General Requirements for Free Women

Goreans, in their simplistic fashion, often contend, categorically, that man is naturally free and woman is naturally slave. But even for them the issues are far more complex than these simple formulations would suggest. For example, there is no higher person, nor one more respected, than the Gorean free woman. Goreans do believe, however, that every woman has a natural master or set of masters, with respect to whom she could not help but be a complete and passionate slave girl. These men occur in her dreams and fantasies. She lives in terror that she might meet one in real life.
page 353 Hunters of Gor.


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"A woman claiming to be a warrior"

- is not acting according to the standards and station of a Free Woman, and will be treated as a barbarian. Typically, the only weapons carried by Free Women are those which can be concealed under her robes: knives, daggers, and small pins coated with poison.

According to the scrolls, there are no women warriors, and only Panther Girls carry weapons. If you claim to be a Panther Girl, then be sure you comport yourself to that standard. Do not attempt to challenge a Man. You would be killed or enslaved. It is that simple.

The Council will not recognize Free Women as Warriors. Free Women on Gor are required to abide by the protocols as set forth on this Homepage. Provided they are invited in to the Tavern for a special event, this grants them with certain protections while in the tavern. Provided they maintain their clothing and demeanor as expected, Free Women cannot be collared in the tavern. This grants them with certain protections while in the tavern.

Gorean Shores further recognizes that females can be Panther Girls rather than Free Women, However, Panther Girls are accorded no protection, and may be challenged in duel at any time. If challenged, the criteria of "Realism" is going to weigh heavily against a Panther Girl, because unless she is the ultimate female fighter, she simply could not match a trained Gorean Warrior. A Panther Girl who loses her duel may either be killed or collared at her opponent's discretion. Likewise, should she be victorious, she may either kill or collar her opponent.

If you claim to be a Panther Girl, you had better know what you are doing, and exactly how to act. A Panther Girl in Port Kar is a very rare thing. Ex-Panthers like former slaves should petition the Council for admittance in Gorean Shores as a FreeWoman to stop any problems before they happen.

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"Collaring of Free Women"

Once again, only upon invitation for a special event is a FW allowed to be in the Tavern. Free Women are expected to travel with guards, consisting of either Captains or patrons of the tavern. Any Free Woman under the protection of a Captain of Gorean Shores is the responsibility of that Captain. Any Free Woman under the protection of a patron of the tavern is the responsibility of the patron. The guard should ensure that his charge acts and dresses appropriately. Free Women are expected to be wearing their veils and robes of concealment at all times in in the Tavern of Gorean Shores, so as not to attract attention to their beauty. Free Women are also expected to both speak and act as a Free Woman of Gor would. If a Free Woman, without guard, is behaving in a manner inconsistent with that of a Free Woman, or is inappropriately garbed or otherwise unveiled, she may be captured. A Free Woman with a guard who behaves or is dressed inappropriately should be referred at least one time to the guard for instruction as to permissible behavior and attire. Upon an additional infraction, the guard may be challenged, and the Free Woman collared. These are the only ways in which a Free Woman may be captured. A collaring of a Free Woman will only be official when recognized by the Council of Captains." (see the update below)
It is the decision of the Council that no further warnings need be provided to the regular Free Women of the tavern should any of them act in a manner which warrants a forced collaring. All newcomer FW should receive at least one warning and be directed to this Homepage. If a FW is collared in the tavern, they will be given a choice to either accept the collar and remain in GS as kajira, or to leave GS never to return.

As stated during a Forum on March 10, 2003, a collaring of a Free Woman will only be official when recognized by a vote of the Council of Captains.

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"Force Kollaring"

A Free Woman who is force-collared will be given the choice of either accepting said collaring and submitting herself to the Master as slave, or departing from the tavern permanently and being placed on a tavern ban. It is her choice. However, resistance from a Free Woman to a force-collaring is futile at best, and foolish at worst. A trained Gorean Warrior can easily overcome any defence by a Free Woman and strip and bind her before she can defend herself. Free Women exist in Gorean Shores at the will of Men. If the Free Woman has a guard and that guard is challenged under the Battle Rules, the guard is expected to accept the challenge and the Free Woman is expected to willingly submit to the challenger if her guard is defeated. If she does not, she will be banned. It is noted herein that infractions by Free Women which would constitute valid grounds for force-collaring must be acted upon within a reasonable time after such incident occurs. Further, it is not mandatory that a Free Woman be collared if she acts or dresses inappropriately. Such force-collaring is at the will and pleasure of the Men present. Some Men are tolerant, some are not. The Free Woman accepts the risks incumbent with her activities when she acts in a manner inappropriate to her station.

 Free Women are not permitted to lap any man while in the tavern. Lapping will constitute inappropriate behavior which may subject the Woman to a force-collaring. Free Women are expected to abide by the Protocols of the tavern and the recommendations in the Gorean Shores Homepage. Failure to act in a manner consistent with a Free Woman's station in Gorean Society will result in a loss of protection in the tavern and may subject her to collaring if it so pleases a Master. In order to assist Free Women, the Captains, Advisors, and regular patrons will continue to educate and address newcomer Free Women to ensure their compliance with the protocols. Further, all Free Persons should continue to receive direction and dance, where appropriate, on proper conduct in the tavern.


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