beneath sheer white silks.....long slender fingers reaching and grasping such goblet,   she tests it against the sweet tender skin of her neck,   finding no flaws she grabs a rep cloth and polishes it to a gleaming shine

sasha  moves slowly...sensuously across the room,   her body quivering with untapped
desires as she reaches the door to the chillery.   she tugs mightily at the door
and gains entrance.   she shivers as the cool air caresses her supple body,  she finds a bottle of ka-la-na and quickly exits the chillery.......she moves again with sensuous, eager movements to His furs

she kneels at His feet and smiles sweetly at the sexy Master,  picking up the bottle of ka-la-nand placing pearly white teeth on the cork she tugs the cork releases she pours the goblet to the rim with the sweet ka-la-na   she replaces the cork and puts the bottle close to His feet. sasha picks up the goblet and moves it along closed thighs,   across her sleek belly,  up to her slave heart where she stops to the beat of three...........showing her love, devotion and desire to be a pleasurable slave,  then raises the goblet to her soft lips and places a kiss on the side of the goblet.   she raises the goblet up and out ward towards Master as her head bows between slender arms. 

Master may this ka-la-na refresh You,  and may sasha's serve be pleasing and also refreshing to You.

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alcoholic beverage made of ka-la-na wine diluted with citrus juices and mixed with strong spices, served hot in a clay footed bowl, the prepared bowl to be taken to the chillery to add a small measure of assorted juices of tospit, larma and ramberry, the selected fruits used should be mentioned during this serve, when leaving the chillery stop at the counter and add a pinch of spice from the jar there before going to the small kettle of heated kalana over the fire, DO NOT stir this kettle as it is said that the sediment of this heated kalana is most unpleasant so just scoop from the top and add to the fruit juice and spice
Outlaw of Gor page 76

destiny ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Yes Master, destiny will be pleased to serve You kalda...
~rocking up from bended knees backing 3 dainty steps deep valley of voluptuous orbs inviting the Masters view... then swirling enticingly pon dancer balls of feet she pivots round and moves to the servery... sultry sway of hypnotic hips heightened neath the shimmery material of crimson silks... golden locks trail sensually down supple back caressing lush form in silken halo...~

~warm blues steal a quick glimpse of One she serves pliable body curls round the servery's entrance awash of silken desires... roaming blues scan the shelves for the *perfect* vessel from which the Master will drink from... umming and ahhhing as slender fingers trace their delectable trail cross the different drinking implements... shimmering blues twinkle with delight as the *perfect* footed bowl is found... slipping up to kajira tippy toes stretching lithe form taut... diaphenous silks rise revealing creamy sassy ass... deft fingers grasp at the footed bowl and finally has firm hold cradles it tween the cavernous depths of pert breasts...~

~ripe globe falling out of loose silks folds... soft roseate tip flowering into hardened bud... running the rim agonisingly slow cross such tender flesh... dark lashes encasing warm blues in low moan... swan like neck arching up... the swirling vessel alighting already simmering core to a bright blaze... warm blues flying open finding the vessel suitable to grace the Masters lips... skirting across the cold depths of the chillery... sassy ass teasing as it flits from one side of the servery to the other... slender fingers absentmindedly slide gratuitously up and down the length of the handle in suggestive undertones... stealing hot form for the chill onslaught as Winters Kiss devours... slipping inside out of the Masters view...~

~warm depths of kajira core unscathed as she emerges... lil icicles melt as hot essence curls through wanton form... footed bowl filled partially with the juices from ramberries, larma and tospit... remembering the spices she leaps across to add a generous pinch... hypnotic sway as she walks to the fires... flames of red and orange dancing enticingly pon golden flesh... adding to the building warmth that sets kajira *on fire*... ladle scooping the simmering kalana into the deep cavernous depths of the bowl... careful not to disturb the sediment sitting on the bottom... kalda assaulting olfactory senses... padding back to the Master...~

~low undulating deliberate sway... golden curls framing heartshaped face in ethereal halo... rise and fall of silks revealing then concealing the pleasurable creamy flesh contained tween satiny thighs... shimmering to well worn knees at the Masters feet... brazen flesh of desirous thighs part ooooooooooh sooooooooo achingly wide... allowing the Master an unobstructed view of shaven mound before the vessel is placed at the juncture... pliabe back arching itself up thrusting out succulent orbs as though ripe fruit for the Master to pluck... lean arms rest gently pon spread thighs... white underside bared reinforcing her submission...~

~slender fingers curling round vessel full of kalda as it begins its curvaceous ascent... stirring wanton belly to full fire as it passes... onto kajira heart where she pauses briefly whispering a silent prayer for the Masters health... up and over voluptuous globes to the summit of lush lips... searing succulent kiss into the side of the vessel before holding the bowl high aloft heartshaped face...~
Master destiny hopes this kalda quenches Your thirst... ~whispering~ and in some way destiny's serve was found pleasing

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Brewed from the blackwine beans grown primarily in Thentis.. rather expensive due to limited trading of this product.. very similar to Urthen coffee although much stronger   Served in GS in bowls (Masters) and small cups (Mistress), and found brewing in a kettle above the flames of the fire pit. A strong and bitter brew made from ground beans and added hot water.   Can be served first or second slave and you should find out how the Master wishes it first.   Originally the first slave and second slave came about as two slaves would serve the first slave blackwine, First slave signifying that the free person wishes sugars and bosk milk added to the brew. Originally (from the books) the first slave and second slave came about as two slaves would serve the blackwine, the first slave being the one that gathered the cups, and took the order and overseen that the beverage was prepared according to how it was ordered, including adding the sugars and cream at that time, the second slave being the one that poured the blackwine. Take a tray and place the prepared bowl, both sugar bowls (yellow & white), a small clay jug of bosk cream (fetched from the chillery) and a spoon then fill the bowl with blackwine from the fire pit. Add the sugars and milk at the Masters feet then continue with normal offering.   Second slave is served black
Tribesman of Gor page 89


.~*taking a deep breath she places her palms upon her thighs and pushes herself up from the furs in one fluid yet graceful movement and spins on the balls of her feet. the strong turning pivot of her step sends her scarlet silks fluttering around her supple form, exposing long, toned dancer legs. The soft sweet jingle of little gold slave bells upon her slender ankles the only sound in the tavern. The soft feminine scent of musk lingering behind her. smiling softly to herself she hums a soft tune, hips rocking  seductively as she walks to the servery~*

. ~*Sapphire pools scan the counter, searching for a bowl suitable for the Mistress, not too big not too small. Reaching forward, fingertips gently brush over a bowl the perfect size, she tries to grasp it but cant quite take hold of it.   With a soft grunt she jumps up once, twice, thrice, trying to take hold of the bowl in between her fingers. Blowing away an errant strand of hair she concentrates really hard on the bowl, almost willing it to come to her. She jumps for a fourth and final time, the milky white of her legs and soft feminine curve of her well-rounded ass briefly exposed as her fingertips finally grasp the bowl. Clutching it to her breast she takes out a clean rep~clothe and wipes it, removing any traces of dust or particles that may have gathered on it while it was on the shelf.  Soft finger tips gently trace the rim of the bowl, making it is safe for the Mistress' lips.   she places the bowl upon a tray. Next to the bowl she places the small bowl of sugars and a spoon and makes her way to the coolroom.  she tugs hard on the handle of the coolroom door, grunting softly as she pulls and pulls on the handle until it finally opens, a cool chill washes over her milky white flesh as she walks inside and selects the small jugs of bosk milk and bosk cream.  With a soft nudge of her well rounded hips she closes the coolroom door*~ 

. ~*she walks to the fire pit, the leaping flames casting a glow of gold over her supple form, the heat of the fire warming her to the tips of her toes. she kneels before the fire pit and places the tray beside her.  she pics up the bowl and places it firmly between her thighs.  Taking hold of a rep clothe she folds it into a thick piece to make sure she doesn't burn her hand on the kettle.  Taking the kettle in her right hand she fills the bowl with the black wine, its strong smell wafting up, lingering around her. carefully she replaces the kettle on the firepit and places the bowl upon the tray. Rocking back upon her hells she rises and picks up the tray and carefully weaves through the scattered furs and tables around the Tavern making her way back to the Mistress she is serving. a soft smile caress her flawless complexion reaching to her dimples as she reaches Her~*

.  ~*she kneels before Her,  milky white thighs gently kissing. she lowers her long sooty lashes, the soft shadow of her lashes upon  her flawless alabaster complexion.  she quietly inquires how the Mistress would like her blackwine served.  Hearing the request for two sugars and a lil bosk cream she diligently adds the sugars and cream, stirring it with a spoon so the sugar dissolves and the cream blends perfectly into the black wine.  she replaces the spoon on the tray.  she slowly traces the bowl over her belly then up her torso and between the valley of her breasts resting at her slave heart. waiting for 3 beats of her heard showing her devotion, honour and loyalty to her Master, Those whom she serves, and her slavery, she murmurs a prayer to the Priest Kings to watch over the kind and beautiful Mistress. carefully bringing the bowl to her cheek she glides it over herself checking to make sure the blackwine isn't too hot before moving it to her luscious scarlet lips.  she kisses the rim and raises it up in offering. hoping the Mistress will be pleased in all she has to offer she bows her head, blonde silken tresses falling about her shoulders, she speaks softly*~ 

. Mistress, fallen angel brings You this blackwine in the hopes that it warms Your belly. she hopes that the Priest Kings watch over You this day. this humble slave also hopes that she has not displeased You in any way.

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.Fermented honeyed drink, a thick golden and sweet brew found in GS in the chillery, stored in tapped wooden casks. Golden in hue. Served in either horns or small tankards. Favored by the Jarls of the North.    Take the prepared horn/tankard to the chillery and fill.

. BladeBane's ja`dain ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

.Yes Master, mead in a horn.

.~**hearing her master's demand a girl rises from the softness of the furs with liquid grace...bronze-tinted mane tossed back with an arrogant flick of a small hand...sent tumbling down the soft curve of a golden back...silken wisps of chestnut slithering lazily to caress satin flesh as she moves across the worn tiles of the tavern floor...each larl-like step echoed by the soft rustle of silver bells...above her the flickering light light from the torches mounted upon the walls cast their warm amber glow to catch in the circles of tinkling bells locked upon delicate wrist and ankle**~

.~**full lips caressed by a gentle smile as velvet greens sneak a loving glance at the enormous form of the one who owns her...heart...mind...body...soul...a soft shudder courses throughout supple form as smoldering orbs brush down over strong arms...a gentle whimper escaping her throat as she tears herself from him and moves her attention to the rear of the servery and the wooden shelves just within reach...rising small form upon dancer's toes to allow slender fingers to curl about the rim of a giant bosk horn...cradling it to ample bosom as she sinks back on tender heels...slender muscles rippling beneath golden hued skin...rosy lips form to a soft o as she blows away the dust from the infrequently used vessel...delicate features forming into a radiant smile as she finds the horn still flawless...she dances back to the counter to grasp the soft rep cloth laying upon its smooth surface...heart fluttering with excitement as she wipes the vessel clean and gives it a gentle buff**~

.~**dark eyes glowing with joy beneath their veil of onyx lashes as she twirls in fluid motion to dance her way over to the heavy door leading into winter's torture...moving close to allow slender fingers to wrap around the wooden handle...the horn resting securely at silken-caged bosom...a deep breath inhaled before tugging upon the door with all her might...a sharp gasp of air flowing forth from lush lips...the familiar tingling as tender flesh awakens to struggle against their silken confinements...she slips inside the dimly lit room as the icy breath of the cold room surrounds her...sun-bronzed flesh silently resisting the demand of the cold...smooth cheeks blossom to rosy hue as she hurries to the back of the room...the dais with the casks in sight a girl lets out a sigh of relief...sinking slowly to bare knees...wincing gently as the icy tiles swiftly spread tentacles of chill to numb colden thighs...trembling fingers turn the tap to allow golden liquid to flow forth....fermented honey quickly filling the horn to the rim...velvet greens following the gush of the thick liquid before shutting the tap...the sweet scent drifting up to caress a girl's senses as she brings the now chilled horn back to ample bosom and gently rises to bare feet**~

.~**small hurried steps carrying her back out into the welcomed warmth of the tavern...the heavy door bumped shut with a swing from well-rounded rear...a girl turns glowing form to the main tavern and the sight of her beloved master...her heart skipping a beat as dark eyes focus upon him...swiftly lowering once more as she begins to make her way back across the worn tiles to the only place she is truly happy...smoldering gaze locked upon his boots as she weaves her way in between scattered tables and furs...Thassa green silks swirling teasingly and temptingly about sleek thighs...allowing a swift peek of the cursive Kef forever burned into her flesh with every other step...silver bells ringing out their merry tune...ample chest rising and falling with each swift and shallow breath...the tug pulling her forward...causing each step to be quicker than the last...finally she finds herself before him...heart now racing in her chest...trembling breaths drawn as she sinks slowly to her knees...golden thighs parting achingly wide to reveal what is his and his alone as she settles back on small heels**~

.~**the horn brought from sweetly rounded breasts to lift to rosy lips for a lingering kiss of sweetest submission...slender fingers lightly yet firmly grasping the vessel as she begins to raise it high...a soft prayer to always be found pleasing escaping full lips as her head lowers deep between golden arms...the horn held out in offering as she whispers in sultry tones to caress his ears...a silken veil of shimmering chestnut tumbling forth to caress golden shoulders and veil delicate features**~

.Your mead, my Master. Yours hopes that you will find its taste pleasing and your property not displeasing. She thanks you for allowing her to serve you today and all days.

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.Akin to earth's beer, a frothy amber  liquid stored in large barrels in the chillery or at the back of the servery. Served in either a horn or large metal tankard to be filled by using a ladle and scooping it from the barrel, can be served chilled or room temp but normally would be served cold

calia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

. calia melts to kneel, respectfully, upon her Masters furs. her fingertips trickle down to rest on each thigh a shake to her head urging errant spirals of ebony down a slaves sunkissed back ~ ones voice streams past her cinching collar
might calia serve?
hearing Masters desire for a tankard of ale . a girl purrs softly.
aye Master ~* would be this slaves pleasure
her hands slide from each thigh into the plush fur ~ drawing her feet underneath as one rises with unwavering grace ~* waterfalling black curls caress her naked flesh as calia moves airy light toward the servery.

a girls flared hips snuggle into the counter as calias chin lifts ,ringlets of splashing curls flutter to shroud ones firm bottom ~
s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g ,slaves fingertips dance along the highest shelf as calia struggles to grasp the large metal tankard, carefully bringing it down, close to ones tummy, calia smiles as she then begins to caress the tankard with a fibred rep cloth, polishing and shining the metal to a brilliant sheen as slave checks of mares or imperfections that might harm Masters mouth upon drinking warmest smile pulls at a girls lips ~ upon finding none. slow sensual swing to calias flared hips as she heads for the chillery tugging open the heavy door ,calia disappears within the chilly embrace of swirling cold air swiftly one rushes to the back of the coolroom with the tankard beheld close to calias warm tummy a deft tilt to her slender wrist, she begins ladling the smooth amber liquid watching the frothy ale stream into Masters tankard a girls crimson lips pull in smile. With balanced care, one rushes from the chilly air Bumping closed the heavy door with her heartshaped tush ~* calia moves toward Masters heavy boots with the sloshing tankard held in the valley of her firm breasts.

calia glides upon sinfully wide opened thighs her slender arms surround the cool tankard against smooth honey coloured flesh of this slave a shiver to her figure as the cool metal kisses her warmth one lowers her head ~ midnight curls fall to rain upon her thighs with silken hair ~ along side of the tankard this slave presses a lingering kiss of devotion with a sigh..
continuing with the upward motion calias slender arms extend, offering the tankard to Master her head falls between elongated arms as midnight curls frame her face, hiding lowered blue eyes holding perfectly still as a slave speaks every softly. Master, Your ale this slave wishes it be found thirst quenching and that the serve of this girl be acceptable.

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.ta wine

ta wine is made from large purple ta grapes grown on the terraces of Cos.  this wine is light and dry and this is what you serve when ask for white ka-la-na, served in exactly the same way as ka-la-na (see above) except for this being light pinkish tint instead of deep ruby red as is ka-la-na
Book 10: Tribesmen of Gor, page 213
Book 14: Fighting Slave of Gor, page 306

kanda{Neo} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

aye Master..ta wine coming right up…

*kanda rises and with a sassy lil wiggle she scoots off for the servery..hips swaying with a tantalizing beat…
  standing before the shelves, the slave eyes the fine selection of drinking vessels especially the goblets… she then stretches and stretches, reaching for the goblet of her choice..silks rise enticingly high on smooth silky thighs..her fingers grasp the goblet and brings it down oohh so carefully…she draws the rim along the softness of her wrist checking for nics and imperfections..she smiles and lifts a clean rep cloth up…she polishes and cleans the vessel..quickly but efficiently..humming softly as she works*

*a girl moves swiftly to the cold room with the goblet held firmly in one hand..she pulls at the door with her other hand….and slowly it opens…she slips inside..the coolness of the room hugs a girls form…and she moves to where the bottle of ta wine are kept and quickly selects one…the chilled bottle sends shivers over her and goosebumps form a long her bare flesh…she pads softly across and out of the room ..closing the door with her hip*

*grasping the bottle and the goblet both tight…kanda sets off for the Master..she moves gracefully..her  every move shows how much she loves being kajira and wanting to serve..eyes sparkle happily..a smile lights up her face…thick brown hair cascades around her shoulders…the silky strands teasing her bare shoulders…a girls steps take her directly to the Master and she kneels before Him*

*she settles back onto sturdy ankles…and slips the goblet ‘tween her firm thighs….she lifts the bottle of ta wine to her lips..and tugs softly back and forth on the cork…it eases out and kanda fills the goblet generously..taking great care not to spill or dribble any of the wonderfully tasty nectar..she brings the bottle back up to her lips..and pushes the cork back in…then sets the bottle close to Master..lifting the goblet…the girl draws it along her silk clad body over her slave belly up to her slave heart where she rests it for 3 counts…then dipping her head and stretching up her arms..she offers the Master the goblet of cool and delicious ta wine*

Master,  kanda hopes that the ta wine is found to be most refreshing and her serve pleasing as well…

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rence beer

 steeped, boiled and fermented from crushed seeds and the whitish pith of the rence plant, served in a gourd flagon.  flagon:  A large vessel, usually of metal or pottery, with a handle and spout and often a lid, used for holding wine or other liquors but in this case the flagon is a gourd:  Any of several trailing or climbing plants related to the pumpkin, squash, and cucumber and bearing fruits with a hard rind.  these are very large squash in pear shaped forms, no two exactly alike and kept in the chillery, each gourd holds several tankards full of rence beer
Book 6: Raiders of Gor, pages 18 and 44

teala ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*eyes look to the Master, sparkles appearing as shimmering stars in the charcoal as a smile appears upon hearing the request for rence beer..nodding slightly, a tiny tongue moistens lush lips as gently teala replies*

yes Master...teala would be happy to serve You some of the rence beer that Master Rollo has recently acquired...

*placing delicate finger tips to stabilize the movements of the lithe girl, rocking backwards, finding the balls of feet on the cool tiles of the Tavern floor, teala arises slowly, standing straight and tall... hands move to softly flutter against the silks, pressing them down over slave flesh..moving back three tiny steps before turning with a swishing sound of the sheer silks whispering enticingly, the girl steadily moves to the servery..chin lifted high, eyes downcast and a smile upon the delicate features of the girl..slave bells tinkling in tune with the rapidly beating of the girls slave heart.. the heart that beats deeply withing her very core..striving and desiring to simply be what she kajira..*

*charcoal eyes steal a glance at the Master as the girl flips back the midnight tresses over her shoulders.. smiling softly..appearing suddenly before the cupboard, girl scans the vessels.. looking for the one that will hold the beverage and fit well into the strong hand of such a grand Master..dainty hand reaches upwards for the tankard..pulling it into the delicate palm, then holding it towards the flickering firelight before eyes.. looking and searching for any visable marks or nicks that would bring harm..admiring the craftsmanship of the tankard that is a scarlet red.. the the trim along the upper rim, a rich deep blue..bringing the tankard lower, girl lifts the hem of the brief silks permitted to cover her flesh.. running the rim of the tankard against the soft inner golden thigh... a mewling sound of content slowly eases from barely parted lips..a sound of contentment, and longing..allowing the silk to fall back in place as the tankard is removed.. lifting a clean rep cloth from the counter and polishing softly to a glimmer as eyes thur veiled lashes look across the distance to rake over the handsome One that a girl has been permitted to serve..laying the cloth upon the counter while turning to close the distance between teala and the cold room..*

*holding the tankard in left hand, cradled closely to the valley between ample breasts as the small right hand reaches out to firmly grasp the elongated handle.. tugging quickly and firmly on the ever resistant door..coldness seeping out and quickly washing over the slave as the door gives way..flesh resembling a naked and plucked vulo appears over the normally satiny skin as teala enters into the depths of iciness..scanning the room, eyes find and alight upon the storage containers of the rence beer..giggling sounds softly drift back into the Tavern as a girl again looks upon the strange and funny shaped containers..mistress says they are called 'gourds'..hollowed out from the inside and dried to then store the amusing to look upon..many various sizes and shapes..all a large, round near the bottom, narrowing and slendering to the top.. not one identical to the next..walking harta to the gourd flagon.. placing the tankard to a nearby shelf.. hefting the large container.. cradling it in arm, feeling the heaviness.. the other forearm helping to hold it in place as dainty fingers reach to lift the tankard..straining under the weight and cumbersomeness, moving with a swift and sure pace, teala exits the cold room to be enveloped once more in the heat of the Tavern..using shapely ass to harshly nudge the door closed...*

*moving across the tiles to the Masters feet..slave bells singing softly to announce the arrival of the sensual slut..
melting quickly to knees..firm ass barely touching the slender crossed ankles being sure to keep back straight, allowing pert breasts to jut outwards.. begging for attention..thighs part painfully wide while silks slither upwards... giving the Master a pleasurable view should He so desire to see..slowly leaning body to bump the hardened outer rind of the gourd flagon to the tiles between thighs as teala places the tankard just outside her right knee...being too heavy to lift gracefully, girl trails both hands up from the base of the gourd.. fingers wrapping suggestively about the neck as slowly her mouth descends to remove the stopper in the top.. eyes watch the Master with a hint of mischief flashing..firm tug to remove the stopper, pulling head back swiftly, a grin appearing around the object in mouth..lifting up slightly to move the knee to the outside of the goblet.. steadying it as the flagon is slowly tipped to allow the rence to flow smoothly..uprighting the gourd once more.. hands placed to the neck as lush mouth is again lowered to push the stopper back in with tongue..allowing the heavy weight to rest and be grasped by thighs as the tankard is lifted slowly..pausing at slave heart, a soft plea is lifted to guard and protect this magnificant Master..raising the vessel to scarlet, velvety lips.. a lingering kiss placed to the rim..arms lifting up high with head lowered as a girls frail voice is softly heard*

Master..teala brings You rence beer..the steeped, boiled and fermented brew that is made from crushed seeds and the whitish pith of the rence plant..she has hopes that You will find it palatable and to Your liking, and that this serve by teala has been a delight to You as well

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turian liqueur/wine

Thick sweet liquors, served in tiny glasses, rather like the dessert wines of Earth. Turian liquors are said to be some of the best liquors on Gor.

She picked up the small tray from the stand near the table. On it was the small vessel containing a thick, sweet liqueur from distant Turia, the Ar of the south, and the two tiny glasses from which we had sipped it.
xlporers of Gor, page 10

topaz{Rast's girl} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Having finished the special ‘Gorean Happy meal’ she prepared, her Master grins and commands…”fetch MeTurian liqueur topaz”. She rises from her prone position, sees a few ta-grapes fall from her partially honey coated body and chuckles softly as she replies…”aye Master, Turian liqueur”… ....smiles as she breathes in deeply, trying to steady her breathing from having been so close...steps back thrice...spins about upon her toes and heads for the servery….hips swaying seductively, moving so lightly, gliding across the floor, tiny bare feet barely making noise, she sneaks a peek back at Him from over her shoulder, amber eyes dark with need.

Reaching the servery, turning her attention to the task at hand, she searches upon the shelves for the tiny multi colored glasses...seeing one in particular which seems to have more green in it, a as she pulls it down to her breasts a soft smile appears thinking that soon it will touch His lips…. carefully examining the vessel, making sure it is smooth and flawless ... seeing naught but perfection, amber eyes twinkle, she takes a rep cloth and gently wipes the oh-so small glass clean…placing it upon a silver tray…she then finds the small bottles of Turian liqueurs, reverently taking one down, she places it upon the tray as well….taking up the now filled tray and rests it upon one hip as she turns back to the busy Tavern.

She weaves her way amongst the tables and furs, her eyes looking upon His strong form, moving ever quicker, anxious to be back at His side, her treasure moist, breasts bouncing gently…..finally, reaching His boots, topaz lowers herself to her knees before Him, her thighs spread wide so He may see what is His, her belly on fire making her breathing shallow and quick….placing the tray upon the low table at His side, she lifts the bottle off, brings it to her lips…parting them, she allows her lips to wrap around the top of the bottle, a mischievous look in her eyes…then her small white teeth grip the cork and gently teases it out till it pops free.

Carefully pouring the sweet liqueur into the tiny glass, spilling not a drop...replaces the cork into the bottle and puts it on the tray should Master desire another later..... closing her eyes, counting to 3 as she wishes for His continued stamina, then slender arms raise and she places a slave kiss upon the rim, her heart beating even quicker....holding the bowl out to Him, lowering her head between her arms in respect* Master, topaz hopes the Turian Liqueur is to Your liking, and her serve somewhat pleasing

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bazi tea

Very aromatic tea brewed fresh from Bazi leaves. Traditionally in the Tahari, it is served hot and heavily sugared in three tiny cups to be drunk in rapid succession. In the North, Bazi Tea is highly prized, but served less formally as tea is served on Earth, for example.
In GS, one would gather a pitcher for the hot water and tea leaves as well as a lacquered tray, three tiny cups and the bowls of the yellow and white sugars. each of these items are in the servery. take the pitcher to the firepit to gather hot water to rinse it out first.. then to fill it again for the tea.  take all items to the One you're serving, do one cup at a time, placing the tea leaves in each of the cups.. but then only adding white sugar to the first cup, since it isn't as sweet as the yellow sugars. signifying the bitter fruits of the first years of life/the heedless pleasures of youth
wait for the One you are serving to take the offered beverage and drink it as you prepare the second this time adding the yellow sugars to it.. signifying the maturity of One, the stumbling to  attain this time in  Their life, or Rarius at full power wait once more for Them to take it
the third cup is mixed with both the white and yellow sugars.. this one is to signify the fullness of life, old age and the comfort in achieving this milestone.
Tribesman of Gor page 38

jasma{LB} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The bazi tea serve is a very long serve.. when jaz wrote hers.. it took over an ahn to do so.. and that was without any interruptions.. It's the only one that a girl may c&p.. but even so.. the c&p does take time and it does still have to be individualized for the One that you are serving.. Since it is such a long serve.. only Those that have the time to remain for the full serve should order it.. It's very detailed and each cup holds a special meaning for the representation of life.  Also would like to mention that it's an online adaptation like a japanese tea ceremony.

  ~pressing upwards in a motion of sensual fluidity.. slave steps back three paces and twirls softly on the balls of her feet.. tossing the length of sable mane behind her.. feeling it cascade gently to the curve of her back.. she glides across the tiles as if almost floating above them..  sweet hips sway provocatively side to side beneath the tightness of diaphanous silks.. the sound of slavebells echo in the room playing a haunting melody.. laying soft hands gently against slavebelly as she feels that flame inside begin to burn.. a sweet smile begins to play on the corners of ruby red lips.. slave steps lightly between the obstacles along the way and steps near silently into the servery.. ~

  ~humming softly to herself.. she moves to the low shelves and bends forward.. sheer silks ride up along well toned thighs.. the teasing hint of sweet ass shown.. reaching the small black laquered tray from the stack.. standing back up.. she holds it to the lighting.. carefully looking at the surface.. checking for even the smallest nick that may be upon it.. she smiles and takes a rep cloth and cleans it free from any dust that may be lingering on it.. placing it on the counter.. she looks upwards to the high shelves and reaches for a clay teapot for the tea and carefully checks it for small imperfections that would displease the One she has the pleasure of serving.. her breaths deep, even.. she cleans the outside of the pot and moves to the fire pit .. she ladles hot water into it carefully in order to prewarm it as well as clean the inside out.. turning.. she moves back to the counter and sets it down for a moment as she continues preparing for the serve.. ~

  ~liquid pools of sunlight begin to dance softly in the room as she takes a small jar of bazi tea leaves and places them on the tray.. then reaching for the containers of white and yellow sugars she sets them on the tray as well one on each side of the tea leaves.. lifting eyes to the shelves.. she carefully scans the small cups for tea.. hoping that the three she chooses will be found pleasing to the Master's sight.. seeing the ones embossed with warriors in battle.. she smiles brightly and presses against the counter.. raising up on tip toes.. vaporous silks cling deliciously against voluptuous frame.. heart shaped bottom peeking out teasingly from beneath them as she lifts an arm upwards and begins to bring one of the little cups at a time down to her.. setting each on the tray till she is holding the last one in soft hands delicately.. slave reaches her hand towards the loop on her left shoulder and unties it.. feeling the sheer material fall below equisite orbs.. the air gently laps out against supple flesh causing the skin around nipples to pucker under it's touch.. taking one cup at a time she runs the rim of each against the turgid peaks.. checking carefully for the most minute flaw that could cause harm to the lips of the One she's serving.. stifling a low moan of desire.. she shivers slightly and pulls the final cup away as each are found flawless.. retying the knot.. she takes the cloth and polishes each one to a shine and sets them down on the tray in a perfect line.. ~

  ~swishing the water around in the teapot she empties it out.. wipes the droplets off the side and turns once more to the firepit.. the flames dance against the wall.. the hunger inside slavebelly rapidly growing like a blazing inferno. she refills the pot with the boiling water and places the ladle back on the hook.. frame silhouetted by the fire.. she turns and moves back to the counter where she places the teapot on the tray.. off to the side of the three cups.. lifting it carefully.. she turns and holds it near taut tum.. dark pools close for an ehn as she wipes all thoughts out of her mind and places total concentration on the One she serves.. opening liquid pools she steps softly along the tiles in the servery and emerges back into the main area of the tavern.. gently tossing ebony tresses behind her.. the soft lighting of the torches and tharlarion oil lamps cast shadows around her.. gently surrounding her with it's delicate touch.. she glides with a graceful sensuality across the flooring.. lush hips roll sweetly back and forth.. keeping in rhythm to the sound of slavebells in their melody.. ample bosom rises and falls with every breath she takes.. that passion inside slave tickles her insides.. moving between the low tables and furs along the way.. she glances at Him quickly and lets out a heated breath as she approaches.. fingers seem to tighten their hold on the tray as she melts to knees before Him.. His scent permeating in the room around her.. silken thighs parting on their own.. widely.. for His pleasure.. she places the tray between them.. ~

  ~taking the lid off the bazi tea leaves.. a girl places three small pinches in each of the exquisite little cups and recloses the jar..  brown pools intense.. concentrating.. she places a measure of the white sugar into the first cup and lifts the teapot and gently pours the hot water into the cup.. making sure she don't spill any of the liquid.. lowering it back to the tray.. she wraps dainty hands around the first cup and gently swishes it around to mix the tea and the sugar together.. the white sugar not as sweet as the yellow.. her mind races back to the flames of first passion.. bittersweet.. the wildness of youth.. taking things for granted.. the constant learning.. she closes dark pools and lets all the memories flood through her then slave reopens eyes.. slowly trailing it upwards along lithe frame.. and letting the cup rest between the valley of full breasts.. slave counts four beats of her strong slaveheart and then lifts it to slightly parted ruby red lips where she places a sensual kiss on the rim.. and prays for the Master's continued safety and health.. keeping soft hands tightly around the vessel.. she dips head as arms extend fully upwards.. holding the first cup in offering to Him.. her voice a soft caress lifts upwards.. ~

  jaz offers You this first cup of bazi tea in hopes that it brings back the memories of the first fruits of life.. gained by the hard work of Others as the learning process was taking place.. lessons learned.. the wildness of youth.. and first loves.. and all that comes with heartache and pain..

  ~feeling Him take the first cup of tea from her hands.. she lowers arms and begins to prepare the second cup.. adding a measure of the yellow sugars to the cup.. she takes the teapot and tips it slightly as the water begins to pour.. filling up the vessel to right below the rim.. she places the teapot down once more as she gingerly lifts the second cup up.. dark eyes of heated passion close momentarily as she swirls the cup gently back and forth.. mixing the yellow sugar that is sweeter than the white in with the tea leaves.. her mind once more races.. the joys that comes with adulthood.. the thrill of achieving things on one's own.. by their own hand.. but knowing that hard work truly has paid off.. she opens soft brown eyes and traces the familiar path up kajira frame.. pausing between supple mounds of flesh as she counts out four beats of strong slaveheart.. bringing it to sinfully red lips.. she places a lingering kiss to the rim and prays for safety, health and happiness.. lifting slavearms up as head lowers between them.. she holds the second cup to Him in offering as the long tresses of sable mane fall over shoulders gently.. her voice lifts up in a sweet tone to Him~

  slave extends the second cup of tea to You in hopes it washes out the bitterness of the first cup and reminds You of mid life.. the things that were gained by the work of Your own hand.. the joys and tribulations of that sense of accomplishment.. Your growth and understanding of things around You as You reached this part of Your life..

  ~the warmth of His hand once more reaches to take the second cup of tea.. a rush of desire courses through her.. tingling from the light caress of His touch as He removes the cup from her small hands.. she lowers arms once more as He drinks from this cup while she prepares the final one.. placing a measure of both the white and yellow sugars inside the vessel and then takes the teapot of hot water and pours it inside the final cup.. watching as the colour of the water changes as the tea seeps.. she fills it to right below the rim and sets the pot back on the tray once more as she takes the third cup and begins to move hands slowly back and forth as she mixes the sugars in.. the passion inside burning bright as she thinks on the meaning of what the final cup represents.. the full understanding of what life has brought.. of knowing that at times even the strongest person may need help along the way and that it's ok to ask for it.. the inner peace of attaining this final phase.. she smiles softly and pulls the cup near slavebelly.. the warmth tickling inside.. the growing fire within... her desire to please and serve flows abundantly.. she traces the cup up along voluptuous frame.. heat seeking tips poke against the sheer encasement that surrounds copious orbs.. her breaths deepen.. she pauses near their fullness as she counts four more beats of slaveheart.. love..  passion.. devotion.. respect.. eyes watching as the steam rises.. swirling.. crossing in front and making a pattern as if a flower coming to full bloom.. another representation.. she lifts the cup to full, sensual lips and places a seductive kiss on the rim.. breathing in the aroma of the tea.. letting it fill her senses with the sweetness of the beverage.. she prays silently for safety, health, love and all good things that come in life is extended to the Master.. head lowering between arms as they fully extend upwards to Him.. holding the final cup in offering to Him.. succulent mounds of supple flesh rise and fall as her breathing intensifies.. her voice a sultry caress lifts up to His ears as she speaks~

  the final cup of bazi tea is offered to You in hopes it may bring You contentment and inner peace that comes from the golden years.. knowing the fruits of labor spent have been sought out and well defined.. knowing that all aspects of one's life has to be learned in order to grow to be achieved in these final phases of old age.. she hopes that You found the tea pleasing to Your palette even with the first cup that was more bitter than the others.. and she also hopes You found pleasure in her serve to You, Master..

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bosk & bread

one of the most common food serves in GS, roasted bosk (like beef) is over the fire on a spit and now due to a change of rules in GS, a slave may now use the butcher knife and cut/slice a slab of the bosk from the roast, same thing would apply if it was tarsk (pork) roast, verr (goat) roast, tabuk (venison) roast, vulo (chicken) or any other type of roasted meat.  these meats are always served with bread, this can be sa-tarna bread or black bread but traditionally sa-tarna bread is served in GS unless told otherwise by the One you serve.  make sure you ask the Master if He wishes honey and/or bosk butter with His bread, He may also request fried suls (like potatoes) with His meal

safora ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~saf keeps deep blue/green eyes lowered as the Master tells her of His desire for a meal of roasted bosk, she rises gracefully and takes three small steps back from Him, then spins nimbly on the balls of her small feet, scampering to the servery, pale yellow silks drift upward over creamy white flanks awarding Him with a teasing peek at the curve of her heart shaped ass~

~she pauses before the cupboard, brushing copper locks back from her delicate features as her azure eyes move upward, scanning the shelves for a platter befitting the handsome Master, pools glimmer as they light upon one
on the high shelves, a rich green of the forest banded with gold and she moves closer, pressing her belly to the counter as she reaches high above her head, lush lips pout as it eludes her, leg muscles pull taut as she rises to tip toes and her soft purr of arousal floats across the room as her heat brushes against the hard ledge, heightening her need to please Him~

~saffy smiles triumphantly as the platter slides between her fingers and she pulls it to her lush curves as she slips down to her feet, placing the dish carefully on the counter, she bends at the waist, wiggling her ass as she searches for a tray, small hands pull a large hammered silver serving dish from the many and she holds it up to the flickering firelight, admiring its beauty and flawlessness, she sets the tray down, grinning mischievously at the Master as she draws one long shapely leg up to the ledge, pulling the silks high and rubs the rim of the deep green plate against the pale flesh of her inner thigh, checking carefully for any flaws, she sighs as no mars tear at her tender flesh, then lowering her leg and taking up a fresh rep she polishes both platters to a dazzling gleam~

~lush hips sway seductively as she heads to the cold room, her eyes narrow as she eyes the massive door, fingers caressing the long handle as if trying to appease the icy breath that will assault her frame, she bites berry
colored lips, inhaling as she tugs at the entryway, gasping as her body is cloaked in frigid air that makes her soft nubs rise to fiery points under the sheer coverings, she scampers inside, grabbing up a bowl of bosk butter and flees the room, slamming the door with a might push of her hip~

~the heat from the fires calls to the slave, her movements a sensual dance of service for the Master, the flickering firelight plays over her, turning pale flesh a rich gold as she places some butter in a pan, adding suls and a
bit of salt and placing them to the flames to quickly cook, her nostrils flare as the aroma teases her, and she licks full lips as she turns to select several thick juicy slices of meat for the Master and places them upon the plate, tummy grumbling in rebellion to the scents as she breaks off two chunks of bread and adds them to the platter, decorating the platter with crispy crackling wedges of the now cooked suls. saf places the honey and butter on the tray, then hefts the heavy platter and holds it low on her belly, pressing it to her as she slips across the servery, peeking thru
lowered lashes at the One she is serving~

~her long strides bring her quickly across the room, silky thighs flashing as the hem of her skirt hikes up under the edge of the tray, her long russet curls dance over the swell of her rump and firm breasts press against their confines, the nubs hard and inviting, dark against the light material, she slips to her knees before Him, thighs spreading wide to Him as she sits back upon her heels and straightens her back, the ko~lar round her neck glittering in the low light, her fingers grasp the plate, pulling it to her lush curves and she whimpers as she rocks against it, her lust filled pools
hidden from the Master, the plate moves slowly along her curves, firing her blood all the more and she pauses at her wildly beating heart to whisper a soft prayer to the Priest Kings for the Masters continued health, lush lips part as the plate moves to them for a kiss to the edge and as her arms rise to the Master, her red/gold capped head drops between them and she whispers in a soft sensual voice~

Master, safora hopes You find the meal filling and pleasurable and find some pleasure in the girls humble serve

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fruit & cheese

this platter should contain at least 3 kinds of fruits, more is even better and arranged deliciously with bite size chunks of cheese, verr cheese is the perfect accent for a fruit platter as it is sharp and a bit crumbly, like a cross between feta and cheddar.  possible fruits would be a selection of ta- grapes, ramberries, tospit, larma, redfruit, plums, apricots, and/or dates

 talender ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~hearing the booming voice of the Master echo in her ears as He commanded she bring forth a platter of cheese and fruit to feed His hunger slightly she trembled as her head nodded gently to Him. rising up from the furs with feline grace the young, blonde beauty slowly eased backed before turning on balls of a tiny foot. moving off toward the servery her body a beautiful display of slave flesh. firm, round breasts strained against the sheer material that would imprison them. gentle flowing redness clinging to each supple curve of her devive body giving Men reason to stop and stare~

~entering the servery eyes of ocean blue that had been hidden beneath a fall of long lashes now lifted so she might gaze upon the shelf where platters lined the wall. cooing softly, a large clay platter caught her eye. on it's surface had been hand painted a slave kneeling before a Master in the submission position. talender smiled at the beauty of the platter then rose
to tip toes. her lean body stretching upward, crimson silks creeping upward along sweet flesh to further expose her charms to the eyes of Those who looked upon her. reaching a delicate hand out she grasped the large platter and pulled it from the safety of it's home on the shelf. eyes roaming over it still in awe of it's perfection as she lowered to stand tall and proud once more. lifting the hem of silks high to wipe the platter off before setting it to the counter top. pivoting to the left she slinked off to the cold room where she knew she'd find fresh fruit already sliced and peeled, bosk cheese cubed and verr cheese sliced thanks to the kettle slaves of the tavern~

~tugging open the heavy door she gasped. a cool blast of air quickly washed over heated flesh. ramberry nipples grew taut, pushing against sheer silks. chills raced up her spine causing goosepimples to rise on tender flesh. not hesitating she quickly entered and moved about, inhaling all the wonderful delights of different aromas. eyes searched the room looking for that which she seeked. she smiled seeing an array of fruits in different barrels and on large trays covered with cheese cloth to keep them fresh. she found a tray of sliced melon that was nearly empty and she picked it up. on this tray she
piled sliced larma, sliced peaches, tospits, dates, ta~grapes, ramberries, cubed bosk cheese and sliced verr cheese. steadying the tray in one hand as she exited the cold room, her free hand snaked out and closed the door snuggly behind her. humming softly to herself she made way back to the counter and the platter she had left there. she eased the tray down onto the counter then began arranging the various fruits and cheeses on the clay platter. she started with sliced larma, followed by the sliced melon then sliced peaches, creating a rainbow affect of delicious beauty. next came the
tospits, then plump ta~grapes followed by juicy ramberries and dark dates. finally in the center of the platter she arranged the bosk and verr cheese. the combination was a site to behold and surely the mixed flavors enough to delight Anyone's taste buds. lifting the platter with both hands she snuggled it close to the flat of her belly and started her journey to the
Master's feet~

~the sensual sway of her hips as she walked toward was no doubt enough to send Man flying into a fit of lust and want. her eyes now smoldering with the hunger of slave for Master roamed over His strong body then feel to worn leather of large boots. she began to tremble as His scent filled her nostrils. each step closer to Him His mere presence consumed her driving her deeper into that hunger to be touched. gracefully she lowered to kneel before Him. the firmness of her heart shaped ass relaxed back on heels. silken thighs spread invitingly wide, her body now open in full bloom to the
roaming of His eyes. arching her back the ripeness of her breasts nearly leaping from their confines. her head high and proud as gentle yet lusty gaze still lingered over booted feet. slowly she guided the platter along shapely curves past her belly that burned hotter than paga on gor, upward to the swell of heaving breasts for 3 beats of a slave's heart upon the 3rd beat her head bowed and arms raised offering the platter to He whom she served. softly her sweet voice whispered~

Master tis girl hopes that this food pleases Your palette as it nourishes Your body and may this girl's serve have been pleasing to Your eyes

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larma with syrup

the larma is luscious.  it has a rather hard shell but the shell is brittle and easily broken, within the fleshy endocarp, the fruit sliced, is delicious and very juicy, but often served with a thick sugary syrup to make it even sweeter, arrange slices to a small plate with perhaps a ramberry or two for a colorful garnish.   it is said that a slave that serves a Master larma without His request is begging to be used by Him

elicia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*as elicia kneels upon the furs she hears the Masters request for larma... a sweet smile comes to the girls lips as she nods and rises from the plush softness of the furs she kneels upon she steps to the chilled stones.. her small feet dance her across the tavern towards the servery.. the shadows of the room cast sensual fingers along the girls curvaceous form like the hands of a Master caressing a girls flesh as He pulls her to Him*

*elicia enters the servery soft brown eyes begin the search for a small plate held on the lower shelves she gently bites her lip as she searches...  one catches the girls eyes she slowly bends down her slender form legs held straight but playfully parted her ass rising in the air the muscles of her legs taut accenting their sensual form as she bends down further she looks back to the Master her long wild mane draped to the floor as her eyes seek Him out she lets a devilish grin come to soft ruby lips a small delicate hand glides around her belly and over the sensual curve of her ass slowly in sweet deliberation of pure pleasure as her hand caresses the warm silken flesh of her ass she blushes for a moment as the hand glides down her thigh and back around her body .. she slowly turns her attention back to plate she lets a finger glide around the edge that she can touch before she takes hold of it and pulls it free from it's place*

*the girl slowly rises her silks shear and soft glide back down along the slope of her ass a cascade of wild mane finds the sensual arch of her back like the path of a water fall as it flows down in a gentle wave of amber curls spun with strands of cold weave into her mane with the fingers of the sun.. she turns and faces the Master tilting her head back her neck arching the soft glisten of her kolar as the girls body begins a slow dance her hips moving in slow sensual circles as if a sweet slow sensual drum beats some where close she feels the first touch of the rim to her belly as it turns around and around like the tongue of a Master as it might tease a ripe nipple slow and deliberate lingering with sweet pleasure as the plate glides along her hot flesh.. the girl searches desperately for flaws  finding non she pulls it from her body awaken from a sensual trance the girl breathes deeply her heart racing wildly as she polishes it with a rep cloth and turns on her heels and pads to the cold room*

*a small hand takes hold of the large door and with great strength the girl opens it... her body is wrap in the frosty arms of winter  as the thick air of the chilled room rushes over her body chilling her hot flesh her nipples tighten to the chilled air as the girl quickly steps in she gathers some lovely red ramberries for garnish and sets them to the plate for now and fetches a large larma a small hand wrapping around the hard shell and holding it carefully as the girl turns on her toes and slips from the chilled room and with a playful push closes the heavy door behind her and returns to the

*the girl sets the plate back to the counter as well as the larma.. with care the girl takes a small knife and peals back the hard rind of the fruit the sweet aroma rising to the girl as the juice drips from the fruit she begins to thinly slice it and lay it to the plate in a swirling circular pattern.. placing down the last slice the girl sets the small ramberries around the middle she looks to the Master and blushes as she slowly twirls a finger first along her left then her right nipple leaving behind a sweet treat of juice for the Master if so desired the girl then licks her fingers cleaned humming softly as she licks and sucks clean each finger a sweet sassy sway to hips she then wipes down the counter.. fetching a small jug of sweet syrup she slowly lets it pour to the larma adding an additional sweet glisten to the fruit.. with a twist of her wrist she stops the flow and sets the jug back to it's place near the spices in the servery she lifts the small plate
in both hands and twirls upon her toes with a gentle glide a sweet sway of full breast and the sensual song of slave bells as her hips sway brings music to them the girl returns to the tavern weaving between tables and furs as she
makes her way towards the Master*

*slipping down to her knees upon His furs the small plate coming to her knees as her ass gently rests upon her heels the girls back held straight trundles of curls fall down her back and over her shoulders teasingly brushing along
her breast the girl slowly begins to glide the plate along her silken thighs feeling them part with the soft kiss of the furs along her legs she leans back a bit her hips rising as she dances the plate up and over her sweet sex rising up the rim catching the edge of her silks lifting them as the plate dances along the flat of her belly as she lifts it to her full voluptuous breasts nipples still glisten with sweet juice of the larma.. she holds it near her wildly beating heart saying a soft prayer for the Master before she lifts it to lush ruby lips she lets them linger to the rim before she lifts it... her head bowing between her arms curls falling to sun kissed shoulders her voice rises like a sweet sensual kiss as she purrs*

Master elicia hopes this larma with sweet syrup brings You pleasure and in some small way elicia's serve was also pleasing

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stuffed mushrooms  

stuffed with tarsk sausage 
Mercenaries of Gor page 83

jeti{RA} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

...Yes Master...
...pleasure shivers along the delicate curve of a girl`s spine at being permitted to serve...

...rocking forward she brushes a soft kiss along the back of her Master`s strong hand before rolling gracefully to her feet...the chiming song of slave bells playing sweet harmony to the whisper of silk as she steps back three paces before spinning towards the main tavern...a l`il tornado of sky blue silk and sunset curls...

...weaving a winding trail through the gathered patrons, she makes her way swiftly towards the servery...cleverly avoiding the assorted tables, chairs and long out-stretched legs in her path...the flickering shadows of the tavern playing softly around her slender frame...

...skidding to a breathless halt in the servery, she pauses to get her bearings...lifting one small hand to brush the tumbled bangs from wide expressive eyes...her mind alive with all that is needed...

...bending to peer beneath the long counter, she squints into the shadows, catching site of a heavy iron skillet she reaches inwards...muttering softly under her breath as she crawls deeper attempting to reach the vessel...muffled thuds track her progress till she imerges, triumphant... ...holding the errant pan firmly in her grip...

...humming softly, she carefully dusts the pan free of lint and goobers before setting it to heat by the fire...spinning about, she heads to the cold room to retrieve the necessary ingredients...mushrooms...ground bosk meat...creamed cheese...onions...l`il arms overflow as she staggers back to the servery...the job taking several trips before a girl nudges the heavy door shut with her cute l`il bumper...

...tossing her head in a vain attempt to dislodge the errants strands from wide eyes as she settles the heavy skillet carefully near the heat...the thickly ground bosk meat is added first...her l`il nose wrinkling slightly as the goo oozes through small fingers...sizzling noises immediately fill the room...moving quicker now, she adds small pieces of onion and seasonings to flavour the cooking meat before turning her attention to the mushrooms on the counter...a contagious smile curving her sweet mouth as she works...irreverant thoughts flitter aimlessly through her scatter brain as she breaks off the stem bits to mulch up finely...her movements sure and practiced, she drains the grease from the cooked meat into a small trap alongside the fire and adds the fragrant fare to the mushroom bits...working the ingredients thoroughly she mixes the stuffing before adding cheeze...her smile laced with satisfaction as the aroma fills the air...using a small spoon, she fills the l`il mushroom caps with the cooked mixture and melted cheese...carefully placing the tempting morsels in a pleasing arrangement on her tray before drawing the tray protectively against the taut skin of her middle and spinning back towards the lure of her Master...moving slower this time to avoid flinging food bits about...

...ghosting through the familiar shadows of her home, a girl makes unerringly for the great raised dais and the kajira-melting Master waiting there... ...drifting to her knee`s before Him...l`il shivers chase along the delicate curve of her spine as she feels His gaze moving over her...His eyes as tangible as a touch...

...gathering her spinning senses, she draws the vessel up over interesting kajira bits...pausing for long moments over the steady beat of her slave heart then lifting the vessel to brush a soft loving kiss against the rim before raising the tray above her head...dark lashes drift down to shelter soft adoring eyes as she lowers her gaze respectfully...her voice soft and husky on the cool evening wind...
...Master...Your girl prays that You find this fare and this girl`s service to You pleasurable and satisfying this night...

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sorp chowder

sorp is a shellfish, common esp. in the Vosk river,  it is similiar to an oyster and manufactures pearls.  sorp chowder is much akin to the urthen clam chowder, with added suls (potatoes), bosk milk, onions and such, served in a large clay bowl on a plate with added sa-tarna bread or rence crackers

jasma{LB} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~listening to the Master tell her that He wishes sorp chowder and sa-tarna bread.. girl nods head and speaks softly~

Yes, Master.. as You wish..

~pressing against knees.. rising upwards in a motion of sensual grace and exquisite beauty.. girl smooths down the folds of diaphanous silks as they cling over voluptuous curves.. hugging in just the right spots.. stepping back three paces.. pivoting.. slave glides from her Master's furs.. between the other low tables and pelts along the way.. the soft chime of slavebells marking each step with a haunting rhythm.. the sway of hips teasing in nature.. rocking gently to and fro.. small hands lift upwards and brushes back errant strands of sable that tickle their way over the bridge of nose.. peeking over soft shoulder through the strands of midnight.. slave gazes at the Master for an ehn before turning her head once more.. slipping into the servery.. moving behind the counter.. ~

  ~breathing in deeply as liquid pools of honeyed amber begin to glance around the room.. moving towards the low shelves.. sensual lips part slightly as slave begins to hum quietly.. she squats down to pull a tray from its area.. muscles rippling along thighs.. silks tightening their hold over kajira flesh.. nimble fingers take hold of the tray.. pulling it to her.. she rises back upwards.. holding it to the light.. not seeing any cracks upon the surface.. turning it over checking the bottom side.. slave smiles and grabs a rep cloth to clean the tray off from any dust bunnies that may have floated over the surface as it stayed on the shelf.. wiping it well.. she moves and places the tray upon the counter.. placing the container of softened butter upon the tray.. she begins to let dark pools of fiery passion roam the other shelving.. seeing where the bowls are.. spotting them.. slave reaches for one of the large clay bowls to put the hot chowder in.. running a fingertip across the rim of the first one as lifts it from its spot on the shelf.. girl brings it towards her.. the dark coloring with an etching of the Sardar Mountains upon it catches her attention.. moving it towards the inner area of smooth thighs.. touching the rim against flesh.. girl rotates it in a circle.. feeling for any chips or nicks that may cause harm to the One she serves.. a flash of warmth courses through veins.. moaning softly slave pulls the dish away.. taking the cloth.. cleaning the bowl well to take away any smudges or dust upon it.. she places it on the tray to the side before looking for a plate to place the bowl on.. ~

  ~the song she hums plays over and over in her mind as she works with dedicated passion.. happy to be allowed to serve.. a burning desire runs through her.. etching its way deep inside.. pulling a plate from its place on the shelf.. fingertips almost losing their grasp.. eyes widening and a sigh of relief comes from her.. girl's heart rate steadies as she looks it over carefully before wiping it as well with the cloth.. making sure the surface and edges are well cleaned.. slave sets it on the tray then lifts the bowl.. placing it *dead* center.. turning she moves to the cold room.. the tray left upon the counter for the brief ehn it will take.. hands teasingly caress the vertical handle of the chillery door.. wrapping around it.. tossing the wild strands of darkness behind.. eyes determined.. she breathes in deep as she tugs on the door.. feeling the sweeping caress of winters' kiss tease its way outwards along kajira flesh.. girl steps inside.. hurrying to the racks.. lifting a container of honey.. goosebumps felt like a thousand fingertips touching her.. shivering.. slave turns and leaves the assault of cold air behind.. stepping back into the servery... hip bumping back against the door.. listening as it closes behind her.. she holds the container of honey in her hands and sashays across the tiles towards the tray once again.. placing it to the side of the plate/bowl combination.. she bends down and takes hold of one of the wooden butter scrapers from the small pail from the bottom shelf.. lifting back up girl places it on the tray.. looks at what else is missing.. then turns to reach a fresh rep cloth folded in quarters.. setting it on the right hand side of the tray.. and a spoon for the Master to use for His chowder.. girl looks over each item carefully.. wanting Him pleased.. breathing in deep.. she lifts the tray and turns.. moving towards the fires.. ~

  ~a fire burning in her soul.. being called into service this day causing rippling effects to be felt inside.. moving to the warming racks where the bread is kept.. girl places the tray carefully against one hip.. balancing it well as her hand reaches towards the loaves of bread warming for the enjoyment of the Free.. tearing off a chunk of the bread in it's criss cross pattern.. girl places it on the plate with the still empty clay bowl.. the aroma of the bread inviting.. the tip of pink tongue slowly dragging over the fullness of lips.. thinking about the scrumptuous taste.. turning.. glancing at the flames with heat intensified eyes.. she holds the tray with both hands once again.. body as if being pulled by a magnetic force moving closer towards where a small kettle of sorp chowder is simmering slowly.. cooking to perfection.. the shellfish coming from the Vosk river.. breathing in deeply the scent already tickling nostrils before she approaches.. slave steps up to the pot.. taking the hydria that awaits to dip the delectable contents out.. girl rests the tray once again upon lush hip.. turning it out slightly.. one foot bent.. frame silhouetted by the flames.. passion ignited inside.. stirring the contents of the chowder.. suls, onions, bosk milk and the shellfish.. mixed with a delightful array of spices.. a perfect blending of the items... not one overpowering the other.. using the utensil.. she begins to measure the mixture into the clay bowl.. the steam tickling against features.. ladling one scoopful at a time.. she watches as the bowl fills up.. stopping as it nears the rim.. girl takes the hydria and taps it against the pot before placing it on the hook.. moving the tray around to her front against tum.. the weight increased now.. holding it steady.. slave turns.. dark pools peer out in the Tavern.. ~

  ~clutching the tray towards belly.. the rapid inferno of desire boiling inside the mere girl.. stepping as if walking upon a billowy cloud.. lush hips a provocative sway.. teasing.. the torch lighting from the tavern touching against flesh.. a gentle motion of head as she tips it back slightly.. feeling the cascading pool of spun like silk softness trickling down behind her.. collar tightening its hold on delicate neck.. the name of her Owner etched upon it.. a smile curls upon sweet sensual lips.. dark pools of a clear passionate desire gaze towards the One she serves.. copious orbs rise and fall with every breath she takes .. the only sounds heard are those of her beating slaveheart and the eerie melody jingling from slavebells locked tight around ankles.. her thoughts only on Him.. approaching.. slave melts to knees before the Master she has been called into service to.. creamy smooth thighs slide naturally wide apart as she places the tray between the apex.. His scent mingling with the tantalizing aromas of food.. a spasm felt deep within slavebelly.. a magnitude of heat inside slave.. sooty lashes veil over eyes filled with desire as they lower respectfully.. hands lightly brush the interior of thighs as they rest on the upper part for an ehn.. sultry voice lifts upwards to Him. ~

do You wish butter and or honey on Your bread this day, Master?

  ~the deep rumble of His voice awakens all senses in the girl as she hears the words, saying He wishes butter only on His sa-tarna bread.. a tremulous feeling causing the light hair follicles on arms and the back of her neck to stand up.. nodding head in acknowledgement of His words.. voice soft~

yes, Master as You desire..

~taking the container of softened butter.. using the butter scraper that is upon the tray.. girl dips it inside and slowly begins to butter the piece of bread.. covering it well.. not making it too thick.. happy in her status to serve Him.. placing the knife back down.. breaths quicken.. she wraps fingers around the tray and lifts it.. placing it against slavebelly.. showing where that desire to please and serve burns bright inside the simple slut.. trailing it upwards along curvaceous frame.. succulent mounds of supple flesh being grazed by the edges.. dusky rose tips knotting up in unabated desire.. soft moans

escaping.. she feels each beat of slaveheart pound loudly in her chest.. continuing upwards.. breathing in the aromatic flavors.. the steam from the chowder causing moisture upon brows.. she says a prayer for His safety and health.. and raises the tray in offering to Him with its contents held.. including a spoon for Him.. head lowering between the extension of arms.. fingers tightening their hold.. the soft caress of sable works its way over shoulders to rest atop ample bosom.. her voice a husky purr~

slave brings You sorp chowder and sa-tarna bread this day, Master.. she hopes each are found pleasurable to Your palette and that it helps sate Your hunger.. girl also hopes that in some way that she has also been found pleasing by You..

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