Below are Policies and selected Decisions from the Council of Captains pertaining to general administration of the Tavern:


It is the policy of Gorean Shores to remain neutral in conflicts between two non-GS sites or taverns. Gorean Shores will take no official positions with regard to said conflicts and will offer itself as a neutral meeting ground for members of these sites. While Council members and GS patrons are free to express personal opinions, these opinions should not be considered the official position of Gorean Shores and are expressly denied herein as the official position of the tavern.

The Council of Gorean Shores reserves the right to ban any individuals for violation of its Protocols without regard to the Neutrality Policy, and likewise reserves the right to impose travel bans upon any sites it wishes.

Notwithstanding the protocols regarding the capture and collaring of uncollared slaves in Gorean Shores, the Council will not permit the active recruiting of Gorean Shores patrons, slaves or guests by other sites or individuals. Guests are permitted to speak of their Homestones and extend invitations to all Gorean Shores patrons and slaves to visit, but active, direct recruiting will not be tolerated. Individuals engaging in such activities will be banned at the discretion of the Council. Furthermore, the Council reserves the right to determine whether activities or conduct by individuals reach the level of "active recruiting", as individual circumstances may influence whether the Council deems such activities as "active recruiting".

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Further Decisions of the Council will be posted as they are made with the most recent added to the top of the list below.

Date Posted: 06/29/2005
By order of the Council of Captains of Gorean Shores,

The man known as Blade, former Advisor to the Council of Captains, former pledge of Gorean Shores has officially been denied bread, fire, and salt in Gorean Shores.

Date Announced 06/27/2005
The warrior Xertog has been appointed Advisor to the Council.

OK a few changes by way of Council rules.

First off, a question was asked in slave class about greeting order, having not known about where a Captain Emeirus falls.
this is the proper greeting order.

Captains (1st to 4th Chair)
Captains Emeritus
Pledged FM
Visiting FM
Pledged FW
Visiting FW

Additionally, and this will be posted in more formal form...
A Captain Emeritus is a disticntion here in GS, an Honoary title.
It holds no more weight than a pledged Free Man holds.
Greet in the correct order, but thay have no rights of Council, no voting rights, no right to set policy or precedence here
It is an honorary title, nothing more or less

With the Council dealing with so much information and trying to get the new pages and boards and what nots set up.
We have re-instated the rule to allow the Advisor to take pledges for GS.
So a new right and duty of the new Advisor. *S*

Date posted 05/25/2005
By Order of the Council of Captains:
The Free Man Haplo and his slave kayla are banned from Gorean Shores.
There is a gold tarsk on each of their heads in they are found with in these walls under these or any other handles

Date posted 05/16/2005
By Order of the Council of Captains:
The girl known as edibe has been banned from GS
There is a gold tarsk upon her head if she comes into GS under this name or any other handle.

Date posted 05/11/2005
By Order of the Council of Captains:
1. As of Monday, May 16th, FW will be allowed to enter the tavern proper of Gorean Shores in safety for 1 hour prior to the beginning of the GS Forum, and until midnight server time following said forum. After midnight server (poolside/GS) time, any FW still in the tavern will be warned that the time is up, and that it would be in their best interests to leave. ONE warning is all that will be given. After that, standard rules are in place, FW can, and WILL be force collared if they do not leave. Thereafter, FW will be allowed thusly in the tavern every week on forum night.

2. ALL FW will be allowed in the tavern to witness certain events. These events are:
fights (not spars);
special announcements by any Captain;
special holiday events;
or by invitation of any GS Captain;
ONLY ACTIVE CURRENT GS Captains may invite FW into the tavern for things NOT on this list

It has come to the attention of the Captains of the Council of GS that with the closing of some Gorean sites or rooms that there may be more people looking for a new home here in on-line Gor.
With this in mind, the Captains wish to not only encourage new people to visit GS and perhaps decide to call it their on-line Gorean * home *, but at the same time, we want to maintain the high level of character of those that do choose to call Gorean Shores their home. So saying, it has been decided that from this point in time onward pledges to GS may only be taken by an Active Captains of the Council of Gorean Shores. Pledging is NOT a matter to considered lightly nor taken so; and so, the effort of finding a Captain and speaking with him first, to find out if the person understands the full level of committment, seems a small price to pay

The Council still wishes to encourage any and all to visit GS and come to know those here. If after a time, any decide that they wish to call GS their Home, they need only find a Captain and discuss their decision with him.

Date posted 04/30/2005
Just a quick note to update you all on a decision the Council made a couple hands ago, and fell through the cracks as it were, as apparently we didn't post it at the time, so, now, here it is.
It is the decision of The Council of Captains of Gorean Shores that Captains Rast Dulan, and MDKnight are hereby placed on Emeritus status until such time as they are able to return. We thank them for the dilligence they have shown in their time with the Council, and appreciate all they've done for GS. Should they return to Gorean Shores, they will of course be welcomed, and will be elligible for active status at that time. Once more, thank you Brothers for your dilligence, and We hope your journeys are going well. We miss you, and hope to see you both home soon.
On behalf of the Council,

Date Posted: 03/29/2005
The Council of Captains of Gorean Shores has decided to offer a general Amnesty to ALL people that have been banned from GS in the past. We offer this in an effort to any Goreans that may have made mistakes in the past in GS. We offer this openly, and freely, hoping that anyone that has been banned in the past that wishes to return may do so. It should be noted that this action in no way excuses or pardons the reasons for the original bannings. In effect it will allow any banned person a * second chance * to prove that they have either changed their ways or grown and learned with time. It is not a case of * Forgive and Forget * but more a case of * Y'all come on back, and lets see if you are willing to play by the rules this time.

It should be also noted that ANY repeats of misconduct or failure to follow Council rules in GS will be reason enough once again for these persons, or ANY others to be banned from all of GS.
It is hoped by the Council that ALL Patrons and slaves will give these folks a true * second chance * and not let old dislikes or clashes of personality cloud their minds or feelings towards any returnees. Give them a * fair chance *.
Rollo the Ax
Senior Captain Of Gorean Shores

Date Posted: 03/22/2005
Seeing how We are having an influx of new slaves and patrons, a question has arisen concerning white silks.
This is parphrasing from the existing slave manual.
white silks for their first two days after receiving their brands are to observe only.
Once they are healed, they are to observe and serve under the watchful eye of a trainer, the fg/sg, Slavemaster, or Captain.
they are NOT permitted to lap or furr or be sexually handled in any manner.
they are NOT permitted to travel.
they are to serve and learn and know their slave hearts and belly.
it is only while the two day period after their branding they are unable to serve, other than that, thay are EXPECTED to serve and be there, in the Tavern, learning, watching and serving.
White silks when not serving a master in the tavern are expected to go to the Piazza and serve Anyone there.
white silks are also permitted to serve in the Piazza, again under the watchful eyes of those spoken of above and with the same restrictions as stated.
PLease make note of this and these are the rules as currently stated in the slave manual and approved by the Council.
If anything changes, an announcement will be made at that time once Council approves any changes.
If you feel the need to get the actual wording please check the slave manual.
Advisor and Slavemaster

Date Posted: 03/11/2005
It has been voted on by the council, that from this day forward or until the council changes the rule, FW are now banned from the bath house, the training yard and the tavern.
Any FW caught in any of these rooms will be dealt with by either the Free present in the room or by the council. All newbie FW will be given one warning. The ruling for kolaring of FW will still be in place, so the Captains will still vote on whether it is a legal kolaring or not S*

February 27, 2005
Today the following rules we added:
1) Male slaves are once again allowed in the all areas except Bath House in GS.
2)Any Free that is pledged to GS and leaves and pledges elsewhere with out first publically pulling their pledge first at GS their pledge will be automactically be revoked as well as any status they may have acheived while in GS. (ie.. Captain Advisor.. etc...)

February 24, 2005
1) Today it was decided by the Council that slaves of Free that have been banned are welcome in GS and their kolars will be honored.
2) slaves will be in silks unless ordered otherwise by their owners

December 2004
MDKnight was made a Captain of the GS Council, 4th chair
Rast Dulan was made a Captain of the GS Coucil, 5th chair

Date Posted: 12/07/2004
It is my distinct pleasure to announce, and welcome 3 new additions to the GS Council.
Please join me in congratulating Emerald Forest, who has, probably against better judgement accepted the position of Captain 3rd chair on the Council of Captains of Gorean Shores. Congratulations Brother, and my condolences.
Also joining Rollo and I on the dais will be Blade, and Paedur as Advisors to the Council, please offer them your congratulations as well....I have every faith in their loyalty to GS, and willingness to help. Again guys, my condolences, but thank you.
Captain of Gorean Shores

September 21, 2003
Shadowglade resigned his position on the Council of Captains, which as well means his position of Slave Master. He will be given the status of Captain Emeritus, but be removed from the active Captains list and no longer have a vote in Council business. This now means there are 4 Captains instead of 5, moving them up one position. Ceredigawn Durst in now 3rd Chair, as well as Slave Master, and Lemuel is now 4th Chair.

March 18, 2003
Sabre Wolf resigned his position of Slave Master. He will be given the status of Captain Emeritus, but be removed from the active Captains list and no longer have a vote in Council business.
With Sabre Wolf's departure, the position of Slave Master will be filled by Captain Shadowglade.
This also means that there are now 5 Captains instead of 6, moving them up one position. Shadowglade is now 3rd Chair, Durst is now 4th, Lemuel is now 5th Chair.

March 10, 2003
The wording on the Kill/Capture Page, in the section on Force Collaring Free Women, has been changed due to the Council's vote to now make it that the collaring of a Free Woman will only be official when recognized by a vote of the Council of Captains.

February 10, 2003
Item 1) The Council has decided to add more Advisors, so We would like to invite and welcome Emerald Forest and Kyoto into the Council as Advisors.. Both men are to be afforded the recognition and respect that their new positions are due.
Item 2) It was also decided that the position of FW on the Council would be changed. From this moment on, FW will no longer be Advisors to the Council, but will be * Assistants/Consultants to the Council of GS. In doing this, Lady Kayla will change her duties from Advisor to Assistant/Consultant, and we wish to welcome Lady Asellus also as the newest Assistant/Consultant to the Council. To explain.... *** That FW on the Council of GS be called * Assistants and Consultants to the Council * ... The idea and reason being that Women on the Council be given a different title than * Advisor *... limiting their powers, to be seen not as equals to men, but still as valued Council members... making them LESS likely to be harassed or attacked. They would be seen to * Assist, Inform, and Help * but NOT enforce rules or policy any more than any other FW.. To have the ear of the Captains, but not * stand in * for them if push came to shove... (Although They could still run a forum or such..) But if trouble starts in GS, they could inform ppl of the rules and protocol, order slaves to do things to protect themselves as GS property, but if confronted by a man, to leave men’s business to MEN and bow out gracefully ***
Item 3) In conjunction with the above notice, the greeting order of the GS tavern( and Piazza ). With the change of the FW Council titles, they will no longer be * Advisors *, so they would not be greeted before Male Patrons.. BUT as * Assistants/Consultants, they SHOULD be greeted before ANY other FW...
So... the greeting structure of people in the tavern should be as follows..
Captains of the Council, in order 1st chair to 7th chair
Advisors to the Council
Pledged Male Patrons
Non-Pledged male Patrons
Pledged FW Patrons
Non-Pledged FW Patrons
and then slaves, if such is done...
It should be noted that this structure is the Correct order to greet, and while NOT binding on Free persons, IS so for slaves... so kajira are reminded to keep on their toes.
Item 4) Rules for the Piazza.. While still open for some debate on a few matters, the following are some issues that the Council has decided on...
More relaxed atmosphere than the tavern ??? YES
Slaves begging to ENTER ?? NO
Slaves begging to LEAVE ?? YES
Make it a Kill / Capture Zone ?? NO
Make it a force collar Zone ?? NO
Have a REDUCED menu ( less than the tavern ) YES
Have * Open Sex * scening ?? NO
Allow * RT * talk ?? * This topic is open for a SMALL degree of debate or latitude... NO OPEN RT speech is to be allowed, generally... People will either have to use Gorean words, ideas, concepts to describe the RT issues, or refrain from speaking about them in the open... New ppl, those not knowledgable enough YET will be allowed a little lea way, but not forever... Or in the case of an EXTREME RT matter.. but we do NOT want ppl to abuse this issue...
Item 5) The Council has sold the girl, kanda, to Captain Shadowglade and Lady Kayla... with the same provision that the Council requires of ALL GS slave sales.. that should they ever decide to sell the girl, the Council gets the FIRST choice to buy the girl back before she is offered to any other...
Item 6) Captain Bolt Sarakai, due to RT committments, has decided to resign His Position on the GS Council of Captains. We will miss His presence, and wish Him clear skys and fair winds in ALL that He does. He will be given the status of * Captain Emeritus *, be removed from the active captains list, no longer have a vote in Council business, but still be allowed to sit on the dais when he visits GS.
Due to this final matter, the Council now has only six Captains, and not seven, so the Captains with chair numbers below Bolt will all move up ONE position... Shadowglade becomes # 4,not 5.. CD becomes #5,not 6.. and Lemuel moves up to # 6, not 7...

February 3, 2003
The Council elevated Lemuel from his Advisor status to FULL Captain of the Council of GS. His position is Captain of the Archives.

August 19, 2002
It's been voted that the one known as Dak, is hereby declared *dead* in the eyes of Gorean Shores. If he shows up in the Tavern, he's to be placed on ignore by the Tavern Slaves. Personally owned slaves will do as their Owners command of them, but it is strongly suggested that they follow suit as well.

May 9, 2001
After a unanimous vote of the GS Council of Captains, before the resignation of Senior Captain Xern, it was announced on this day that Sabre Wolf, Advisor to the Council of GS, has been elevated to the position of full Captain in the Council.. He is therefore a Captain of the Gorean Shores Council, and will take the third seat on the dais. His position will be Slave Master of GS

May 8, 2001 ....
On this day, Captain Xern, Senior Captain of the Gorean Shores Council of Captains tendered His resignation as Senior Captain of the Council of Captains due to the heavy burden of extensive commitments in His RT work and life, which will limit His ability to fulfil the duties of His position... His leadership will be sorely missed and he will be granted the title of Captain Emeritus in Gorean Shores. His table and chair on the dais will be always waiting and ready for His visits to His Gorean Home, He will be shown the same level of respect and privilege as He was as an active Captain of the Council at all times during His visits ...

April 15, 2001 ...
Kli Kodesh, Captain of the Council of GS, and Slave Master has this day resigned from the Council and stated His intent to leave Gor, walking into the Sardar Mountains to never return.. He is therefore given the title of Captain Emeritus in GS, and will no longer have an active vote nor say in the matters of GS decisions or policy..

March 1, 2001...
Warrior, Advisor to the Council of GS has recanted his Pledge to GS, and resigned His position as Advisor to the GS Council.. He is therefore no longer a member of the GS Council, nor a Pledged Patron of Gorean Shores.
February 2, 2001

Item 1) By unanimous vote of the Council, the Warrior Kli Kodesh is hereby accorded the status of full and active Captain of Gorean Shores. Kli's status as a Captain Emeritus is rescinded, and he is welcomed as a voting member of the Council, and as Fourth Chair of the Council of Captains.

Item 2) Kli Kodesh is hereby given the position of Slave Master of Gorean Shores, with primary responsibility over the training and discipline of tavern slaves. The former Slave Mistress, Moonglow, is hereby released from said position, and is given the deepest gratitude of the Council for all of her fine work as Slave Mistress. Moonglow, furthermore, remains an Advisor to the Council.

Item 3) By unanimous vote of the Council, Sabre Wolf is hereby accorded the status of Advisor to the Council of Captains of Gorean Shores, effective upon investiture of said rank in the tavern.

Item 4) By unanimous vote of the Council, WARRIOR is hereby accorded the status of Advisor to the Council of Captains of Gorean Shores, effective upon investiture of said rank in the tavern.
June 16, 2000
Item 3) The Warriors Marius and RiderII are elected to become Advisors of the Council of Captains of Gorean Shores. Both will be invested with the rank of Advisor as soon as possible.

Item 4) The sale of the first girl, galah, to Xerxes, the Musician of Gorean Shores, is approved. The transfer of galah to Xerxes shall take place as soon as possible. Xerxes is requested to pick up the key to galah's collar from one of the Captains.

April 19, 2000
Item 1) A new class of Captain is created. Members of this class shall be known as a "Captain Emeritus" This class shall be composed of Captains who have retired from active service in the Council of Captains, or for honorary Captains, as designated by the Council of Captains. A Captain Emeritus is to be accorded the rights and privileges of a Captain while within the tavern, and is recognized as having equal authority over patrons and slaves as an active Captain. However, a Captain Emeritus has no voting rights or quorum rights within the Council, and is not permitted in sessions of the Council except as permitted by the Council of Captains.

Item 2) Kli Kodesh is herein designated a Captain Emeritus of Gorean Shores, effective immediately. The Council extends its deepest thanks to Kli Kodesh for his service to Gorean Shores, and wishes him a profitable, and enjoyable retirement.

Item 3) The quorum of voting Captains is herein reduced from 4 to 3, with the following active Captains remaining: Xern, Rollo the Ax, and Belial. Belial is herein elevated to Third Chair of the Council.

Item 4) The Advisor to the Council of Captains, Moonglow, is herein named Slave Mistress. As Slave Mistress, Moonglow has full and complete authority over the training and discipline of GS tavern slaves.

Item 5) The ban on Serbitar is revoked and lifted. He is free to return to Gorean Shores under the designation of Serbitar, or any such name as he wishes to be known. Nothing herein shall prohibit the Council from exercising its banning authority upon said individual in the future, if warranted.

Item 6) The ban on the individual referred to in the Decisions of the Council, dated September 13, 1999, Item 3, is revoked and lifted. Said individual is free to return to Gorean Shores as slave, and slave only, under whatever current designation said individual currently holds. Nothing herein shall prohibit the Council from exercising its banning authority upon said individual in the future, if warranted.

Item 7) The request by the Assassin Serbitar for a change of caste is tabled, pending submission of materials and items to support said request. Upon submission of said items, a vote shall be called.

Item 8) Gorean Shores will not honor the Pagan contract, described in the Message Board of Gorean Shores, which contained provisions for the Free Woman Pagan to enter into slavery for 30 days and then return to FW status. As she was collared and branded in GS, she is deemed to be slave. The Protocols of Gorean Shores are specific that once an individual chooses, by whatever measure, to hold herself or himself out as a slave in Gorean Shores, said individual is deemed to be slave from that day thereafter.

January 26, 2000
Item 1) The Council ratifies the death of Au Ten by the Assassin Serbitar. Au Ten's name shall be hereby placed upon permanent ban in Gorean Shores.

October 14, 1999
Item 1) In honor of the upcoming anniversary of Gorean Shores in December, 1999, a Feast will be held in December to celebrate the foundation of the tavern and the Council of Captains. Details as to time, duration and events will follow.

Item 2) There is no public same sex scening in Gorean Shores. Public same sex scening of any overt sexual activity is not permitted, whether it be between free persons, slaves, or any combination thereof.
Nothing herein is intended to restrict private, consensual activity in the alcoves of the tavern between adults. Tavern slaves may engage in same sex activities only if they consent to them, and slaves cannot be forced to engage in private same sex activities against their will.

Sept 30, 1999
Item 3) Free Women of Gorean Shores may serve as Advisors to the Council of Captains, in accordance with the prior rules established for the admission of Advisors to the Council. Free Women who serve as Advisors serve at the will of the Council. While Free Women may hold positions as Advisors, they are not eligible for the rank of Captain.

Sept 13, 1999
Item 2) The Council reasserts its Neutrality Policy to all sites. Thus, Gorean Shores will remain neutral in the current crisis facing Barasha Mydash. Gorean Shores will remain a safe haven for patrons and slaves from BM, and will not take any official position with regard to their troubles. While Captains and patrons of GS may continue to express their personal opinions and counsel on BM issues, nothing should be considered as the official opinion of Gorean Shores.
August 19, 1999
Item 1) The Council will begin to utilize email voting procedures for minor issues.

May 20, 1999
Item 2) Under prerogative of the Slave Master of the tavern, the first girl of the tavern is to be addressed as "mistress" by all other slaves. This is in recognition of both the position and authority which the first girl exercises over all slaves in Gorean Shores, whether owned by the tavern or not.
April 7, 1999
Item 1) As always, the Council is the final adjudicator of deaths in the tavern. Deaths recognized by the Council will result in banning by isp and name.

Item 6) The Council will not recognize Free Women as Warriors. Free Women on Gor are required to abide by the protocols as set forth on the Homepage. This grants them with certain protections while in the tavern. Provided they maintain their clothing and demeanor as expected, Free Women cannot be collared in the tavern.
The tavern further recognizes that females can be Panther Girls rather than Free Women. However, Panther Girls are accorded no protection, and may be challenged in duel at any time. If challenged, the criteria of "Realism" is going to weigh heavily against a Panther Girl, because unless she is the ultimate female fighter, she simply could not match a trained Gorean Warrior. A Panther Girl who loses her duel may either be killed or collared at her opponent's discretion. Likewise, should she be victorious, she may either kill or collar her opponent. If you claim to be a Panther Girl, you had better know what you are doing, and exactly how to act. A Panther Girl in Port Kar is a very rare event.

Date: April 29, 1999 1200 US est - April 30, 1999 1200 US est
Slaves should expect to perform special serves and dances for the patrons. There will be a dance contest. Slaves should prepare special serves and familiarize themselves with the diverse menu of the tavern. Slaves may be more playful and boisterous than normal, keeping in mind that this is still Port Kar.
Captains and Patrons should expect to participate in activities such as contests, songs, food, drink and the pleasures of the slaves. The main event of the tavern is a Sparring contest in the sand pit of the tavern, under non-lethal Battle Rules, judged by the Captains and Advisors. A one-year membership to Poolside Chat will be awarded to the Champion.
The slave dance competition will also be judged. The winner of the slave dance contest will also receive a one-year membership to Poolside Chat. Other Contests include drinking contests, knife throwing contests, bragging contests, etc...

Item 5) The Battle Rules are amended to include Advisors of Gorean Shores as judges, in addition to the Captains of the tavern. The Battle Rules will be revised and re-drafted to clarify the post by post system for fighting. An example will be included as well.

April 8, 1999
Item 1) The annual Feast of the Procession will be held in Gorean Shores April 29, 1999, starting at 1200 US est until April 30, 1999, ending at 1200 US est.
The Procession to the Sea.
The Procession to the Sea is a unique Port Kar holiday which celebrates both the labors of the men of Port Kar in the great arsenal of the city and their love of the sea, gleaming Thassa.
In this Procession, the various castes and guilds of the arsenal of Port Kar: the shipwrights, sailmakers, ropemakers, carpenters, etc... march in a great Procession from the arsenal to the sea. Accompanying the men of the arsenal are many of the ships of Port Kar, decorated especially for the occassion with long strings of beads, flowers and prow girls at the bows of the ship. The Captains and men of Port Kar, along with favorite slaves and servants, line the Procession, usually tossing trinkets and coins to the men of the arsenal. It is not uncommon for Procession to be interspersed by beautiful dancing slaves from the paga taverns of the city, who strain eagerly to please the men of Port Kar. Musicians, poets and players also are found in abundance, and the entire event is used as an excuse for the greatest annual feasts of the year, when the men of Port Kar celebrate another successful year of raiding and commerce on Thassa.

April 1, 1999
Item 6) It is noted herein that infractions by Free Women which would constitute valid grounds for force-collaring must be acted upon within a reasonable time after such incident occurs. Further, it is not mandatory that a Free Woman be collared if she acts or dresses inappropriately. Such force-collaring is at the will and pleasure of the Men present. Some Men are tolerant, some are not. The Free Woman accepts the risks incumbent with her activities when she acts in a manner inappropriate to her station.
To clarify what a force-collaring is: A Free Woman who is force-collared will be given the choice of either accepting said collaring and submitting herself to the Master as slave, or departing from the tavern permanently and being placed on a tavern ban. It is her choice. However, resistance from a Free Woman to a force-collaring is futile at best, and foolish at worst. A trained Gorean Warrior can easily overcome any defense by a Free Woman and strip and bind her before she can defend herself. Free Women exist in Gorean Shores at the will of Men. If the Free Woman has a guard and that guard is challenged under the Battle Rules, the guard is expected to accept the challenge and the Free Woman is expected to willingly submit to the challenger if her guard is defeated. If she does not, she will be banned.

Item 7) Free Women are not permitted to lap any man while in the tavern. Lapping will constitute inappropriate behavior which may subject the Woman to a force-collaring.
March 4, 1999
Item 3) It is the decision of the Council that no further warnings need be provided to the regular Free Women of the tavern should any of them act in a manner which warrants a forced collaring. All newcomer FW should receive at least one warning and be directed to the Homepage. If a FW is collared in the tavern, they will be given a choice to either accept the collar and remain in GS as kajira, or to leave GS never to return.

The tavern of Gorean Shores participates in the Procession to the Sea by holding a great feast, the Feast of the Procession, which lasts for twenty-four ahn in the tavern. It is not Kajuralia, however. There is no role reversal, no Masters serving as slaves and slaves ordering Masters about. Kajuralia is not practiced in Port Kar. The Feast of the Procession is an opportunity for the Captains, Patrons and slaves of the tavern to engage in festivities attendant to the Procession to the Sea.
PARTICULARS: This is NOT Kajuralia. Slaves are still slaves, and Free Persons are Masters and Mistresses, but there is a relaxed environment in the tavern in which both slaves and Free Persons are free to engage in merriment and diversions.

February 18, 1999
Item 1) Free Women are expected to abide by the Protocols of the tavern and the recommendations in the Gorean Shores Homepage. Failure to act in a manner consistent with a Free Woman's station in Gorean Society will result in a loss of protection in the tavern and may subject her to collaring if it so pleases a Master. In order to assist Free Women, the Captains, Advisors, and regular patrons will continue to educate and address newcomer Free Women to ensure their compliance with the protocols. Further, all Free Persons should continue to receive direction and guidance, where appropriate, on proper conduct in the tavern.

Item 2) Slaves must continue to beg to enter the tavern, however, if a slave asks three times to enter, at least one ehn apart, and fails to receive a response, she may enter the tavern. This rule is similar to the three post exit rule.
Slaves are expected to greet all Free Persons by name when they enter. Because the tavern may sometimes be quite full, slaves are now permitted to cut and paste a greeting when more than eight persons are within the tavern.

February 12, 1999
Item 2) The patrons "Spirit Wolf" a/k/a "Rune Wolf" and "white she sleen gor" are herein permanently banned from the tavern for excessive breaches of the Gorean Shores Protocols and are denied Salt, Bread and Fire. Although both individuals have been banned by the administrator of PoolsideChat, all patrons and slaves are advised to COMPLETELY ignore either of these individuals if they are able to access the tavern. They should not be acknowledged in any manner, and should be placed on ignore if sighted. Further, all patrons and slaves in the tavern should likewise be advised to place them on "ignore". They should not be disparaged by patrons or slaves; rather, they should be treated as if they DO NOT EXIST.

December 10, 1998
Item 1) Gorean Shores (GS) is to be a Kill/Capture Zone under limited circumstances as currently described in the GS Web Page Protocols. This means that the Battle Rules must be used to kill Masters. "Leap-In" Assassins will not be recognized. Free Women can only be collared under circumstances as described in the Web Page. Collared slaves may not be punished without the permission of their owners. Uncollared slaves must accept whatever punishment is imposed upon them.

Item 2) The Council of Captains is to be opened to new Captains, with no fixed number of Captains. New Captains will receive equal voice and vote in the administration of the tavern, and will have all privileges and rights accorded to current Captains. Attainment of the status of Captains requires a thorough knowledge of Gor and the tavern, a demonstrated commitment to GS in time and energy, and loyalty to the Council and GS above all other obligations or allegiances. Further, the process of attaining the rank of Captain will be slow and deliberate, and requires unanimous approval of all current Captains. There is a three step process to becoming Captain, and each prospective member should obtain a current Captain as a Sponsor and Mentor. First, a prospective member must have officially pledged his sword to GS and declared it to be his home. Any individual may do this. Second, upon unanimous vote by the Council, the prospective member will become an Advisor to the Council, and may attend open Council sessions (usual sessions are open meetings for Advisors and Captains), and offer counsel and advice, but will have no vote. Upon unanimous vote, an Advisor will become a full Captain. A complete proposal for the new system, including voting and session procedures, requirements and structure, will be drafted by the Senior Captain and submitted to the Council for final ratification and approval.

Item 3) Memberships in Poolside Chat. Captains and Advisors of GS are required to be members of Poolside Chat. GS slaves, regular patrons, and those who have pledged their swords to GS are strongly encouraged to join. As the requirement for either a Captain's position or a GS tavern collar requires a demonstrated commitment to GS, membership in Poolside Chat will be one factor in examining such commitment to the GS tavern.

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