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A son of Torvaldsland, now proudly calls Port Kar his home.

He has traveled far and wide since first taking the path of the warrior as a young man, waging war and taking lives in faraway places, making friends and Brothers in others.

For the killing of one that had insulted Him, a Jarl banished Him and named Him Outlaw ! Thus it was that He wandered Gor in search of a new Home. Moving from place to place, not finding one that felt right, until He came upon Port Kar. There he was excepted simply for what He was, and not expected to change, or forsake His Honor. It was then that He knew He had found a new Home !

To look upon Him cause many to wonder "What manner of place could breed such as this??" Standing head and shoulders above most, His great size and hairy appearance make some question if indeed he is quite human. Massive arms, end in huge hands, rough and weathered from many years of hard work, with wide shoulders and strong back, He has been known to lift a man from the floor and easily toss him aside, like a rag doll.

Long, red beard, now shot through some white hairs, reaches over half way down his chest, and a shaved pate, only seem to frame a face that could never have been called fair or handsome. And if, as they say, the eyes are "the windows of the soul", look not too deeply into his hazel orbs, for you may well be frightened at what you would find there. This is the visage of the man called Rollo.

Proficient with most all weapons, the master of many. He chooses the great Ax as his weapon of preference. To stand before Him, Ax in hand, and the blood lust upon Him, is the mistake many souls in the city of dust have made. It is not by chance that He is called "Rollo the Ax" or "Rollo the Beserker".

It is Wodin, the One Eyed, of old, that he venerates, and does swear by, or offer prayers to. Making the sign of the fist, in visual homage, to Him.

To Him, duty, honor, and courage are much, much more then just words! Duty to family, country and his codes, form His daily life. And without honor and courage how would we differ from the animals? Question his judgment if would, but never His honor!! His word is not given lightly, but once given will not be broken.

Like those of His homeland, He enjoys humor, and when in a good mood loves to joke and laugh with His comrades and on rare occasions will burst out in song with His loud voice.

He has been given the great honor of being selected as one of the council of captains of Port Kar, and as such has pledged to fill this position to the best of his abilities.

Such is He that is called Rollo the Ax!! If you stand against His home, Gorean Shores, know you that it is He that you must face! But if you come in peace and fellowship, look for Him at His table, close to the door, so as to be first to defend, but also, the first to greet.

To A/all he says "Be well", and means his words.


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Striding proudly out of the shadows, a Warrior comes, sitting at a table, and ordering a chilled Ka~la~na. His skin is browned by the many ahns He's spent traveling, and his eyes speak death to those that would challenge him.
"Tal....Im sorry, what was Your name?" asks a Free Woman sitting nearby. " I dont believe We've met"...He Smiles to Her "Nay Lady, We haven't I am Shadowglade, and You?" giggling softly beneath her veils she says "I am Jeanelle, Scribe, I come here sometimes to hear tales and meet Warriors that may have news of the happenings about the world, would You mind if I joined You?"
The Warrior smiles for a moment contemplating the question, then offers the seat next to Him "Aye Lady, You may, but Im sure You won't find much interest in hearing My tale" again She giggles as She takes Her seat "I see You prefer Ka~la~na to paga, a little unusual for a Warrior is it not?"
He sips His Ka~la~na slowly, gazing at her for a moment, then sighs "Lady, Ka~la~na is the preferred drink in My family. Part of many personal ceremonies for Us, it is a habit I have retained since I was exiled from Them "He chuckles softly, sipping again, and notices the curiousity in Her gaze. Smiling again, He says "Aye, if it is a tale You wish Lady, then I suppose That is a good place to begin...
"I was born a child of an Assasin, Lady, Black caste, in the City of Ar, and raised til I was old enough to wield a longsword comfortably. I lived and worked with My Family, Who's name I shall withold, for I swore a pledge of secrecy on My thirteenth naming day.
My Father was an Assasin as I said, and very good at it, Vicious and cruel. I was taught all My life that things like Love and Honor were weaknesses to be exploited in order to get the kill. I believed in that, lived by it. It was My own twisted code for many years.
One day, I was approached by a High Ranking Builder, and offered much wealth to destroy one of My fellows of the Black caste. He told Me He had become aware of a mark on Him, and wished to sleep safely. He Promised over half of His holding's treasury if I brought the head of this Assasin to Him.
Ahhh....I was young and impulsive, and at that time very greedy. I had only two kills under My belt, and looked upon this as a chance to move up in standing in My Family, Which was a guild unto itself.....
I was not prepared, however, for the target I was given....Imagine My distress when I learned it was My own Father I had to kill. But, I took My job seriously, and buried any loyalty I had to My family deep in the back of My mind.
That night, I snuck into My father's chambers, stood over his couch, and swung My blade down, seperating His head from His neck with one stroke. I killed the kajira that slept at His feet next, placing a quiva in her heart.
She was the house's first girl, and I cared for her much. she had helped raise Me, her eyes burned a hole in My heart as she died, gasping."
He takes another sip of his Ka~la~na, the sadness in His eyes beginning to show "that was the first time I questioned My training and My code. I delivered the head to My employer that night, and collected My riches, placing them in My own special hiding place.
After the initial outrage of My family, and an effort to find the mysterious killer, things eventually quieted, and it appeared I had got away with it.
My Brother took over the family, and ran it Himself...I became more distant, The thought of that kajira staring at Me as so many had before, but different because she was so close to me, was pushing My interest past gold, pushing Me in a direction I had never faced...towards the idea of Justice, but again, I forced it out of My thoughts, it's voice merely a whisper at the back of my mind.
Many hands passed, as I continued My work, and then one day, I sat outside a tavern, watching the passersby, and I saw a young girl, a slave girl screaming under the whip of her Master. I was enraged, and left before I got Myself in any trouble.
Not too soon after, My Mother arranged a contract for Me, and sent Me into a lesser house in the city, along with one of My other brothers...We were to kill all in the house, and I was sent to the third floor. As I scaled the stairs, that whisper in My mind got louder and LOUDER til it was a scream..'This is not RIGHT' it screamed 'To steal the life of an entire family in this way, think of that girl You saw' it screamed....I found the rooms at the top of the stairs filled with children of all ages, and knew then that I could do it no longer.
I fled the house, seeking My home, and appealing to My own Brother for peaceful release. 'Nay' I was told, 'Nay, the only release is death' I was so distraught that I threw Myself upon My own blade, rather than living on like this. I passed out from the pain, and when I came to, I was in a room i didn't recognize.
I learned later that I had been brought to the outskirts of the City, and left to die, and that an old hermit had found Me, and been looking to My wound. He healed Me, and spoke to Me about many was many hands before I recovered, but the old Man spoke of the Codes of honor, and advised Me to seek them...He told Me to seek the Warrior caste, and learn it's ways, that I would be much happier following that way.
When I was fully recovered, I left him, thanking Him for His wisdom, and began wandering, learning from any who could teach Me what they knew.
After many years traveling, learning, and searching, I one day stumbled into Port Kar,'scourge of Thassa' a city of theives, slavers, pirates and was there I found a tavern called Gorean Shores, and found many who made Me feel is there I made My home, becoming comfortable in My scarlet cloak, it a very different one than the black that I used to wear.
It is there that My former Pledge Brother from the tavern asked Me to be His Slave Master. He had just been appointed Administrator of the City of KoRoBa. I accepted and served proudly under Him, but change is a natural thing in the world, and He eventually left KoRoBa, leaving Me to look after the City. I was made Ubar, a position I did not seek, but gladly wore, helping to build KoRoBa as strong as I was able.
As Ubar, I had accomplished some of My goals, one was to finally capture and tame a FW I used to know from My former home, she was My property, My sweetest treasure, I gave her the name va'lain. she learned quickly her slavery, becoming a fine slave, I have little doubt she knows her slavery well.
Alas, as I was called away for an extended journey, I had to step down from My position at KoRoBa, I gave My girl va`lain to the protector of the city of KoRoBa. With sadness, I say that KoRoBa has since fallen, I had denounced My Ubar position, and set out for the SarDar Mountains, to seek wisdom from the Priest Kings, and the girl va'lain was bought by My Brother, Aleron.
After traveling for a very long time, and searching long and hard, I have returned, and have found something often spoken of, but seldom found. A beautiful little beast? They say that for every Master, there is that ONE slave.... wellI must be blessed of the Priest Kings, because I have found more than that. No, not one girl, but three... All of them beautiful creatures, I named them squishy, sha'hara and sev'rain. They do keep me smiling.
"So there it is Lady, a tale for Your scrolls, I hope You find it more interesting than I *chuckle*
Finishing His Ka~la~na, He smiles softly, and nods "I must be returning to My home now Lady Jeanelle, It was a pleasure meeting You" Standing, He glances about, and turns to the tavern door, pulling it open, and striding out into the night.
And So it goes...If one day You should happen into Port Kar, and see a Man in Black clothing, wearing the Crimson colors around His waist, and keeping a watchful eye on Strangers, You may have found this Man, Shadowglade. -Jeanelle, Scribe

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 was born in Schendi.  At the age of seven I was taken by pirates when they attacked My town and killed My parents.  I was used as a cabin boy.  Over the years I learned the way of the pirates and at the age of sixteen they let Me join them as one of their own.  Through the years I learned to fight and kill.  But I was still bitter about My parents.  I avenged them by killing the captain while we were raiding a town.  I shot him with a bolt from My crossbow when no one was watching and the rest of the pirates thought he was killed by an enemy.  After a while I left the pirates and journeyed around Gor to see some of the mighty cities that we did not attack over the years.  I learned to hunt and live off the land.  I also learned to control the tarn.  I came to Port Kar about two years ago because of the pirates stronghold that I heard about in My travels and to call a place home.  I pledged My sword and My honour to Port Kar and to the council.  I am from the caste of warriors,  I am a tarnsman and I am a Master.  I still travel around Gor but now I have a place to call home.

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