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General Rules and Behaviour of Free Persons

1.  slaves begging to enter, to leave or to go afk (away from keyboard), Any FP (Free Person) can give slaves the needed permission to enter, leave or go afk,  but a personal slave's own Master being in Gorean Shores or one already serving a Master can only gain permission from that Master.   Should a slave's server go down or the "urts" take her away, she need not re-beg permission if she returns within ten ehn (10 minutes).  If none give the slave permission to enter or to leave within three postings from her at least an ehn apart, then she can leave as though given permission to do so but due to the fact that  personal slaves can not enter without permission, it is the responsibility of all Free Persons to be observant enough to see when slaves are begging to enter or leave, and grant it asap.  But a personal slaves icon or name entering does not mean she has entered until she begs to do so , so don't grant her said permission until she begs to do so in the proper manner.  If a personal or visiting slave does not beg entrance in the proper position with her forehead to the floor and her arms stretched before her, then she should not be given permission to enter.  Tavern slaves need not beg entrance but must beg to leave.

2.  GreetingsAll FP greet other FP first, with "Tal" the gorean equivalent of hello,  slaves are greeted with "greetings".  To show the proper respect, if there is a Captain of Gorean Shores present, He should be greeted first before all others. The Captains are as follows:  Rollo the Ax, Shadowglade (1st Sword) and Emerald Forest, and Paedur, or any of these Men would be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.   Blade is an Advisor  and would also be able to help you with questions.  Do NOT greet a personal slave before she is granted permission into the tavern and a tavern slave before she has posted an entrance.  Its also best to save your "Tal" until a free person has posted an entrance.

3.  Use of the term of Master/MistressThe use of the term Master for Free Men (FM) and Mistress/Lady for Free Women (FW) is required by all slaves to show utmost respect to the FP, this is not said by one FP to another FP, only names are used among the FP although at times a FM will address a FW as Lady.  On Gor, all FP are Masters or Mistress so if you are new to Gor and do not consider yourself Master or Mistress yet, here you are, so do not expect the slaves to address you otherwise and do not instruct them to do otherwise as its against their training

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4.  Use of slave languageFP always speak in "first person" which means the use of the words I, ME or MY, slaves are not allowed to use first person speech and only "third person" with words such as she, her or this girl.  Any FP hearing a slave use first person should point out to the slave of her error and caution her about future use of such first person speech, should she continue to do so she could be reprimanded for her continued mistake.

5.  One ChannelWhile it is a general rule that slaves can not be multi-tasking while in GS, so as to show the proper respect and attention of the FP present, there is no steadfast rule that FP must do the same;  BUT, for a FP to be multi-tasking, dividing their attention between two or more activities is in essence not only a waste of time but also not showing the common courtesy of any other person even though they are slave (this is vt afterall), kajira are here to serve, to be pleasing and fulfill the whims of the FP, to ask a slave to serve you food and/or drink or some other form of action such as dance and then not watch every posting is counter productive.  The slaves strive to be found pleasing and work very hard to do so, the least a FP should do is to watch these actions and post comments to show and acknowledge your pleasure or displeasure of what and how the serve is being presented for you.  So if your not going to show interest in the serve, then don't bother requesting service.

6.  Cutting and Pasting GS slaves are not permitted the use of cutting and pasting of food and/or drink serves, these are all done fresh and impromptu and take much time to type out each and every action.  The average drink serve consist of 4 or 5 long postings from the slave serving you, from leaving to go to the servery until she returns with your food or drink could take an average of 20 ehns (minutes), so the drink/food should not be collected from the slave until its obvious that she has offered the drink/food up to you.  If you wish to be served but think you have not the time required to receive a slave's normal serve, then a "harta" serve can be requested, harta means hurry in gorean language.

7.  AttitudeThis is Gor and there is little tolerance for a whiny or whimpering slaves, should you see a slave showing such displeasure or disrespect of any kind, it should be reported to the Captains at  goreanshores@hotmail.com  or to the slave's own Master for punishment.  Slaves are required to offer service in a short amount of time after she greets all, so should you not be offered service, this should also be reported.  This is VT Gor and talk of RT (real time) issues or problems has no place in public, best to keep such to whispers or in private. 

8.  Punishing a slaveWhile in the Books of Gor, there are quotes stating that any FP can or should punish any slave seen or found displeasing, in GS and most online Gor sites, punishment of slaves is restricted to the slaves owner, in GS the rule is: if a slave does something wrong or is found displeasing or disrespectful that you feel she should be punished, your recourse is to inform the slave of your displeasure and request the email address of her Master so you can contact him, tell the slave to tell her Master that she was found displeasing and why and that you will be contacting said owner.  The limit of any physical punishment that any FP can give a slave that is not their own, is to cuff a slave aside with the back of your hand or push them aside with your boot, or to take the slave to the whipping post in the middle of the sandpit and bind her there to await her own Masters punishment.  You're not allowed to use a whip on a slave in GS that does not belong to you without the permission of the slaves own Master.

9. Special InstructionsSpecial Instructions are most often the restrictions set by a slave's Master, these may be general restrictions concerning all touching, lapping, kissing, sexual use etc...by anyone other than the slaves own Master, they may also entail special styles or actions the slave is to use when serving FP.  It is the right of every Master to place whatever restrictions he wants on his own private slave BUT when these restrictions are drastically opposed to the excepted serving styles or rules of GS, the Council of Captains may require the slave to serve in the style of GS or not enter the tavern if the slave is not allowed to serve as done in GS.  Any slave that enters GS is required to serve food and drink to any FP present unless serving her own Master or already serving someone else. The rare exception may be a just branded slave on restricted duty or a slave so new she is not allowed to serve without a sister slave or trainer present to help guide her, this observing is only allowed for a very limited time.   The point of this long explanation is that a slave is not allowed to break the restrictions set upon her by her owner.  So perhaps the wisest course of action is to inquire of any slave you don't know, the limits or restrictions of her service

10. PM's or whispersThe rules for all in GS except for the Council of Captains and the first girl, is that permission must be requested and given before whispering or sending private messages to any in GS.  If a private owned slave and her Master are present, then permission to whisper to the slave must be granted by the slave's owner

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Helpful Hints and FAQ

What is the right amount to pay for food or drink?
The use of gold tarns or gold coins to pay for food or drink valued at a few mere copper tarsks is considered poor taste, and the mark of a non-gorean.  Look at the menu for exact prices.What can I get to eat or drink in Gorean ?
Again, check the menu but if an item is not on the menu, we don't serve it. If you have a question about something not on the menu, do not accost the tavern slave about it, but instead, inquire with one of the Captains.How long does it take a slave to serve me?
Some of the items take quite a long time for the tavern slave to serve (ie. bazi tea, black wine, food preparations, etc.); only request to be served items that you have the time to stay and receive the complete serve of. At times Gorean Shores is very busy and the kajirae don't have the time to spare to serve one that will leave halfway through the serve.  An average serve can last about 20 ehns (minutes).Who pays for food and drink?
On occasion the question has come up on who should pay for their food and drinks.  For example:  there have been cases of those visiting from other sites that said because they are visitors, they would not be required to offer payment for food or drink, or even those of some rank or station from other sites believing that because of their position, they should not be required to pay either.  To make this crystal clear to everyone, Captains of the Council, Captains Emeritus and Lieutenants are the ONLY ones that eat or drink for free in Gorean Shores.  While this is VT, Gorean Shores is still a paga tavern, a business establishment, and to maintain the atmosphere, payment for service is required and expected from all.Are Gorean slaves the same as barmaids or waitresses?
While services of slaves have and will be spoken of many times in this manual, it cannot be stressed enough that gorean kajira are NOT waitresses, barmaids, or short order cooks.  Each and every serve done by a kajira is not only an example of grace and beauty, but an expression of devotion and longing to please and to be found pleasing.  If a kajira is already in the service of another, it is uncalled for and in poor taste for another Free Person to attempt to coerce or complain in an attempt to speed up such service so that they might also be served.  Each serve may contain several postings and may take quite sometime and the work involved by the slaves deserves not only to be observed but excepted as the art form that they are. What do I do after the slaves gives me my drink/food?  
Once a slave is finished with the serve, the simplest of actions from you such as a "well done"  or a 'pat on the head' or any personal acknowledgment that you wish to give them, generally means a great deal to the girl by letting her know she has been found pleasing by you.   At this time, the slave can be released to serve others or back to the serving furs but only after placing payment upon her tongue, remember that slaves are not allowed to touch coins with their hands.How many slaves can I have serve me at the same time?
There is another situation that arises on occasion, concerning striking a happy medium between keeping slaves busy and keeping them so busy that other patrons are forced to go without service.  While there is NO limit to the number of slaves that may serve any Free Person at one time (ie two or three girls serving the same FP), it is again uncalled for and in poor taste to not release the excess girls to serve other FP entering Gorean Shores that may requiring service.

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Choosing a Name, Caste and Background

Gor is a diverse world with many different cultures present. Thankfully John Norman has borrowed heavily from our own earthen history and one can identify with Gor’s various cultures as similar to our own. Firstly I will give you a brief overview of the various cultures/peoples of Gor. In the northlands we have the Red Hunters, who live in the artic (a people similar to the Inuit) and Torvaldsland (whose peoples are similar to the Vikings and the Scandinavian region they occupied). South of the northlands we come to the middle of Gor, split by the Vosk River yet also made up by the two island Ubarates of Cos and Tyros. To the north of the Vosk River we have such city-states as Ko ro ba, Tharna and Thentis (located in the Thentis Mountain Range). Situated in the delta of the Vosk River is the city of Port Kar. Along the river itself there are many cities and towns such as Victoria, Lara and Ar’s Station. South of the Vosk River is home to the city-states such as Brundisium, Venna and Ar. To the east of these cities we have the mighty Voltai Mountain range, home to some very powerful city states such as Treve and Tarnburg. (These city-states follow the Caste Code system and represents most of the Goreans that live upon the planet. Their cultures have similarities to the ancient Romans). To the east of the Thentis Mountains we have the Savages of the Barrens. The savages are banded in tribes such as the Fleer, Dust legs, the Kailiauk and the Kaiila (home to peoples similar to the Native Americans). South of the middle of Gor we come to many different cultures including the Tribesmen of the Tahiri, major tribes including the Aretai and the Kavar (similar to our middle east); the lands of Schendi, home to the Fleets of Black Slavers (similar to the Zulu/African cultures); the Wagons Peoples, 4 tribes including the Tuchuks, the Kassars, the Kataii and the Paravaci. A NameOnce you have chosen an area to come from then you can attempt to find or create a name that suits that particular culture. If you have trouble how about doing a history lesson on the culture you want to come from and perhaps that will give you a better idea.A CasteGorean society is made up of a Caste system, which includes 5 High Castes, and numerous Low Castes. On the Gorean Shores homepage there are good pages, which tell of the various Castes and some quotes that go with them. I suggest having a read and when you find something that appeals to you, take that Caste on. It is also advisable to talk to an older Gorean and perhaps they can give you a little guidance as well. A BackgroundThis is a topic that you will perhaps develop over time, or perhaps never will. But if you are interested then such things as family, interests, likes/dislikes, favourite sayings etc. can all add to your character. I suggest writing a background after you have spent some time on Gor and also, check out other people’s biographies on the Gorean Shores homepage, they may give you some insight. And last but certainly not the least, have fun as you develop your character and always, if you are ever not sure on something, ask!

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What the Silk Colors Mean

by Rollo the Ax

For those new to on-line Gor, the colors of silks that slaves wear usually have meaning for what they are allowed to do, or are expected to know….  This of course goes mainly for tavern, site, or room owned slaves, as it is the right of every private Master to dress or not dress his personal property as he sees fit, so here is a quick run down of the basic colors and there meaning…. WHITE silk:  As usual, the color white is compared with or associated with NEW, UNUSED, or VIRGINAL…  a slave dressed in white silks is usually very new to the on-line Gorean experience, and as such does not know what to do or not do in every case… as white silk, her * use * ie,  ability to serve sexually is VERY restricted… white silk girls are NOT to be used in ANY sexual manner… NO alcoving, NO lapping… basically, it is  HANDS OFF !!! until they are trained properly…. It should also be noted that as a rule, white silk or new girls, will also not always  know the proper ways to serve food and drinks, so a reasonable degree of patience and latitude should also be shown to them while training….YELLOW silk   Yellow silk girls are trained to a degree…. They are allowed and expected to serve sexually, within the guidelines of  their respective homes.   Each site or room will set their own rules, which do NOT always conform to or match every other site or room…. Yellow silk girls should be conversant with most serves of food and drink, with perhaps only the occasional mistake or lack of knowledge…yellow silk girls are NOT skilled dancers…YET… but should be working hard to learn how to  increase their ability, to expand their knowledge, and to work towards their red silks…. On on-line Gor, yellow silk slaves are often called * tavern slaves * RED silks:    Red silk slaves should be WELL trained !!!!  they should be able to please in EVERYTHING they do…. They should be experienced in the alcoves,  graceful in their serves of food and drink…. And lovely as they dance…. Red silk is often thought to be the end result… the epitome of KAJIRA !!!  But remember,  LIFE is change and learning…. Even the long time red silk kajira should still strive to improve herself… to learn more or new things… to be the BEST that she can be… In the books and in on-line Gor,  red  silk slaves are most often referred to as  * pleasure slaves

In the eyes of goreans, the slave is an animal. She is not a person, but an animal. She has no name, saving what her master might choose to call her. She is without caste. She is without citizenship. She is simply an object, to be bartered, or bought or sold. She is simply an article of property, completely, nothing more.

Hunters of Gor pg 168

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Care and Feeding of slaves

by Rollo the Ax

For those new to on-line Gor, it might help to know and understand about feeding slaves…….  In on-line Gor, slaves,  are property….owned… possessions….  Animals (although smart and sometimes very sexy ones) but still, they live or die at the will of their  Master… they are NOT allowed to eat or drink ANYTHING that is not specifically given them by their Master or any Free person… As animals, their health and condition is the concern of those that own them, and as such, they may be fed as much…or as little… as their owner says…. This is often done as either/both  reward or punishment.  Just as you would not want your working dog or race horse to starve to death, you would also not wish for it to grow fat and lazy… slaves are treated just the same way …     The most common slave food is a gruel of grain, water, and often but not always a bit of flavorings….. such as parsit fish, fruit, vegetables, or what have you… and is usually given only once a day… this is the standard and most common form…   Slaves caught or found taking even the smallest crumbs or most wilted vegetables without permission are guilty of theft, and may be punished even unto death for doing so…    It is allowed for a Free person to give small bits of food or treats to slaves, if it pleases them to do so, and in truth, many a kajira are very adept at begging or coercing such treats from kind Free persons… such treats are not given in bulk or allowed to be taken at will….in fact the most common way that a slave is fed is by hand…the food taken bite by bite from the hand of the Master… to re-enforce the control and to remind the slave daily that EVERY morsel is given ONLY at the will of the Master… So, for new Master or Mistresses to Gor…. DON’T tell slaves to * go grab a plate for yourself… * or * pour yourself a glass of wine …* or * help yourself to the food *  for that is NOT how it is done….

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